📉That is why you are dropping cash buying and selling BTC – Bitcoin Technical Evaluation.

BTC Bitcoin Technical Evaluation worth dwell now as we speak 10.2.21 $BTC is consolidating for its subsequent large transfer. I cowl why folks hold dropping cash on breakout trades following others. #Bitcoin #TechnicalAnalysis #Crypto

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  1. A newbie in all of this, and more of a long term holder than a day trader (doesn’t work well with a full time job), and I did get stop lossed out, but all in profits. I don’t leverage trade, so I don’t put stop losses in the red. Immediately bought back in at the bottom of the drop. Pretty happy that my guessing is starting to work out. 🙂

  2. Dude this is is helpful THANKYOU. The update you were showing to the group there, is that on the free discord? Are you giving other updates on the paid for program? Thanks

  3. @chart champion many of the guys i see praising your analysis and so on, but to be honest its deceiving. the patterns work and we must acknowledge it and it did work here too. i dont know what are you talking, but the symmetrical triangle broke to the down side and target was approx 33800-40000 (top of the long term channel which was acting as resistance for BTC since 26 january onwards and now is a strong support) which is met already in first place. secondly the pattern you are calling a H&S, then i am sorry you dont even know what a H&S looks like. furthermore if your group member put a long at 34800ish or plus then he was not able to find the right entry. rest of what you say might be fine but pattern was there and it worked.

  4. LOL, you sound like you’re getting a bit frustrated with some of the people watching BTC. Can’t blame you…..

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  6. Nice! What is this indicator to show how many shorts/long there is and what is their price amount (volume one)?

  7. If people are still following anyone else for bitcoin “news” then you absolutely deserve to lose money. Dan allows us to plan well in advance every bitcoin move – all the other youtubers basically hype you up to buy at the highest! Why?! Follow him and not that blonde geezer in Dubai!

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  9. I am one of the sheep. Well, I was until this video made me realise I was. Not any more, enlightenment is a wonderful thing. Thanks fella, this was a very important realisation / lesson.

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  11. people please help me, do i get the use the tool for free in trading view that he is using to see exactly how many people are selling and buying in those little squares? if yes how do i set it up? or what is the name so i can look it up?

  12. I was interested in joining the discord and starting a plan.Until I tried the free one and tried to join discord agreements came up with you guys being able to access your discord and email address is there any way around that?

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