New hearing from the Director of the IRS paints cryptocurrency and bitcoin in a negative light BUT Former acting director of the CIA sheds new light on ILLICIT ACTIVITY in crypto.


0:00 – Market Recap | Topics Overview
2:47 – Voyager CEO talk, Celsius Hack & Bitcoin Conference
6:23 – IRS Going HARD for Crypto Cheats. 1 Trillion LOST?
9:50 – CIA Acting Director says CRYPTO Should Be EMBRACED…Before it’s TOO LATE!

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  2. Hey D.A.N./Rob – Caught you on Alex’s channel yesterday I don’t care how many people call you a looser for selling your XRP and then repurchasing it for tax reasons. You did what was RIGHT for you and I totally salute you for it. Also that Celsius scam was nuts.

  3. Rob, regarding the Voyager CEO’s suggestion that the reason that they’ve stopped withdrawals is for our protection, it’s absurd. Try it yourself. Try withdrawing/moving some USDC (any amount) to a remote wallet or to a real exchange (Voyager isn’t an exchange) and see what your subscribers see – that after 10 days, Voyager just cancels the withdrawal attempt saying “it’s been a while and you probably don’t want to do it anymore (wrong!)”. — The CEO of Voyager is being disingenuous. Also, try withdrawing some funds to return to your checking account. That’s another lesson in fruitless patience. How can Voyager be in business? Bernie Madoff recently died (supposedly) in prison. I believe that’s where the CEO of Voyager is going to end up. This will not end well for most. To make matters worse, when the withdrawal attempt email confirmation fails an error message occurs with a link to “contact support”. When you click on it and fill out a form – we can never get beyond the FAILED CAPTCHA error. So, in essence, there is no way to submit a ticket. If there is, please demo it in one of your videos. Voyager has become like a dark web “deposit only” wallet with no customer service. You should have held the CEO of Voyager’s feet to the fire. Instead, you let him pull the wool over your eyes. Not good. You’re better than that. All of the subscribers who you introduced to Voyager deserve better from you. Please investigate it yourself in a video called “WHAT’S UP WITH VOYAGER?” – and show the video. At a minimum, greater fools should be warned to not deposit funds with Voyager until they clear up the timeliness (or at all) of withdrawal requests.

    Imaginary past conversation, between Bernie and a disgruntled client…
    Bernie Madoff customer (before Bernie got busted), “I need to do a partial withdrawal of my funds .”
    Bernie’s response: “Sorry, but I’m protecting your account from fraudulent withdrawals – so, I won’t be able to allow that.”

  4. Love the comment! The TRuth I’m a American 🇺🇸 that also realizes USA is in the Stone Age ! We needed 4 more years !b😉

  5. hey dan, can you please post an update on your exit strategy in light of the recent pump in the market, provided something has actually changed in your strategy. cheers joe.

  6. 0:19 I don’t understand. Illicit activities are done using _cash._ It cannot be traced _at all_ (unlike Bitcoin whose ledger is public). Latest studies showed the percentage of illicit Bitcoin transactions was 0.4% (zero-POINT-FOUR of ONE PERCENT). This entire hand-wringing is like Russiagate: total manufactured FUD.

  7. I know enough about bitcoin to know Janet Yellen doesn’t know what she’s talking about and it makes me wonder, if she’s that stupid with BTC, how well does she understand anything else? I’m sure she’s just ignorant and is truly an expert on other matters, but it makes me wonder…

  8. Yeah – No one gives away free money…except that time I got 400 UNI in like November and I went to try my hand at farming with it and made very little and I now have zero UNI, and if I had kept it, today it would be SIXTEEN…THOUSAND….DOLLARS. Yes…Uniswap handed over SIXTEEN THOUSAND DOLLARS to everyone that had simply used the exchange. AND…I used 1INCH once, and a couple months ago, THEY gave me $800 in 1INCH. Today it would be about $1200. So, yes, while the Celsius fake was scary, it cannot be said in crypto that no one gives you free money. If you’re using a good bit of your crypto properly, you are getting a CRAZY amount of free money – percentage-wise – daily.

  9. If they can track Bitcoin , maybe they could find out where the Bitcoin went from the Bitconnect scam

  10. Hate to say it but content is getting bland, too much opinion, opinion isn’t news, news doesn’t have opinions

  11. Sorry, I watch all of your videos but you need to stop supporting Voyager. They are holding all my coins and won’t approve them to transfer out to metamask. Half the coins are not even eligible to transfer out and the ones that are, sit there in a pending status. They created a huge arbitrage opportunity through LGO swap which created massive devaluating of VGX and our investment. I invested in them bc I believed in you and I wish I never spent a penny on this coin. It’s a complete sham and they keep covering shit up.

