📈 BTC brief are rekt, however WHY (My BTC lengthy commerce)? Bitcoin Technical Evaluation stay value now.

BTC Bitcoin Technical Evaluation value now stay at present 24.3.21 $BTC hit the low of our vary help and we had been taking our longs. Had been we panic promoting on the drop or final night time or shopping for the dip prepared for subsequent Wave up?

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Any advisory or sign generated by ChartChampions and/or its associates is supplied for academic functions solely. Any trades positioned upon reliance on my methods are taken at your personal danger on your personal account. Previous efficiency isn’t any assure of future outcomes. You have to determine your personal suitability to commerce. Future buying and selling outcomes can by no means be assured. I’m not a funding adviser . Data contained inside this video, tweet, website online, together with e-mail transmissions, messages and some other related messages/media (hereinafter collectively known as “Data”) is supplied for informational and academic functions solely. The Data shouldn’t be construed as funding / buying and selling recommendation and isn’t meant to be a solicitation or suggestion to purchase, promote, or maintain any securities, cryptos or cash talked about. Not one of the info communicated on this video is monetary recommendation, we’re not monetary advisors and this info is for leisure functions solely.

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  1. Ive hated on Daniel for the chastising & cockiness before lol but… Ive been watching the guy have consistent confidence through the toughest spots on BTC for months now. Have to give up the respect here.

  2. My cousin recommended him to me. He has been investing with him for some months now, but earns just 60% of whatever he invest in a week, which I think is too low, I’ve seen other traders who over to give you 300% of whatever you invest.

  3. I just withdraw my profit last two days before now. am glad I did invest with them still reinvesting and the trade is ongoing

  4. i’m a big fan but here’s a slight critique. When you say ‘if you were annoyed at yourself if the price went up after taking profit, then trading is not for you’. i disagree with that black and white assessment. This kind of occurrence should be reframed as a learning opportunity, a chance to work on your psychology, temperament and practice mindfulness. For example, if anyone here has ever sparred in boxing or mma, in the beginning it’s terrifying and your emotions are all over the place and most of your previous training goes by the wayside until you have sufficient experience at handling emotions. Trading is no different. I just feel that sort of language is counterproductive and unnecessary for new traders.

  5. Who is this professional broker Mr Dawson everyone is talking about and how do I contact him directly ?

  6. I’m not here to converse but to share my testimony for what I confirmed he’s trust worthy and best option Ever seen… Thanks sir Victor.

  7. Wow congrats I’m looking up for a 2000$ investment with Mr Dawson. Any idea on what my profit will be ?

  8. Crushing it Daniel! Reminds me of a great movie line – “Are you not entertained!? Are you not entertained!?”

  9. I have lost so much until I got a recommendation from a friend so I decided to try Mr. victor Dawson and ever since then he has made about $14,000 for on every $5,000 I invested just in 2 weeks

  10. if you find the old youtube videos of this young guy broadcasting from his bedroom and see how genuinely excited he is to share his powerpoint presentation with the world, you’ll understand how much he deserves every success he gains. Keep up the good work, Daniel! Get some rest – take a day off. haha

  11. Mr Victor Dawson has been my manager on bitcoin trading for over 3 months now I work at bank and our clients doint want to invest in bonds and stocks, everyday asking for Bitcoin atm. It’s crazy really wealthy people actually….

  12. I work as a pest control technician and Everytime I go to a wealthy person’s house I always mention Bitcoin and how that now. I am Only working my nine-to-five slave job just so I can be able to buy more Bitcoin

  13. I love your insight! I’m ready to learn more. I will be on your site to see iff a good trading desk is available in the US for me before joining your club. Thanks again

  14. Amazing to see fellow investors of expert Dawson, Market is moving well most especially Bitcoin, I’m amazed at the raise of Bitcoin the past few weeks currently 58k today. 2021 is gonna be a great year for investors

  15. It’s not that you deserve it (27:00-ish). People get turned off by that notion. But, if you putting on those hours and giving us your knowledge by exper5ience, you have EARNED it.

  16. This is really helpful for my situation!! Thanks guys I will try him but do you Know how much is ok for a start, let me know if I can do this.

  17. U r the best ! 🙂 even if i did maybe few trades through this month being in a champion i will be buying next month for sure because the knowledge and ppl there r like a gold that i found in a big mountain of fomo buyers/sellers.

  18. ANKR ON COINBASE TOMOROW !!!!!!!!!!!

  19. You truly are my most inspirational trader , you say it how it is no if what’s or buts
    God bless you

  20. Some people want whatever they want “for free” without any efforts and intentions to learn and understanding the reasons why is it happening It’s a pandemic
    But it it will pass by
    Now it’s the best time to educate themselves and help those ones who want to improve themselves As well it’s the best time to make money on greed and turn it to some better and more valuable things

  21. How do I access these chats which he shows in the video? I created my account on chart champions and discord but still cant find any chat there. Please suggest.

  22. Contracts, u really are the best. Would just like to add that it was very hard to follow u in the group with your comments all over different channels and vids. Was a champ for a month and couldn’t profit as an amateur working office hours and your team taking weekends off.

  23. When I saw my first video of Daniel *winning again* it seemed almost too boastful. Shame on me, having watched a lot more videos since I can see how much work he puts into this and he deserves the success because he makes it happen. Time for me to join Chart Champions and start learning properly.

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  26. Daniel, I listen everyday and have been watching the BTC market. Can you do a video on the amount of liquidation that goes on in the bitcoin derivatives market? it looks like it is the major driver of bitcoin price this last week. there is a short squeeze happening right now. it’s beautiful ❤️

  27. BTC is the future of crypto and the questions traders ask themselves now is if this is right time to invest? before jumping into conclusion i think you should take a look at things first. for the past few days the price of BTC has been fluctuating whicmeans the market is currently unstable and you cant tell if it is going bearish or bullish. while others still continue to trade without the fear of making lose, others are being patient. it all depends on the pattern with which you trade and also the source of your signals. i would say trading has been going smoothly for me, i started with 1.1 BTC and i have accumulated over 6.3 BTC in just three weeks, with the trading strategy given to me by expert trader Jim Stanford. His methods are top notch and profitable and he can be contacted easily on ᴛєIєɠramm; ( @jimstanfordcrypto ).

  28. Cool. Bitcoin will jump and you just need to catch it. It can even fall to the bottom, but it will never disappear. Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency giant, but I’m looking for something new. What do you think about PRIZM cryptocurrency and its paramining technology? How can you create coins without spending a lot of money?

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