Cryptocurrency Mining For Dummies – Complete Rationalization | EIP-1559, ETH2.

In this video, I clarify to you what Cryptocurrency Mining is in basic English and I also go above the primary impacts on your revenue, unique kinds of rigs, and as effectively as EIP-1559 and ETH 2..

⌚ Timestamps:
00:00 – Intro
00:33 – Cryptocurrency Explained
02:10 – Mining Discussed
02:23 – Evidence Of Stake vs Evidence Of Work
02:23 – Evidence Of Perform In-Depth
04:02 – Distinctive Forms Of Mining Rigs
06:04 – Distinctive Styles Of Mining Products and services
09:03 – What Impacts Your Mining Income
14:50 – Giveaway Winners – CONGRATS!
16:17 – EIP-1559 & ETH 2.
19:01 – Wrap-up & Outro

Congrats to the giveaway winners!!

⭐GPU Mining Rig Purchasing Tutorial:
⭐Ways To Market Crypto:
⭐Ways To Purchase Crypto:
⭐Where To Retail store Your Crypto:

🔗 Backlinks & Sources:
• BitsBeTrippin Video:
• Vote here for the EIP-1559:
• ASICs Profitability List:
• Proof Of Stake Info:
• Coins Current market Cap:
• Mining Pool Stats:
• Hashrate Explanation:
• DAG Dimensions Calculator:
• Ethereum Block Rewards:

🏬 Places To Invest in Mining Hardware From:
• NerdGearZ (US & CA) –
• ParallelMiner (US, CA & Much more) –
• MineShop (EU & Additional) –

💻 Mining Computer software/Working System We Use:
• HiveOS – Working Procedure |
• Kryptex – Application On Home windows 10 |

📹 Verify Out Our Playlists!
• GPUs Overview |
• Mining Rig Builds |
• Running Technique Guides |
• Normal GPU Mining Guides|
• Our Crypto Mining Journey|

🔥 Our Proposed GPUs – Ranked in order
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  1. so i can buy a pre built, get into crypto mining and just profit daily? most of my appliances are gas and electricity is dumb cheap, could you link a good pre build that i could buy?

  2. Change the misleading title of this video. You say "for dummies" then drop in these acronyms NOBODY would know unless they've already done research (""GPUs, ASICs, FPGAs") … cmon man this isn't for dummies. Change the title, it's misleading clickbait.

  3. My friend. You have the right equipment, knowledge and ability to teach. This channel is going to be big.

  4. There needs to be a video for REAL Dummies, because I'm still completely lost.🥴😵😭

  5. In your opinion do Tesla vehicles have the hardware to mine Bitcoin? If so can you provide specs?

  6. So you're solving very difficult puzzles and you get paid to solve the puzzles. But the person doesn't actually do anything it's the computer that does all the work? You mentioned transactions but I still don't understand what is actually being mined. Why would solving puzzles earn someone money?

  7. Does a rig like that need an air condicioner? What are the temperature for safety? Thanks for the video

  8. I start mining 2 weeks ago but i see much diffent earnings by day. I start with 0.01 Eth a day now i get 0.007 with binance pool it comes over night and i also increase the Hashrate to 230 thats strange is this the result of the difficulty or the Gas fees, i mean 30% drop over night is strange for a beginner

  9. first of all, great video. I am a beginner and is it possible when new and better GPUs come out, we can just replace them from the GPUs we already own?

  10. a 5700xt is 850€ today in germany used… and 30ct per kw/h electricity costs.

    dunno if this is reasonable anymore.

    i own one 5700xt maybe i just mine with that as i only payed 400€ bsck in 2020.

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