COMIT: Bitcoin-Monero Atomic Swaps are Close to

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TODAY’S 🎙SHOW: Douglas Tuman interviews Philipp Hoenisch of COMIT, an open protocol facilitating trustless cross-blockchain purposes, that can quickly be launching An MVP for performing atomic swaps between Bitcoin and Monero.

Atomic swaps between bitcoin and monero are extremely anticipated as a serious growth in crypto — making Monero much more unstoppable than it already is, with a decentralized technique for trustlessly exchanging between Bitcoin and Monero.

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  3. The current market cap of Monero is criminally low at this point. With more companies like Comit working to XMR/BTC atomic swap is as much, or more of an important market shift then being added to all the current centralized exchanges at once. 🚀

  4. the sound edition on this videos is atrocious. The sound will get on top of the girls voice and then her sound gets louder to compensate and at about .49s you can’t understand shit because both volume are at the same level and that crescendo just takes everything in.

    …dudes… That shit is sound design 101 for fuck sake 😐

  5. Where can I find more information on the “developer tools” he discussed for implementing this tech into a DEX?

  6. Owned and mined Monero for years then went to BTC and ALTs. Monero is hugely undervalued – the real digital cash

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  8. I’ve been getting paid dealing with hackerdrey on telegram they’re accurate when it comes to instant bitcoin flip

  9. Can someone please explain how this is different from exchanging BTC / XMR on something like changenow and cakewallet

  10. Maybe people looking to taint Bitcoin would move it to Monero lol.
    So the Monero user gets clean bitcoin and the bitcoin user can do their dodgy business with Monero.
    Especially applicable to people who hold large balances that aren’t looking to trade on a large KYC exchange

  11. So basically it doesn’t solve anything… I was hoping it’s gonna be a way to ultimately solve the issue that my bitcoin balance is known and traceable by anybody, it kinda does, but I’ll end up with a tainted bitcoin I can’t use…
    I better have a balance which anybody can see than the balance I can’t spend

  12. let’s say swaps work and in consequenz monero will be banned from all exchanges.

    how and who will determine the price /swap rates?

    <3 monero <3

  13. does this work out of the box for ltc as well? moving from exchange to ltc to xmr would make a lot of sense transfer fee wise.

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