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0:00 BTC TA
10:35 ETH TA
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15:14 OUTRO

All movies no monetary advise! Solely my very own opinions and market commentary. Commerce by yourself danger, in order I do! Do your individual analysis as effectively! This video is just for presentation functions from Alessandro De Conno aka Alessandro De Crypto

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  1. The link to Discord does not work for me, “Invite expired or you dont have permission” message every time…….

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  5. but why if the dump is done or almost done , would we still go to lower target of 42, especially if we are now seeing the price moving to 46-47… i am trying to understand this, so difficult
    (update ->) Oh okay, 05:20 – so we need to wait for 4 hour candle picture.

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  7. This is not a normal correction. It is manipulated by F2pool so the chart does not matter. You have to see see CryptoRus videos. You have to see the bigger picture.

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