But how does bitcoin in fact function?

The math behind cryptocurrencies.
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  1. If you see comments here about investing or brokers, they are scams. Videos about cryptocurrencies, evidently including ones that are just about the underlying technology/math, are hotbeds for attracting nefarious actors preying on the impressionable.

    Also, hi! If you’re new to this channel, most of it is about visualizing math. I get it, you probably landed here searching for how BTC works, not to spend your afternoon getting pulled into learning about, say, prime numbers or problem-solving, but if you have a moment take a look at the rest of the channel, you may enjoy what you find.

  2. What relevance do you believe quantum computing will have on this field? Will it render the current bitcoin system obsolete?

  3. Never knew bitcoin trade could be so challenging! Kept running back to these YouTube videos to learn more about this your video is indeed helpful. Thanks

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  5. So… if google uses their whole computational power to mine they could fool the system.

  6. it will always come down to value relative to dollars. like the one in my pocket. the rest is flim flam with the last guy holding the crypto currency holding what? my bitcoin grows in value expressed in dollars which are theoretically worth less and less. so, i have a billion dollar bitcoin and each dollar is worthless. what is a billion times zero?

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  11. The question I have left is how is the blockchain data gets queried. If I wanna check how much money Bob has, how do I do that? Do I have to sequentially read and verify all the blockchain, which is more than 350gb at the moment?

  12. Please help me understand: What would it take for the protocol to be changed to allow a larger supply?

    I'm arguing with someone that is saying crypto is no different than cash. When I talked about the built-in limit, they argued that the protocol can be changed so it's no different. I've read that changing the protocol requires an economic majority, but I don't understand that concept.

  13. In few months or no time people will definitely start kicking themselves in regret for missing the opportunity to buy or invest in cryptocurrency.

  14. if bitcoin can only process 5 tx/sec vs. visa 1700 tx/sec HOW is bitcoin ever realistically going to effectively be used as a payment mechanism replacing physical currencies? please explain

  15. If I sell my bc and make a lot of money, WHERE did that money come from? Did it come from all the other people who bought bc and are still holding theirs?

  16. 20:48 The part about trusting the longest chain “ after waiting a while” when there are conflicting chains seems unmanageable. Sure, one person like Alice can’t game the system but a large organized crime group or Nation could potentially do this. And we know of a few nations that invest heavily in cyber attacks.

  17. Thank you 3blue1brown, this video changed my entire perspective on Cryptocurrency, and I walk away with an actual understanding of how it works.

  18. I did not get how the sk is unhackable. How would it be different from my PIN for the bank account?
    Can somebody explain please? thanks

  19. Hello everyone I'm new to bitcoin trade and I have watched a lot of videos along side tried some new strategies on my own but all to no avail. Can someone please recommend a trust worthy expert that can trade on my behalf and generate profit for me please

  20. So, what I'm gathering is that digital currency gets its value from mining. Hence each mathematical equation that is solved assigns more Bitcoin which in turn assigns more ledger dollars or in this case US currency value. People will buy this cryptocurrency that is where the actual dollar value comes from. So what happens if everybody cashes out it is then worth nothing correct. Or what if the big investors guys like Elon musk that have over a billion dollars tied up in it cash out the value plummets correct

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  22. I am proud, I pretty much understood this by watching videos that were much less clear than this, but now, with this marvel of a video, I understood the system perfectly (although, there are still 2 big doubts I have and are not answered in any video I have seen and in any blog or forum);
    you can tell when someone has a superior mind because their explanations are so flawless; they not only are precise and ordered (sequencial) but also efficient: they use very little words to transmit the message.

  23. If I understood this correctly it all comes down to SHA256. Who declares what SHA256 is tho? If someone knew its value wouldn't they be able to find all hashes that start with 60 zeros for any given message?
    What makes the outcome of the hash function 'entirely unpredictable'?

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