DIY Bitcoin Lottery with a Raspberry Pi

Construct your personal lottery!
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Instrumentals Produced By Chuki

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Digicam: Canon T2i
Digicam 2: Canon S120
Lens 1: Sigma 30mm Artwork F1.4
Lens 2: Rokinon 14mm F2.8
Mic 1: Rode Videomic Professional
Mic 2: Rode SmartLav+

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  1. If you add more block erupters will that increase the chance of finding a block? Awesome project btw 🙂

  2. Are there any mining pools which actually reward you for finding the block with your miner? If so, which?

  3. Has your bitcoin lottery accumulated anything?  I am curious because I am teaching my students about cryptocurrencies and we are going to build a pi miner for fun. One more thing – is disabling the sound for the neopixels really necessary and is it really permanently disabled or is there a way to get it back?

  4. Awesome video! Now that nicehash pool is down, what do you think is the next best place to solo mine with the Rpi? I’m going to have to set a rig like this up, I love the concept. Also I have some solar power – was thinking about doing this at no cost, also have a few antminers to use to beef up the chances slightly!

  5. Let’s say you happen to solve a block and win but you are not around to see it go nuts…would the reward be stored on nicehash?

  6. Hello, I known the complexibility of Bitcoin actually is hight, what about this project now ? Is it still profitable electricity vs mining with your project ? Very good project anyway. Like it. Did you have one to sold in your shop?

  7. Hello, the first excuse is my English, the second that I followed your project and I find it very interesting, I congratulate you, I am quite new but I have hope, jajaja. I wanted to check it out, after the fall of solo.nicehash, I’m using and I selected the payment option SOLO in the settings. Could it be worth in a hypothetical case? Greetings, and thank you very much

  8. This could be a fun project, but I’m a little confused about the reward – issent the current block reward 12,5 bitcoin? 🙂

  9. I think it would be hilarious if someone built one of these and actually found a block. All the GPUs and ASICs that people use so much power running for weeks just to make a little money, and one person with a Raspberry Pi makes 1 BTC in an instant.

  10. What is your CGminer config to solo mine? Also do you run a full node? How do you solo mine without one?

  11. Hy, i have a S3+ How can i do the same like you … i dont find a tutorial on youtube !!! Thanks a lot, have a good day

  12. Wait a second, did u download the entire blockchain on raspberry pi? If so, how did u manage to fit all that data? If not, that probably means u joined a mining pool. So even if u were the one who discovered the last block, wouldn’t u reward with proportion of ur compute power, and probably nothing compared to other. I’m confused.

    [Edit] I read ur written tutorial and u said u used nicehash solo mining. That answered my question. 🙂

  13. would love to see an updated version of this now. i really want to make one but all the info and files are too old now.

  14. Hey Sean, I’ve been searching far and wide, probably the wrong places since I never seem to figure this out, but how would I go about making a solo miner run as a lottery machine?
    I just can’t seem to find anyone talking about it, everything is about pools 🙂

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