Bitcoin Q&A: Will Governments Ban Cryptocurrencies?

Will governments or worldwide authorities organisations implement their very own centralised cryptocurrencies and ban the mining or possession of open decentralised ones like Bitcoin? In case your authorities is in opposition to freedom of affiliation, expression, commerce, innovation, job creation, is it a democracy? Are you free? It’s essential to resist, not solely by means of your decisions about which governments get elected however about utilizing different programs. Folks in locations like Venezuela are making that alternative each day, breaking the regulation to feed their household. This can be a a lot greater difficulty than Bitcoin or cryptocurrencies.

0:00 Will Governments Ban Cryptocurrencies?
0:36 Do you assume mining can be managed or banned in China?
1:18 I heard this implausible story of how Chinese language firms are exiting cash from the economic system
2:16 You will note banning of crypto on some nations
4:14 What’s going to occur sooner or later when bitcoin turns into mainstream and the federal government decides to create their very own crypto they usually make it a rule to make use of their cash and unlawful to make use of the others?

The primary query is from a chat which passed off on December third 2016 on the Coinscrum MiniCon, hosted by Imperial School in London, England:

Watch the total speak right here:

The second query is a part of a chat which passed off on July seventh 2017 at a Bloktex occasion hosted by the Wisma BeeOn Group in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia:

Watch the total speak right here:

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  1. thank you andreas, you are a refreshingly intelligent, genuine and thoughtful speaker. So glad you are here to educate and inform about a complex but important subject. BTC to the moon!! also bush did 911

  2. Maybe this is why they disabled net neutrality. They will use the isps to throttle or disconnect people in their homes who are mining. You cannot mine if you cannot connect to the server

  3. It looks as if the development of such systems as the internet or the blockchain or generally the idea of ​​the decentralized system is a natural process of humanity. For me, very exciting and optimistic!

  4. President of CRYPTO :>) A true (un)polished multifaceted passionate Crypto diamond!
    Modern Robin Hood of Economy. Well educated, interested, experienced Metaphorical connecting our financial past and future from with passion!
    From Technical, Biological, Medical, Economical, Anthropological and IT perspective. Very enriching for navigating (financial) life! Greeting from Amsterdam

  5. I’m surprised this guy doesn’t understand that communist governments like to control EVERYTHING about their economy and culture, including and especially their currency. Since this video aired China has banned both the trading and mining of Bitcoin. Over the past few years I have come to realize that business people, scientists, and professors don’t realize how politics truly works, and why most politicians are usually lawyers. Outsiders just don’t understand politics, public policy, and the art of government like lawyers do.

  6. Bitcoin exists strictly on the internet, basically “no mans land” and as such is not subject to any laws…how can you you legally stop something you can’t see or touch?

  7. This makes total sense too..OF COURSE there’s going to be corruption in higher up positions within the government, and what do these corrupt people want to do? make as much money as possible…do people REALLY believe that a politician with his hands in the cookie jar is going to tell his mom to stop baking cookies for him? No he’s gonna want a glass of milk to go with the cookies…

  8. Yeah if you go up the chain of command to get something stopped… you have to pass through a number of people, and if person 3 of the chain of command is currently being bribed, he’s not going pass along the order/information…this is probably why Donald Trump has never mentioned it, lol

  9. i think governments can not ban bitcoin but they can easly drop bitcoin price by ban and criminilize the bitcoin and most likly they will its matter of time and if big country like u.s or china did it the bitcoin will drop

  10. Exactly. Last year someone told me that govt will ban bitcoin mining in china. I told him that shutdown exchange is different thing and shutting down mining is different. My reasoning was govt officials are corrupt. They will be interested in banning things that can create mafia but not that destroys corrupt officials earning. Banning exchange creates Mafia while banning mining actually affects corrupt officials. So china can shutdown exchanges and not mining.

    Andreas explains this perfectly.

  11. Just keep calm people….Bitcoin transactions are equal to less than 1% of total fiat transactions in the world….when he said they aren’t going to be worried about a trickle of water, he wasn’t lying..

  12. So while the banking regulators in India were bashing bitcoin for being “unregulated”, a $2 bn fraud ring was growing under their noses. One of their biggest banks (regulated) was doing all the money laundering.

    Honestly, it’s almost as if money laundering is the job of banks

  13. If bitcoin is not a legal currency. How Bitpay can mediate and promote payment with bitcoin? Is it the same as advertising you can pay with gold or with share? My opinion is that bitcoin should be recognized as real currency. It is ridiculously that we must pay tax for payment instrument.

  14. BROSKI, Thank you SO MUCH for being such a cool mind in the world with us MUCH LOVE Dre, You are a BALLER Im f*ckin fanned up now dude lol Thanks & GREAT JOB !!! keep it coming email me man lets BUILD – clesrock (Pat DeFalco)

  15. Mining was shut down in that small town in the U.S. because mining was using too much of the town’s energy from the hydroelectric dam. The reason they shut down the mining is because the city pays $0 for energy because they sell off energy to the Government. But the mining put them over their limit and that caused the city to start paying for energy. So this is a very unique situation. All the mining company would need to do is pay the city all the cost over the limit so it would be passed on to the residents. But that might not make it profitable??

  16. When people around the world have the power to see how there taxes are being spent, then and only then can I personally accept governments authority in demanding them! Transparency MUST be a two way street.

  17. Bitcoin and crypto will save us from the Rothschilds. There si a digital God. Crypto will save us from the moneylenders.

  18. Sir… I m from India… Plzz help me… In these time India is going to banned bitcoin cryptocurrecies, then how can I safe our crypto?

  19. They will be banned in many places and think of the poor bit coin lovers crying. Bitcoin zaps energy from the system so the system will fight back. I realize the system needs fixing with a gold standard but that is another issue. So I view those with bitcoin as a battery and the creators will suck energy from that battery.

  20. you are NA IVE if you think governments are going to give up the power over money – never happened never will – most likely they will issue their own and ban the use of free crypto – that will be enough to destroy most crypto and lower the value of all but a select few

  21. If the government couldn’t stop criminals from using bitcoin, how would a ban stop anyone from using bitcoin for legitimate transactions?

  22. Bitcoin is just as controlled as a government crypto. Bitcoin is not
    anonymous and all exchanges already require ID to get an account. They
    know who has how much and if they know your bitcoin address, can track
    all your translations. This is not being talked about in bitcoin
    circles. The globalists have known about bitcoin for a while and surely
    have a plan for dealing with it. Would be interested in others opinions
    on this.

    Hell, globalists could have created it as a controlled
    opposition to their crypto. Get the public thinking its their
    revolution. That would be a smart strategy by them.

  23. This guy doesn’t understand how China shuts things down. Labor camps and death sentences can shut down a surprising amount of activities or at least thin the herd of the bravest of men.

  24. The government can absolutely shut down Bitcoin especially the Chinese government. Hell, the Chinese government doesn’t even need a reason to destroy it in their own country. They can shut down every platform used to purchase and sell it. They can literally ban any of those platforms from their country. Hence, you have 1.5B chinese that won’t have access to Bitcoin. And that’s just one country. Just imagine how many other countries will follow suit.

  25. Bitcoin will inevitably encounter hurdles and road blocks as it threatens the status quo. The elites won’t want to compete – they will want to trap the 99% in their rigged game. Massive regulation and legislation is coming to Bitcoin/Crypto.

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