Crypto Duel: Will Bitcoin Ever Hit $100K? | Peter Brandt & Erik Crown

Peter Brandt & Eric Krown predict Bitcoin’s upcoming actions, give tips about find out how to survive a bear market, and reply an important query of our trendy period – is Bitcoin going to $100k or to $0? Welcome to this week’s Crypto Duel.

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  1. Key moments in the video:
    0:12 – Will Bitcoin end up somewhere in the 6-7k range?
    5:54 – Will Bitcoin continue to chop sideways?
    8:00 – How do you prepare for market drops?
    11:39 – Are we in a bear market? How do we survive?
    13:32 – Is holding a better strategy than trading?
    16:32 – Is Bitcoin going to $100k or is it going to $0?
    19:06 – Where are you allocating your portfolios?
    20:41 – Peter’s & Erik’s thoughts on modern technical analysis.

  2. In crypto is never say never. Bitcoin without doubt can hit 100k. For me i am loading more Tokoin and Ethereum

  3. The developers who work on bitcoin make sure it’s rate of evolution far exceeds any commodity. Bitcoin going to zero is no longer possible. because bitcoin has been seen worldwide as a solution to so many of the problems the banking/debt complex has given us. Do you really think that

  4. This was terrific. Best joint crypto video I’ve seen. Krown and Mr. Brandt straight stylin’ and profilin’ in this one. High level content.

  5. Well I can not say that bat would be a distraction. I do not own ant, but the fundamentals are good, same as btc. There are around 40 other crypto’s that fit that description too.

  6. Peter Brand and Eric Krown. Holy shit. Amazing. I’m glad to say I am a disciple of Krown. Moving averages, stochs, RSI, trollinger bands, just to name a few.

    Goddamn bears had their day in the sun with their bullshit fib circles and what not. Pure luck. This time around there wont be any Davinci half and half bullshit TA. The shit coin police have the full on riot gear. Unless bitcoin is in a completely new market phase, and it might be, bull market cycle 1 of 6 is over. 5 to 6 cycles to the top! Or go to zero, and the fib circle cock ring boys can tell us all, “I told you so”.

    Personally, I’m not touching BTC until 11k. It pointless to stare at price action all day every day for a non professional trader. If there is one thing people have to master in order to be successful or at least remotely successful is that you must master not only the fundamental of TA but your own emotions. If the BTC chart is representative of human emotion and values, a lot of us are a bunch of highly erratic and emotional unstable people but with a “the future is bright attitude”. A lot of us are going to trade ourselves right out the biggest bull market in history because of it.

    Anyway, thanks to Cointelegraph, this is quality content.

  7. Absolutely great to see both these guys have a conversation about the korn!! Welcome to the cave Mr Brandt!!

  8. Awesome! Love BOTH Peter & Eric!! They are top notch. I will be watching your channel now! Peace….

  9. Just watched this for the second time, as it’s way too short. Should have been 2 hours long 🙂 Please get these guys back on soon. Would love to see more of their conversation!

  10. Thanks for this video. Have been following these guys for years now and I must say they’re really big names in this space. Looking forward to the outcome of bitcoin as I stack some satoshi, ripple and Tokoin for the next light.

  11. I have been hearign about that insane predictions for a long time.. it is way too much. There is a fair value for BTC, according to its cost (electricity). I woudl rather keep accumulating promising altcoins (aelf, beatzcoin, grayll, deepbrainchain..) until its bull seasson begins

  12. @Cointelegraph If anyone reads the comments, I’d absolutely love if you got Eric Crown vs. Josh Rager, Daniel from Chart Champions, or Philakone!

  13. A,B C is also possible in Elliott Wave 1.8k, 2.2k is also possible. Let the market come to us 😉. 7.2k, 6.5, 5.4 are support

  14. I love the BitCoin BTC Revolution, even tho I dont own not even a single fraction of it , let alone a full BTC
    Too bad I got to know and heard BitCoin just 3 months ago , got more knowledge upon it and I love it s technology cuz I am abankers amd asystem.
    I cant even affoard to buy a full won , got no life saving, my salary lff taxes is low just 160$ off taxes. I never camed across any BTC holders who got lucky at its beggining by buying a thousand of them when they were 1Usd or less and managed well to borrow me at its moment price till it bulls meanwhile being payed back for their investment .. Indeed is a greedy world out there maaan , so cold
    Wish I heard about BTC REVOLUTION at its launched , I would ve gone all in loving the concept and loving the smiling faces of others who didnt believed in it

  15. Don’t have a plan I just turn the camera on I don’t have a plan I just turn the camera on you can’t have a plan if you’re trying to f*** some s*** up even though

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