Bitcoin Q&A: How Do I Safe My Bitcoin?

Your keys, your bitcoin. Not your keys? Not your bitcoin. The hazards of custodial accounts. Key administration. Finest practices for storing your 12-24 backup phrases. There isn’t any “Bitcoin assist desk.” Safety of Home windows machines.

Smartphone wallets for iOS and Android:
– Mycelium
– Copay
– Airbitz

{Hardware} wallets:
– Trezor
– Ledger
– KeepKey

0:00 Not your keys, not your cash
1:01 12- and 24-word mnemonic phrase
2:31 What’s the most secured machine you personal?
4:01 You can purchase a {hardware} pockets
5:46 Obtain software program onto your smartphone
7:46 Write down the 12- and 24-word mnemonic phrase on paper
8:46 Controlling your personal cash

That is a part of a chat which befell on July seventh 2017 at a Bloktex occasion hosted by the Wisma BeeOn Group in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia:

Scorching vs. chilly wallets –
What occurs to our bitcoins throughout a tough fork? –
Easy methods to get folks to care about safety –
Bitcoin, Fee Safety, and Client Safety –
Irreversibility and client safety –
The revolution in belief –
What’s the function of nodes? –
How is fungibility tied to privateness? –

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  1. screw paper…get velum! Think there is an opportunity to bring it back…seriously! I have PhD in Medieval History…..velum!

  2. So you can get a wallet otherwise known as an “address” so people can send you bitcoin and your keys are your password to access the wallet? Both the obtaining of the wallet or “address” along with the keys can be done on one of those 3-4 mobile apps he listed? And you can buy on places like coinbase and just give them your wallet address?

  3. I hate to play devils advocate (and be gentle, were all learning here), but isnt this one of the inherent and severe weaknesses of bitcoin and cryptocurrencies as a whole?

    There are any number of reasons that one could lose a password.

    You cant expect the average person to adopt bitcoin and expect them to take on the responsibility of securing their personal wealth by themselves on a cold paper wallet and storing that wallet somewhere.

    People are inherently lazy and stupid, even when it comes to their own accumulated wealth.

    I think this will be one of the many obstacles for cryptocurrencies to overcome on their way to becoming a stable (usable) currency. There needs to be a way to easily, effortlessly and simply allow users to secure and store their cryptocurrencies in a way that does not negate the security of a decentralized network.

  4. Just a small nitpick on archiving paper:

    Laminating is bad for long term preservation of information. The heat damages the paper and the plastic can degrade and damage the paper. IIRC Mylar is the go to material for preserving a record, ideally in a temperature controlled place that won’t change much over time. I think caves tend to stay around the same temperature year round and independent of outdoor climate, but then you have to worry about moisture, so who knows? Here’s a quote from an archive blog I just found, I encourage those interested in making a long term storage of a wallet seed or private key read into this stuff!

    Lamination is almost impossible to reverse without causing great risk to the document itself.

    The lamination process actually melts into the paper fibers of the document which makes delaminating difficult to almost impossible to accomplish.

    Removing the lamination requires the use of solvents and chemicals that could potentially damage the inks, the paper or the skin of the person performing the remediation process.

    The plastics used in lamination, usually cellulose acetate, are themselves inherently unstable and over time will deteriorate and cause more damage to the documents.

    Delaminating documents can be extremely costly to have done and could potentially damage the documents further. Anyone considering delaminating their documents should consult with a professional conservator.

    I wish to know that how come 12 words can backup 13 crypto currencies private, public, and password.
    There must be a server or a 3rd party. or I miss understood?

  6. Sorry but this advice to just keep your wallet seed in plaintext stored inside a safe is retarded. Anyone who has been burglarized knows exactly what I’m talking about – it can happen at any time, you never expect it, and they always go for safes. Also some of us live in apartments and we can’t have gigantic multi-ton weight gun safes cemented into the ground to prevent theft.

  7. And, regrettable late to the crypto revolution, have now just placed an order for a hardware wallet! Really like this guy, and we’re currently living in exciting times.

  8. How exactly do we know these software wallets on mobile, or even hardware wallets aren’t connecting to the internet? And don’t they need to be online to generate their seed?

  9. McAfee says our smartphones already have keylogers and screen capture programs from Russia and such how do I know my device is safe? As I see it if it’s internet enabled it’s not safe am I wrong?

  10. “paper pencil” in a safe that someone could get to easily. not reliable or secure enough for my 0.00000001 BTC so i carved my 24 backup words into diamond that is stored off planet.

  11. And never ever buy a used Hardware Wallet because those can be manipulated and all your Bitcoins can go away before you know what is going on!

  12. Hi Andreas, l have a copay wallet on my android, but l dont see a private key but l have the twelves words written down.

  13. Hello @aantonop +aantonop , you mentioned this about a desktop wallet “…“They have software actively looking for bitcoin software; when they find it, they take it. Or they put a keylogger, wait for you to do a transaction, enter your password and then they take it…”. But if a hacker gets your password but not your desktop wallet app, how would they get into your account? Don’t they also have to steal your desktop as well?

  14. can someone please tell me
    why finding private key to satoshi’s wallet is impossible with enough computing, time and ulimited attempts?
    please guys i wanna know

  15. I bought $4 worth of bitcoin back in 2010 but my parents threw out everything I owned when I came out of the closet… every time I hear some smug millionaire say something like 2:25 I seriously want to kill myself

  16. If you need to recover your stolen Bitcoin and other altcoins, recover your email/wallet passwords, social network anti-hack (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, snapchat), BlackRock is the go-to cybersecurity group. Visit blackrockconsultpro,com and use the contact form or hire any available expert.. Thank me later 🙂

  17. So what’s a person supposed to do whi transfers his or her bitcoin to a hardware wallet that requires you to download software (LedgerLive) to work in unison with the device to manage????? It’s unavoidable to not use a computer with a hardware wallet…..phones get hacked too. I have to connect m yhardware wallet to my computer to do my transactions….can’t do that with a phone. not easily for the tech challenged.

  18. Paper can last a long time.. if it doesn’t burn, get wet, tear, etc. It’s best to either use a more robust material such as aluminum, stainless steel, or titanium for example. Or at least keep multiple copies of paper in different secure locations.

  19. Hi can you update your thoughts on the unlikely event of a 51% attack on the bitcoin network and state why . When China has the lions share of the hashing power . Many thanks for all your efforts and info . Appreciated .👏✌️🍷

  20. Can I make bitcoin private key by tossing a coin for two hundred two fifty six times right🤔 so from there how can I make public key and public address from it. How can I spent received Bitcoin..

  21. Hi man – is this video still valid in 202 – I am concerned about security I made my wallets on a clod (no internet) Ubuntu laptop – Laptop never connects to Internet – I am not that rick – what should be the right way to start using the keys which I have kept so safe since so many years? – How to I securely spend?

  22. Or you could memorize the words 🤯 people never think of what’s impenetrable.. your fucking brain lmao, look up Jim Kwik and his trick on how to memorize a long series of words, in order, and youll be able to do the same and never forget the words

  23. I put bitcoin on Mycelium . The account is there the bitcoin vanished . Get a hard wallet ( like Trevor or ledger brought direct !! from the manufacturer ) hope you can learn from my mistake 🤜🤛👍

  24. Would you recommend a hardware wallet (USB device) or a software onto my smartphone? My goal is to store/save my bitcoin in the most secure way possible.

  25. axisoption ,com pays their users 4% in interests for every crypto transaction they make and they provide a very secure wallet

  26. After being recommended to so many scammers called hackers I finally got my job done by *cyberstein11hacker* on *IG*

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