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There are rumblings around the globe that Switzerland is changing into the crypto capital of the world. We traveled to the nation to seek out out.
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Bitcoin in Switzerland

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  1. okay, how much did she pay for the wine in comparison if she used the actual currency in zug. Clearly the young woman in this video has no idea how much her bitcoin on hand is worth, and really who does know what it is worth? And how do you protect something embedded in the matrix.

  2. Bitcoin is to slow for transaction world wide. It will become a store of value in the crypto world or digital world. The digital world is still 10 years or more away – if the present crash due to the wuhan virus, which I believe was purposeful – gold will be readopted as the backing to fiat currencies until the digital world can develop and the world can accept – people cannot accept change so quick or chaos would ensue. The digital financial system is being developed for the next generation – the 4th turning is coming, but will have to wait a little longer -15-20 years

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