“Bitcoin May Go to $1,000,000” | Kraken’s Dan Held Explains

Kraken Head of Enterprise Improvement Dan Held takes a visit down reminiscence lane as he remembers the early crypto meetups of 2013 in San Francisco’s Mission District. He additionally explains his pro-Bitcoin place and descriptions future expectations on Bitcoin volatility and the following bull run.

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  1. Interesting how a guy that works for a crypto exchange is always saying bitcoin will go to the moon. It’s almost as if he wants more people to sign into that shitty platform.

  2. This guy is a BTC maxi muppet and I can’t believe Kraken has such close minded people working for them.

  3. Have fun missing out on those delicious altcoin gains. These bitcoin fundamentalists are the same people that are still holding 2017 bags.

  4. Nobody ever talks about the network being able to handle a bitcoin worth 500,000 and taking 3 hours to confirm a transaction

  5. WHAT HE DOES NOTE REALIZE: Bitcoin was created by the CIA to draw money into digital currency. The idea that a “rogue” programmer could somehow “upend” the dollar is the most ludicrous thing I have ever heard. Bitcoin is not “challenging” the dollar, it is DESIGNED to challenge the dollar and take it over.

  6. People are so blinded by numbers bitcoin never will reach. This is tech, and tech doesn’t take 20 years to develop, without having to compete a better solution. Bitcoin is and was beautiful but the next thing isn’t bitcoin, it will be an Alt or Next Gen.

  7. Bitcoin could have gone to a million if they kept it off the futures market now it will be forever manipulated

  8. M2 Dollars $18,000,000,000,000 ÷ World Gold 6,352,216,000oz = $2,833/oz

    M2 Dollars $18,000,000,000,000 ÷ 21,000,000 Bitcoins = $857,142/BTC

  9. Thank you Dan, for this special encouragement to stay true to bitcoin investments. I also believe that it will reach $1,000,000. 💪

  10. Of course Bitcoin will be $100,000, when a bag of Doritos is $40 dollars lol
    Bitcoin is valued in fiat, that’s the underlying problem you all don’t see

    What do you think will happen when eventually the dollar gets devalued overnight? You think bitcoin price will magically be adjusted to the devaluation? No, it will be the same $9,000 dollars per unit, except that $9,000 will buy way less

    Americans have never experienced that, an overnight devaluation of their currency, yet

  11. What a bullshit, meanwhile defi is up 1000% and bitcoin is heralded to be “stable” at a tiny 170BLN marlet cap, BTC maximalist are muppeds lol

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  15. I am Japanese.Bitcoin is the king of cryptographic assets!It’s the currency of the future!

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  17. 1:23 aloo re lindo video lo disfrute bastante necesito el proximo video me despido les dejo besis gracias

  18. “Stop experimenting with Altcoins” & “Blockchain technology is terrible and makes so many tradeoffs” are two sentences that are counter intuitive. Why can’t we experiment with blockchain technology and improve upon it so that it can be used for other purposes. You just said it sucks for everything else, which is why bitcoin isn’t used for anything else. The argument of “Stop trying to improve the technology, invent something new and useful” is stupid and is where I disagree.

    The Satoshi tank analogy is also pretty stupid. Sure, he built a tank and it’s shitty for other purposes such as farming and stuff. But why can’t we repurpose parts of the initial “tank” concept to build better cars or more powerful tractors for those specific use cases? Your point of view is so limited by what currently exists that you can’t even imagine what can exist in the future.

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  21. Bitcoin has faced a rather strong resistance after its eruption to the $12,100 highs. At the recent lows, the asset traded as low as $11,000 — around 8% is below the local highs couple of weeks back. even with this slight slip and the fact that BTC remains above $11,000, we should all remain optimistic on Bitcoin. I think bitcoin could soon move higher to $15,000 in a couple of days. As a crypto tradr the past few weeks has recorded immerse benefits all round, my only regret now is not knowing Hedris Hedris on time, his top notch slgnals remains the substructure of the successes recorded in my personal tradlng. He continues to be an inspiration to all who have been favoured to have made use of his slgnals. Coach Hedris can be reached on his tel gram *hedrisrobert*

  22. Literally all of this does not matter currently because of one single problem scalability if that does not get fixed we are screwed and Bitcoin will be gone destroyed by by hopes and dreams.

  23. Bitcoin will be the wealth creator of the 21st century.
    Those ignoring it or criticising it look set to be very, very upset over the next couple of years.

  24. He seems to ignore the global community wants access to funds & decentralized applications to replace the products in place. – hence there is plenty of room for alternative coins. In stocks we pay according to growth of the stocks earnings.. With crypto traders are estimating what users will have to pay to any given coin for anyone to access or utilize.

  25. blah blah I was part of a club early on, I’m a maxi, “I’ve multiplied my wealth 3 times by 80%.. I must be the best investor ever”.. Is this guy for real. What a fucking idiot.

  26. I three bitcoins in 2017, converted to altcoins on different exchanges. It lost 95% of value and are worthless. If only I kept it as BTC. Now when it’s nearly $29k , too expensive to afford.

  27. Although my crypto allocation is 80% bitcoin, I’m not yet convinced by Dan’s dismissal of the space. The ability to calculate trustlessly seems to have fundamental value as the foundation of a co-operative, global species. Maybe bitcoin can sneak in later as the base computer layer, I’m not sure, but having exposure to the biggest chain that wants to be a computer makes sense to me.

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