Does the Newest Nvidia Driver Scale back Ethereum Hashrate? 461.72

I hold listening to that nvidia nerfed mining for 30 collection playing cards with the discharge of 461.72 so I made a decision to check. Listed below are the outcomes. Sure I say .71 and there’s no 461.71 driver. Sorry for the slip.

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  1. nVidia said cards made before the announcement won’t be affected. It’s possible that the driver checks for the serial code of the card or something.

  2. I have a 1060 6GB mining ethereum, thanks for the info! great channel. How do I update my driver? 🤣 started mining yesterday because the pc just sits here

  3. i did have to play with my OC on my 3080 to get back up to 99 to 100 MH/s. from 70%(224W) to 72%(230W) from 1300mhz to 1400mhz. to get same hashrates. with previous OC i was only seeing 94ish MH/s after this new driver.

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  5. I actually updated to the latest driver and when I hopped into a game it actually seemed like I was getting less performance so I just went back to the previous driver

  6. never wrote comments on this channel, so writing to say thanks for all your hard work and very helpful information!

  7. Probably a noob question here, but…
    Is there a reason that my first week with nicehash was awesome, now in my second week and the payouts have halved ??

  8. What observed is that my vram temps have increased with 6-4°c with these drivers. And now i’m @ thermal max. So that’s dropping my hashrate

  9. Have you confirmed this with a new 3060 and a 3060Ti, 3070, 3080 and 3090 in the same rig with a 2 card setup? That’s where my issue came from.I have a whole story posted on the GPU Mining Facebook group.

  10. yes because they have a new line of cards coming out specifically for mining and they are going to half the hash rate of “gamimg cards” to get you to buy mining specific cards.

  11. After upgrading drivers, I saw a decrease in hashrate, but that’s because the driver update reset the GPU tune to stock memory, power, etc. I reapplied my saved tune and it went back up to the same as it has been on my 2070. Check your afterburner settings if you see a decrease because your power consumption will be back to stock, higher settings, too.

  12. Went down from around 110 mh/s to around 100 mh/s on my Nvidia FE 3090. Ravencoin and Firo both went up a little bit though.

  13. I see you are using DCH driver, but miners suggest using non-DCH driver. Did you try? Is it even possible nowadays?

  14. Does anyone have a guide specifically for replacing thermal pads on 3090 FE? I don’t really feel like taking mine apart or ordering pad sizes blindly, if I did.. But I already tried sticking a bunch of all heatsinks to the back plate, that was too hot to touch and… It only got me 2-4c lower temps, if anything.

  15. Think there would be a Consumer LAW against this.. I am gamers..If you sell me a Card and NERF the FPS…Against LAW to degrade product..Many of you buy a Product for the Hash Rate..Hope future Hash will be 200.Turn down to 720p lol. Anyhash rate improvment ??????????LOL.

  16. I’m willing to bet that your 3090 was throttling memory speeds with the previous driver as I dont see the start of your hash window im willing to bet you ran it a bit longer . You should do this run again and monitor your memory junction temps. If it hits 110c its gonna throttle.

  17. I haven’t watched the video yet…I have a 1660 super that runs @36mh on trex mining eth. Got a 1660 today and it’s at 32mh. Nope. Has not slowed down. The evga 1660 is faster than it should be.

  18. Sorry to disturb jou. I reacently order an innosilicon miner from My Miner Shop that supose to be in Netherland. I pay that bill via btc account. But since 5 days allready have no information abaut nothing. Do jou think is a SCAM. do jou have any idea what i can do and of course a valuation of this company from joure side and according joure information. If jou can help US please. Will be really greatfull.

  19. My 3080 Ventus 3x was not working well with the new game ready driver. The power level and hashrate was unstable. I rolled it back to 461.40 and working fine now.

  20. Updated my gaming rig to that driver, When I put it back to mining after playing games my hashrate went down big to like 50 mhps. All I did was update the drive and card is liquid cooled at 35 degrees.

  21. Anyone else seeing a high reject rate on RTX 3060 Tis and RTX 3070s mining on nicehash? (I know you hate nicehash, I’m sorry lol, but I’m a newb and it’s easy to set up!)

    I tried backing down the memory OCs and even running at stock and I still see frequent incorrect shares. I confirmed the temps are stable at 60C with OCs or 70C at stock. Could this be the drivers or did I just lose the silicon lottery?

  22. Could somebody tell me how high can I go with the Memory Clock on the Rtx 3080 Tuf. Is +1000 to high for 24h mining in a desktop Pc ? 🤔 Im at 97,36 Mh right now. GPU Memory Junction Temperature at 98 degrees.

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