Bitcoin to $250K by 2022 could also be ‘too conservative’ | Billionaire Tim Draper

Billionaire Bitcoin bull Tim Draper believes the affect of COVID-19 could condense the time wanted for Bitcoin to succeed in $250,000. He additionally explores how tokenization can fight meals insecurity brought on by the pandemic.

0:00 Intro
1:13 Is the affect of the pandemic creating extra alternatives for blockchain and DLT know-how?
4:32 Will the problem of the pandemic advance tokenization?
6:04 How can tokenization have an effect on the true property and transport industries?
7:24 Will DeFi drive adoption?
9:18 How will enterprises make use of DeFi?
10:52 Why do older folks not wish to use Bitcoin?
13:07 Do you stand by your prediction of Bitcoin to $250K by 2022?
14:54 Outro

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  4. Tim Draper, another globalist voting and sponsoring the corruption of the elite globalist. There can be a perfect humanity interconnected with federalism of cultures. Global agenda as well as socialist agenda means only more power influence and assets for the dominant class and less for humanity as a whole

  5. Bitcoin as a currency is impossible with current IRS tax laws. That coffee you purchased is going to cost you at least 5 minutes to record and figure out the tax. Imagine trying to calculate capital gains or loss on every little BTC transaction. You would need to know the exact market price of Bitcoin at the time of each transaction while also trying to figure which positions you are using. Terrible, impossible and once people realize this they won’t bother to use here in the USA because it’s not worth the headache.

  6. Cool insights about Bitcoin trading and investment. I look forward to investing in bitcoin before it hits 100k

  7. Reddcoin is looking like it will jump up, could be massive. Redd-ID is out soon and talks of being added to binance.. One to jump on fast. It would be great to see you get a review on that please you can see easy going by the charts this is a no brainer to pump.

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  9. It is a huge leap, I liken it to the jump between using rocks and shells to using coins. Is the same as the jump from Fiat to crypto.

  10. How do they possibly know what percentage of wallets are held by women. Nonsense, they can only give accurate stats of women using off ramps. Love Tim Draper anyway.

  11. Bitcoin never reached 50k in 2018 or 200000 nor in 2019 nor end of 2019.. Its hype next 6 month it MINUS then back again to 15k


    BTC GOING 7500

  12. A New World Order may be good but the Satanists in the world who control it are rabid Communists so who want’s to be ruled by Communists like they are in China. One world order will never be allowed, just go to the last book of the Kings James Bible ( Revelations ) and you will read what was written 2,500 years ago about the Satanic New World Order to put a CHIP into everyone to track and control them with a one world religion, Finance system and a Communist Government. God is right now on his way back to put this right.

  13. This is the biggest scam ever perpetrated on humanity. So many people are going to get wiped out and these peddlers are going to get so insanely rich.

  14. Govt is shutting down the economy and at same time printing money— this is how inflation is caused. I don’t believe Tim Draper is really in quarantine from his wife. This pandemic is FAKE

  15. Bitcoin can’t even perform its function as a currency. Too volatile. Good luck holding an overhyped commodity.

  16. Bitcoin has seen a strong surge over recent weeks amid a muted background for the stock market. The price of the leading cryptocurrency has rocketed higher by approximately 70% in the past five weeks while the S&P 500 has only gained a few percent over that same time frame, but the amazing occurrence at the moment which is bitcoin currently trading at $18,200 and is still poised to hit higher prices meaning the $20,000 price target may be upon us soon that being said it would be unwise to not know how to trade and multiply your holdings to have more coins in the mad rave bitcoin is about to embark on.
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  17. The ship analogy is way off base how items are booked & paid for when it arrives by ship. It’s already paid shipping costs is just going to load up a ship and send it here without an established delivery customer.. Who is already listed on the paperwork.

  18. I expected Bitcoin to touch $20,200 this year, but that’s looking rather unlikely now. 2021 will be a rough year on Bitcoin due to an increasing financial regulation. 2022 will be even rougher on Bitcoin as pressure from financial regulation keeps mounting and optimism fades.
    There should be a glimmer of hope in early 2023, but it is unlikely to last as cryptocurrencies come under threat from technological innovation. By 2025, it should become obvious that the utopian dream of allowing the people to hold the financial reins of the world is not to be… it simply cannot be.

  19. 13:00 Fiat currencies going out of business?!!!
    There’s only one scenario under which that happens… the governments go out of business!!!
    It is possible, but that would most likely spell the end of a modern technological society, and it would take bitcoin with it

  20. Is there a particular bit coin company or choice that is better than another? Which one is better to buy and what about ether?

  21. No borders? A crook’s paradise. Nations are sovereign, yet should be cooperative. Forget the open borders scam. That era is over.

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  23. I have just finished in reading the newest article about bitorbit that Velas will be launched. Any opinion about this project ?

  24. I wanna regrow the Amazon rain forest half nature / half technology and repopulate the tripes and animals. Trust me that’s a smart & caring investment in the economy over there and also make it a stock. Join me

  25. I thought between the mattress and sea shells there was the tin can or wooden box that you put your money in, dug a hole in your backyard and top it off with a good size rock to mark the spot.

  26. isn’t it funny how Tim Draper always goes back to bitcoin always you ask him anything about any other crypto specifically xrp and he won’t touch xrp why because he still has a bunch of xrp and he knows something that we don’t

  27. I like what Tesla and Mark Cuban doing on crypto. Accepting cryptocurrency as payment. Someone just have to jump in first before the domino effect comes to fruition.

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