crypto news – tether will crash the entire market

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How much lower crypto can go after a 50% correction. Much lower if tether USDT explodes.

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Exposing Tether – Bitcoin’s Biggest Secret –

Tether is the 3rd biggest crypto currency after Bitcoin and Etherum. Tether is a type of stable currency. Tether is suppose to maintain a peg of 1 to 1 against the US dollar. Meaning for every 1 Tether, there must be 1 real US dollar held somewhere in a bank. If the issuer of tether keeps printing tether without real USD. It’s like you having a money printer at home. For the short term, it feels freaking good. For the long term you will burn everybody who used your money discovering it’s fake.

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  1. Never trusted Tether. USDC is regulated and way safer to hold! Anyone who holds Tether should get the h3!! out. It is not an asset to HODL!

    BTW, love your Nano videos. Slowly adding to my portfolio, but you should really take a look at Elrond (EGLD). It's a sleeping giant!

  2. I came across this name while reading an article on CNBC, but I wasn’t given much information about her. Could you pass along her info because I would love to try out her service for myself

  3. A very low risk trade is to deposit USDC in aave and use it as collateral to short USDT. If USDT suddenly crashes, you win. USDT is very unlikely to go up in value against USDC.

  4. Hi Chicken – what do you think about "Death Cross" chart pattern on Tsla chart? The last time it happened, Tsla stock went down about 40%. Any thoughts please…

  5. What do you think of Cardano ADA? Also USDC pays 9% dividend on Voyager. Is this a secure place to keep money? Thank you for all your great videos. I look forward to them.

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