1. I don’t get it. I saw a learning video on coinbase and it said i can earn interest with compound. I got $11 in free crypto for learning but after that there is no way for me to put the money in a way it earns interest

  2. When I see or read something interesting on web in line with cryptos and the like investment platforms I always run and check your YT channel to see if it's legit ir you have a review about it. I'm here to check your review about Nexo. Hahaha

  3. how was your experience in settling dues for the crypto com credit card? I had a hard time putting cash into the app since they dont accept debit and credit cards from PH. I want to get the crypto ruby card but Im afraid baka it's hard to settle payment? Is it ok to be settled via paypal?

  4. Hello Nicole!

    I just opened an account on celsius using your link yesterday, now I’m planning to cash-in, can I ask how can I avail the free 20$ btc? Will it still be applied even if I cash-in days after I registered? And also will it apply when I transfer crypto from my other wallet (eg trust/binance) or is it only applicable only when you purchase via debit/credit/bank transfer directly from the celsius app?

  5. The best strategy to use in trading stocks
    and bitcoin is to trade with a professional trader who understands the market like it's their own farm and make maximum profits for investors.

  6. Just the same way I saw testimony of how Austin helped a man make -$50,000 weekly Profit I tried now am also sharing my testimony with over,$10,000 from the company thanks for the good did he has done for me for this short period of time

  7. There's the DeFi Wallet from Crypto .com that Gives way Higher interest from 10 to 12.30% in Stable coins amd at the moment 32% in CRO by Stake them can claim the rewards whenever you want it is not locked and you can add more coins on those you already have stake. I will lile to see a Review from the DeFi Wallet app.

  8. Thank you Nicole for your informative videos. I've been into crypto world for a few years now and haven't yet to dive in to that high interest wallets. I will surely try the Celsius Network and use your referral code to support the channel. πŸ˜ŠπŸ‘

  9. Here's my question that I'm still struggling with: is it worth it to store my crypto on BlockFi and earn 6% on BTC when historically BTC has a CAGR of 200%? Pros: I get a tiny bit more BTC by having it on BlockFi. Cons: Not my keys, not my crypto. Thoughts?

  10. Hi there, can you teach me how to start invest in crypto? Anyone can share your journey in investing in crypto? Thank you in advance, stay safe guys..

  11. Thank you. I am with coinbase, stormgain, blockfolio, BlockFi but i signed up with Celcius with your referral. I wish i learned about it earlier. I don’t trade, as I am not good at it but I am buying cryptos because they will grow exponentially in the future and learning that you can earn interest from them is better than putting your money in the bank

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