Bitcoin Q&A: What are the Dangers of Utilizing a Mixing Service?

What are the dangers of taking part in a mixing service? Ought to US residents be fearful about utilizing these companies? What are the dangers for the operators of those companies?

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  1. If coinjoining becomes illegal I suppose that exchanging some cash in a supermarket, bar etc will be illegal too.

  2. Patreon is an anti 1st authoritarian shit-hole, and by using it, you support it. You should consider SubscribeStar or other alternatives.

  3. The simple answer is coinjoin is protected under the first amendment, as relayed cryptographic messages are speech according to case law. If you dont want to be suspect, use payjoin.

  4. I almost worship Andreas, for his knowledge, insights and integrity in this space. But this has to be the most pointless video I’ve seen from him – he reads out someone’s question and answers with a tediously laboured ‘maybe’!
    …well, we could have worked that out for ourselves! 🙄

  5. A case they would make against the innocent use of mixing services would be:
    – that by using the mixing service you are providing liquidity and therefore supporting others who may be using them for nefarious purposes
    And they would then do you for ML

  6. Listen to Stephan Livera podcast episode SLP167 with Chris Belcher for great info on privacy and surveillance which includes mixing topics.

  7. Oh come on?
    A) Money laundering
    B) Very principled user making a point
    It’s A) isn’t it…?
    …or C

  8. You’re a fool if you listen to this guy. His views are secured, and he doesn’t like it if you disagree with what he says. I want trust his opinion.

  9. US is a totalitarian country easily. Neo-liberal hyper-capitalist totalitarian ideology. absolutely brutal, imagine a boot on your face, that’s how it is to live in the US if you’re not in the upper class.

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