After Tesla Announcement May Apple Shopping for Bitcoin Ship It To $100,000?

Head of Market Evaluation Anthony Cheung talks to Eddie Donmez on hypothesis on who may very well be subsequent to comply with Elon Musk and Tesla’s transfer into Bitcoin or a Coinbase kind change.

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  1. Out of interest – do you see the (potential) trend of institutional adoption/acceptance of BTC as a treasury asset extending across other cryptocurrencies? And great video as ever guys !

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  3. Great video thanks guys! Do you reckon there is a large price correction to come or can you see this upward trend continue?

  4. I think this Apple crypto exchange thing is just pure fantasy ………. it’s so far removed from their core business, why on earth would they do it? You could make the same argument for virtually any industry. For example, Apple Shoes would also make an absolute shit-ton of money, but they don’t do it. They’ve shown themselves to be quite different from companies like Facebook and Google that try to jump on any band-wagon for money. Facebook tries to rival Youtube, Google tried to rival Facebook, Apple stays focused on it’s narrow core business. I don’t doubt they’ll start to implement blockchain in their ecosystem, but it will be via their own coin over which they have complete control. I also doubt they’ll buy Bitcoin any time soon. Let’s be honest, the ONLY reason Tesla has bought BTC now, is because of Elon Musk’s force of personality and penchant for doing things which he believes in and thinks is good for the world. So the idea that other huge companies will jump in with both feet in the short term is wrong. It will happen, but not before BTC’s volatility has become significantly less… IMO

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