  12. Micheal of bitcoinsamurai and his team continue to provide me the tools necessary to ensure my success as a relatively new business owner. It’s not easy being a new company with limited access to funding options, but micheal and his team continue to provide reasonable options that meet my needs and will ensure our continued success. Once again, thank you micheal.

  13. OMI GANGGG !!! When OMI gets going theres no stopping! Taking NFTs to a WHOLE new level! 🚀🚀🚀

  14. Rob is 100% correct with regards to the FUD from the IRS. Same old narrative. Almost all cryptocurrencies are transparent and with access to on and off ramps, almost all flows of value can be tracked. Zcash is not used for private transactions, everyone uses transparent addresses. Monero works, but total value is tiny and because exchanges are regulated, the IRS and law enforcement knows most of what is going on. Still many ways to estimate and generally track the majority of flows.

    Legacy banks have 1000x the levels of fraud, money laundering, terrorist financing, backroom deals, offshore accounts, etc. Such BS.

  15. Made me all warm and fuzzy inside when he said “you’re not special”. I say it to the world everyday! 😁

  16. They need to concentrate on the money laundering Banks and Tax avoiding Corporations.
    The Governments needs Abolishing bloody criminals.

  17. I thought it was a crude from the outset until ZARDUSCYBER for instagram financed me with £38,000…

  18. Fuck regulations. Just set up bank accounts all over the world to never pay a dime in taxes on your crypto.

  19. Thanks for addressing Voyager. They literally have taken my deposit without funding me. There are many others too. Love your work, big fan.

  20. All these exchanges should at least consider using HAPI, the project backed by the Hacken team. HAPI is a cyber security protocol designed to be used for exchanges to prevent hackers. It’s a very interesting project. Thinking of dabbing into it myself. Worth a look at the very least.

  21. My daily dose of being told “you did well, all your hard work is paying off, sit back and relax” 😀

  22. stop paying taxes don’t report anything and watch them sink into oblivion .I have not paid taxes in 20 yrs and it has not affected me any except I saved money

  23. be a good slave file your taxes without representation and our forefathers did it over tea !!!!!why should we not over a crypto

  24. What Voyager tells you is not what gets sent in my support email replies when I have valid issues on their holds. How many times will you say shame on you, how will fix it before you just say get it together and then come talk to me.. Some exchanges have timelines on their addresses, and I have NOT nefarious examples, so when they state UP TO 24 hrs, that puts my withdrawals in jeopardy if they don’t notify me BEFORE if they are delayed. And I had 2 cleared deposits from account opening that they held pending yet funds with the bank after all cleared. This is all extremely unprofessional. I was even told a specific date a week away they would release my pending hold which is just to have control of my full balance. The wording accused me of being criminal despite all I I’ve seen being poor on their end since sign up. I do not endorse Voyager, I have other exchanges that all run smoothly with nothing held for even hours on the chain. The 19th is special somehow, and I’m 3 days in on a transfer to myself on another wallet. I’ll be taking action if these aren’t valid, it’s not a lot, but a lot to me. From a Birdseye view, with all the money going up and down especially with coinbase, no one wants to let go of their holdings. Not ur keys not ur wallet. Lesson learned. They probably give you top treatment, but those of us who don’t have a lot invested and choose not to participate in their coin, or don’t promote them as you, get very different treatment. Sorry, but I’m on 3 larger exchanges and have had none of these issues or experiences. I’ve been on Voyager over or around a month and things from back then shouldn’t be pending. And you should be alerting before people complain, not after so they can act accordingly. They have a long way to go.

  25. If Banks are going to get “blockbustered” because they have a undeserved monopoly and this new tech breaks it, why is govt any different, DAN? Govt is the reason banks have the oppressive monopoly they have. But we are gonna play nice with them but not the banks?

  26. Sorry dude not a fan of Voyager. Easy interface but terrible fees an putting holds on transferring crypto is ridiculous. The whole benefit of crypto is ease of sending across internet. Closed my account. Coinbase more expensive but works much better IMO

  27. Hey Voyager, if you arent ready for prime time you should stay on the sidelines and let the adults handle my money.

  28. Thanks for not being like so many other crypto news channels that hype and try to get people into buying “x” crypto because “it’s going to the moon, 10 gorillion dollars in 1 week this is why.”

    Maybe in a future video could you talk a little more on etc, realistic projections and what’s driving it right now as it’s at 45 bucks or so from 12-13 only a week ago.

  29. Please go to the Bitcoin conference in Miami. I’m based in Miami, and most of the other crypto content creator do wayyyyy too much in terms of their clickbait looking content lol. I appreciate how clear and undramatic you content is without lights and sound effects. It makes it so much easier to digest the information you share as trust worthy and not just hype.

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