Tesla, Microstrategy (and others) are tied to Bitcoin. With shareholders screaming for them to get out it is solely a matter of time earlier than some truly do. This is why and after they begin promoting. Additionally, crypto taxes are developing so do not make this error and this is a fast refresher on the investor mentality.

0:00 – Market Recap | Subjects Overview
6:28 – Tesla and Bitcoin. Will They SELL? Sure.
13:45 – Crypto Tax mistake to keep away from to save lots of you time.
16:08 – Crypto Investor MINDSET (How To HODL)

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  1. The Indian Prime Minister is Narendra Modi. He’s a man. Easily verified. Makes me worry who you’re listening to 😧

  2. hey, what happens when you trade in amms like uniswap or pcs how do you put these transactions in the report?

  3. How is Tesla going to buy and sell energy? EWT or manual accounting and write a check at the end of the month?

  4. when comparing market caps keep in mind Tesla is pure EV. Their market cap can’t be truly compared to non-pure EV companies. For example, compare them to NIO or lucid motors when the ticker changes

  5. Will not hold more than 150 dollars due to the amount of whales / corporations holding it.
    They can manipulate it now due to there holdings.
    I can see bitcoin detaching its influence on the alt market if the whales keep manipulating it.
    Best thing is to hold it in cold storage not online wallet. Then price cannot be manipulated as much. My exchange states 2 days to withdraw bitcoin to offline wallet, so who is playing
    The exchanges or whales

  6. I heard the the Mavericks started accepting payment in doge coin and actually conducted 20,000 transactions so far with it… Not sure if it’s true, just what I heard, but it would explain a random pump.

  7. hey Dan, i was checking on VGX and decided to look back a ways and noticed that huge spike to like $15 back in 2018 and im curious if you know what that was and why it lost so much momentum till now

  8. LOL, knuckleheads calling for Tesla to sell BTC – mean while – next to the article there is a blurb about Gold Sachs ( one of the most influential financial players on Wall St) stating we are reopening our BTC desk because the market has matured – Priceless

  9. Few things to note : They hate Elon : some love Elon : Elon sticks to the plans spirit and moves forward : Tesla sells carbon offsets to every car maker on the planet . Why would Elon sell his bitcoin when he can write them off as a loss when he uses them for research and development.

  10. Are people really acting like TSLA wasnt due for a correction? Some people are really out of their mind.

  11. I am one of those people who profited quite well from your VGX recommendation I follow most of yours because of that.

  12. Very useful analysis on Tesla stocks. It makes a lot of sense. As long as the big corporations start and keep hodling we all will win. Bitcoin store of value is the true adoption that we need to validate this great technology.

  13. I love how people think they know what Bitcoin and crypto future is, Bitcoin proves over n over, there is only guessing

  14. They are selling Tesla because the company does NOT make any money and the valuation is way off! Btc may actually save them, they shouldn’t sell or they are doomed!

  15. If anything Tesla will buy more bitcoin. Why do you want to buy back your own stock?
    A big crash coming so crypto the only way to preserve wealth and make it!

  16. Thanks for the great video is has been helpful, but but I must say that let’s not buy only BTC but also invest with it while is last.

  17. Oh come on, crypto moves in tandem, sometimes pieces of news make individual tokens pump, but this week, liquidity from Tether is for the most part responsible… Not EIP1559, not anything else. Just Tether. Wakey-wakey

  18. Doge up 10% because it’s cheap as chips, and the whole market moves once Tether is injected… Wakey-wakey

  19. The rich sees an economic crisis as a garage sale also the stays rich investing and diversifying their portfolio with stocks, crypto currency and forex trading which is the wisest thing individual needs to do and it’s really profiting

  20. They’ll Probably Sell? Who? Tesla will probabally sell Bitcoin? You contradict yourself alot.

  21. The Elite who do control the stock markets (also other markets as well) do not want Cryto to do what they know it’s doing. For instance I made a new exchange account which I needed to wire some funds from one of my bank deposits. The personal banker’s first remark was, ‘The Fed will stop Bitcoin when they decide to.’ I responded saying, ‘The Fed can’t stop it and they know they can’t stop it.’ He had tried using his banking bias on me and failed. But in reflection of our conversation he knew it, he’s a banker, went to school to be a banker. All bankers are scared and if they openly buy crypto personally it does not look good to their employer. Tesla is in both spaces now; the stock market & Crypto. The banks do not like it & will do what they can.

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