BITCOIN Barter NERF in Escape From Tarkov 12.9 (Take Benefit Out Of It!)

The Bitcoin in Escape from Tarkov is a really priceless choice to get some huge cash in EFT. You’ve gotten a Bitcoin barter from Mechanic however Battlestate Video games nerf this barter a bit. In Escape from Tarkov 12.9 you want a tetriz and inexperienced battery to get the Bitcoin. Moreover it looks as if they’ve restricted the barter that it is extra usually out of inventory. The results of these adjustments is that the inexperienced battery gained a extrem worth and you’ll promote it for about 100 – 150k on the EFT flea market. Acatually you’re nonetheless making some revenue out of this barter nevertheless it actually will depend on the worth for the Bitcoin in Escape from Tarkov after all which is related to the actual costs. The inexperienced battery can also be not so widespread to search out however it’s a excellent merchandise proper now to maintain.

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Escape from Tarkov is a multiplayer first-person shooter online game in growth by Battlestate Video games for Home windows.
The builders of Escape from Tarkov consult with the sport as a practical and hardcore first-person shooter role-playing online game that borrows components from massively multiplayer on-line video games

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  1. OUTDATED – New Bitcoin Nerf:
    EDIT: The limitation is pretty annoying ofc…
    Is the Bitcoin Farm Level 3 really worth it? Is it soo easy to make some profit? My opinion with some calculations:
    What do you think about the whole bitcoin and economy topic? Let’s discuss about that!
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  2. Currently I have 9 Graphics Cards in my Bitcoin farm, I think getting to 50 cards will be too much of an investment especially that I rarely get any cards from raid and they are all either from the market of crafting… What do you think Ivan?

  3. Wow tetris are 500k in the flea? That mean 500k for the tetris and 100k for the battery but the bitcoin are 820k ahahah i gonna abuse this ez 200k thanks Nikita!

  4. Did they nerf the gpu and teriz spawn? I used to find atleast 1 out of 4 raids but now im lucky if i even find one

  5. I tried all morning to do this barter, counting down the seconds for mechanic to reset. It’s impossible to beat the bots. RIP bitcoin barter.

  6. People gonna be real upset when they find out it doesn’t matter if you camp the trader you still cant make the barter

  7. Literally got two tetriz found in raid, the day before this change took effect. They are sitting in my junk case until they fix this broken ass trade.

  8. Here’s the thing, there is *100* bitcoins available per 2 hour stock! For the entire community. It’s impossible to trade one at all, no ducking way this is a good change. It’s out of stock because there is only 100 to go around.

  9. Nerf tetriz spawn, increase tetriz deals at merchant. Problem solved This is just upsetting the community and does not serve any real purpose but to piss people who own them off. Right now, the only people profiting are bot user. This way, Nikita incentivices bot users even more, as they will make good money every 2h and the honest players get fucked. How stupid are the decision makers at this game studio?

  10. I absolutely hate it I’m sitting here with my Tetriz which I found 2 days ago and I still couldn’t trade it.

  11. for the current frequency and relative abundance of tetriz i think this is a good change for the economy; ive seen far less hatchet runners over the past couple days.

    that being said, i feel this change is problematic, and hurts the average player more than the annoyance it causes for farmers; the new player that randomly finds their first tetriz in a jacket or duffle isnt going to be able to do anything meaningful with that item now. instead of nuking the supply of available barters, IMO it wouldve been better to slash the spawn rate of tetriz and/or remove them from tech spawns, and add them to the random loot that spans on tables/crates/barrels so that there wasnt a single area on 2 maps that you could sprint to for a free 800K item

  12. How do you all you sit here and just say it’s a good change? It gives more incentive to avoid combat once finding a Tetris I use to find one and then go pvp. Now if you find one you should just run out and it just rewards people who are botting traders and now the regular people have to menu camp to fucking try and get this impossible barter

  13. I found 3 tetriz in Rasmussen over 6 raids last night. Still haven’t had a chance to make the barter because of limited supply. I’m actually pretty upset that they limited it to 100 per reset. It’s much too small a pool to compete with bots and other legitimate players.

  14. Annoyed. Highly annoyed. I hate waiting 2 hours for each restock just to get hit with the out of stock notification.

  15. Does anyone know how difficult it is to do the trade? I’ve had no luck in a number of restocks all at very different times of the day.

  16. i figured it out they restock like 2:00 minutes left before trader reset so just go back and forth on flea and mechanic

  17. Yeah I woke up the morning this happened and I saw tets at 450k and didn’t realize what happened and bought 40 of them now I’m fucked. I did 1 trade and it was at 3am, I think 1 per 2 hours but with 1000 in stock is fine keeps the rats limited. I don’t know why they don’t just do all of this shit next season people already have 100s of mills this doesn’t do anything haha

  18. If its a temporary, which means I can stack a lot of tetriz now since it’s cheap, and wait for the shortages to finish

  19. Battlestate only nerfes the stuff in the last time. it‘s getting annoying. where is the problem that the people have money? it is a lot more fun to play a cool modded gun instead of the crap stuff.

  20. I’m gonna buy cheap 100 – 200k tetrizes on the market and wait for them to fix the barter, it may make me hella rich or you can come back to this comment in a month’s time and tell me I was an idiot and wasted my money. Either one

  21. The 100 get bought within 1 second of the refresh. I’ve been lucky and actually traded 2 since the change. with the tetriz’s being so low I grabbed 10 when they dipped to 250k

    If you have the money buy a few so you can profit in the future. The only thing that I could see going wrong is tetriz not being the bitcoin trade anymore, or bitcoin price tanking.

  22. The economy of this game in the current state should not matter. This is not a final game and it’s going to be completely different on full release. I would not be surprised if the whole flea market get overhauled b4 full release.

  23. Adding more items to the barter is fine but only allowing 100 total every two hours for the hundreds of thousands of people that play this game is just laughable.

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