Bitcoin and the Finish of Historical past

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The ultimate installment in a four-part documentary collection “Cypherpunks Write Code.”
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“The autumn of the Berlin Wall was necessary to me,” mentioned Zooko Wilcox, who was 15 in 1989. It appeared like “the top of historical past”—a reference to the political scientist Francis Fukuyama’s influential 1989 essay—and a time when “nationwide borders would stop being the partitions of prisons,” he recalled. When Wilcox found the web just a few years later, he noticed it as “a part of this sample the place borders and distance cease being obstacles to folks.”

Wilcox, who in the present day is the founder and CEO of an organization that oversees the event of the cryptocurrency Zcash, was an early participant within the “cypherpunks e-mail listing.” The listing, which launched in 1992, turned a gathering place for a worldwide neighborhood all in favour of utilizing cryptography to permit people to speak and transact on the web privately and with out interference from a government. The cypherpunk motion extra broadly would go on to affect WikiLeaks (Julian Assange was a participant on the e-mail listing), BitTorrent, Tor, and bitcoin, amongst different freedom-oriented applied sciences and initiatives.

Wilcox dropped out of faculty to work at David Chaum’s startup DigiCash, an try and construct a privacy-preserving cost community on the web primarily based on a collection of groundbreaking papers that the legendary cryptography had printed within the Nineteen Eighties.

“Due to the cypherpunks and due to the science papers of David Chaum,” Wilcox informed Cause, “financial freedom” appeared inevitable. People will “now not [be] constrained by nationwide borders and distance from cooperating and sharing sources and serving to one another.”

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Written, shot, edited, narrated, and graphics by Jim Epstein; opening and shutting graphics and peer-to-peer pc graphics by Lex Villena; audio manufacturing by Ian Keyser; archival analysis by Regan Taylor; function picture by Lex Villena

Music: “Daemones” by Kai Engel used beneath Artistic Commons

Pictures: enjoying with Amiga 1000 by Blake Patterson, Artistic Commons, Attribution 2.0 Generic; folks climbing the Berlin Wall at Brandenburg Gate, imageBROKER/Jürgen Schwarz/Newscom; folks from East and West Berlin climbing on the wall, imageBROKER/Norbert Michalke/Newscom; demonstrator kilos away on the Berlin Wall, STR/REUTERS/Newscom; Regan and Gorbachev, Steve Gottlieb Inventory Connection Worldwide/Newscom; folks climbing the Berlin Wall, imageBROKER/Jürgen Schwarz/Newscom; Berlin Wall, Getty Archives; David Chaum, Related Press; East German border guards seen by means of a niche, AP Pictures; Francis Fukuyama, John Troha BlackStar Pictures/Newscom; Prague 1989, Abaca/Newscom / CreditAbaca/Newscom; Buckminster Fuller and the geodesic dome, C. Y. Yu/SCMP/Newscom; IRS agent, David Royal/ZUMAPRESS/Newscom; chiselling items off the wall, imageBROKER/Norbert Michalke/Newscom; Mark Zuckerberg, THIEL CHRISTIAN/SIPA/Newscom; Brin, Web page, and Schmidt, Minneapolis Star Tribune/ZUMAPRESS/Newscom; Jeff Bezos, Lisa Qui ones BlackStar Pictures/Newscom; Snowden protests, BONESS/IPON/SIPA CreditBONESS/IPON/SIPA/Newscom and David Von Blohn CreditDavid Von Blohn/ZUMA Press/Newscom; Mark Zuckerberg, CHRISTIAN/SIPA CreditTHIEL CHRISTIAN/SIPA/Newscom; George W. Bush, Chuck Kennedy/MCT/Newscom; Finish the Fed 1, Mehdi Taamallah/Newscom; Finish the Fed, hardtopeel, Artistic Commons, Attribution-ShareAlike 2.0 Generic; Finish the Fed!!!, Martha Heinemann Bixby, Attribution-NonCommercial 2.0 Generic; Finish the Fed, Mehdi Taamallah/Newscom; Bitcoin conferences, Aleksandr Zykov, Artistic Commons, Attribution 2.0 Generic; Institute of Cryptoanarchy, Michal Dolezal/ZUMA Press/Newscom; John Gilmore at Burning Man 2005, Artistic Commons, Attribution 2.0 Generic.

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  1. Could anyone explain how can I create my own bitcoins (think it’s called ‘mining’)? I want to make money somehow because I don’t have any.

  2. Deal with it?…… 🤔….. Pretty sure that’s why America fought a War of independence…. We refuse to “Deal With It” 🤣😂🤣😂

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  4. Hmm… I think it’s time for a Cypherpunk revival. Some of these new crypto projects are not protecting liberty, and have support from big corporations. If we don’t push back, malign interests are going to corrupt it.

  5. ELEPHANT IN THE ROOM: QUANTUM COMPUTING. The old money put a lot of old money (debt money) to paying people to come up with Quantum Computing. It is very likely that if the harness this technology, they can also make bitcoin irrelevant.

  6. The best proof that history doesn’t end is the continuing appearances of people thinking man can be remodeled and cleansed, and word’s history reset to a year zero.

  7. There can only be 1 Channel #5, but there is no limit to the number of competitors than can be created. That’s what bitcoin is – it’s the biggest brand name of cryptos, but if you strip the name away, there is nothing special about it. There is no limit to the number of competing cryptos that can be created, and right now, thousands exist. This is not a model for money that any sane person would want. Tomorrow, the money you have could be worth twice what it was today, or half, or zero. It’s impossible to predict value in this kind of environment where value is determined 100% by perception and nothing more. Business can not thrive in an environment of such wild unpredictability, so it’s going to zero. That doesn’t mean all crypto is a fad, but bitcoin in particular, is not a model that can sustain. Eventually, a big bust will result in miners simply shutting down permanently, and then it will completely evaporate.

  8. What a confused documentary, it muddles rather than shines light on the important aspects of this technology. I love how ReasonTV can’t get away from having a centralized system. Even their explanation of Hayek overlooked his key insight on having a decentralized system of private currencies (competition). My favorite was the myth they snuck in that it is not possible to have a functional market place without government to link things together, missing the whole point of having a trustless decentralized technology. I guess that’s what happens when you get a minarchist to write about a truly free market concept. How can they imagine something they don’t understand. Nice try reason! 🙂

  9. Level 0: cryptography.
    Level 1: double spending solution.
    Level 2: smart contracts solution.
    Level 3: oracle solution.
    Level 4: ?

  10. as anonymous as cash is nonsensical as cash isn’t anonymous but private… cash can be tracked it just takes more effort. bitcoin transaction can be split in many small transactions to various address (that are actually owned by the same person) for a very low fee (BTC lol) to make tracking harder and increase privacy.

  11. “Contemporary liberal democracies did not emerge out of the shadowy mists of tradition. They were deliberately created by human beings at a definite point in time” – Fukuyama

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  19. Use of cryptocurrency will not lead to freedom but to slavery once the elites take control. Central planners will use cryptocurrency to control the masses.

  20. Try using a technology that is banned in a communist country and you will be imprisoned as soon as you can blink.

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  22. how do i preserve my value in something digital tho? like with gold i can physically protect it from being stolen but i can’t protect nothing if its just number on an iphone and i want bitcoin to work being a free market capitalist but i just dont see how


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