Confessions of a Crypto and Bitcoin Bag Holder. This is what I’m PERSONALLY going to be doing this bull run cycle to make SURE I do not repeat the SAME errors.

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  1. Good point, good video! I have gone through 13/14 run where I bought at almost ATH. Then I have gone through the “we going to 100k” hype in 17/18 and hodled through. Until now I am still holding. And its not easy to fall for the hype of “we going to 1.000.000” and miss the tops. I also set an ATH target of 150k for this bullrun. For ETH I think 20k is realistic if it follows BTCs last ATH.

  2. I agree on taking profits for altcoins but I will get more BTC instead of usd is insane! I’m on my 40,s so I have long for my retirement..I have my house paid and no other debts…the BTC I have now I keep it for my retirement so if we have any future deeps I will buy more BTC…

  3. Ok great video however I want to pick your brain or anyone in the comments section and see some responses.

    1. what are you cashing out too, a lot of people are going into crypto so that they are either:

    a) ahead of the game when crypto is actually used as a currency i.e. spent in store etc
    b) escape the inflation of money

    so in these 2 instances I would say HODL would be the best option, no…?

    2. the 4 year cycle is already unreasonable due to the factors then and now… i.e. 2017 there was no back up actually crypto was seen as a facade, however now you have it backed up by the likes of paypal, and soon to come VISA etc… even JPMORGAN stance has changed within the last 4 years, I am not to say they will stop it repeating its self, however what I am saying is the factors have changed so maybe it might not be as simple as we think.

    3. The people that are talking about crypto in 2021 vs 2017 has changed dramatically

    I do agree if you have a opportunity to buy a land, pay of mortgage etc then sure go for it, but I still believe many people have not reached the heights of profits to that extent where they can do those things

    I always have a approach to buying crypto, the minute I buy is the minute I lost the money that way I develop a ‘it is what it is’ approach – never put everything in, but at the same time take a look into the world affairs, if a place such as VISA are investing, baring in mind 90 percent of us in the west have cards associated with VISA logic dictates that something big is coming.

    Regardless it would be nice to hear peoples approaches

  4. Sell on the way u[p, diversify, put in to an ETF index tracker, maybe a dividend paying fund, and some physical Gold and Silver.

  5. Tnx so much for sharing! Great point on exit plan so important. But with institutions and futures the volatility is expected to decrease alot. I can’t help but think its like selling AMZN, AAPL etc too soon. When selling its so hard to go back in – thats why you keep 20%. Instead of selling you can now short in the bear market. Whats your thoughts on that? Also Alts are meant to lag BTC, so any gains from those could be used to buy more BTC in bear market. Tnx Pat

  6. Absolutely relevant to those who haven’t been burned. Good advice. So many are gonna get absolutely wrecked.

  7. I’m pretty new to Crypto. I appreciate your video and methodical approach. Takes some of the emotion out of it.

  8. I’m not. I’m going to be a three generation bag holder like Michael Saylor. Although some of my stimulus is going into MSTR! I already have the most important thing of all, more income, than outgo. And more house than three generations will need.

  9. I will sale 20% of my stack the day it will purchase ocean front property on the west coast. 10 million dollar bitcoin?

  10. Great tips! Fix profits, enjoy your life, don’t be greedy. Remember, that no one can catch top and bottom of the market.

  11. By Far the Best channel I’ve found on Crypto Currency.
    The way you present is a Breath of fresh Air compared to all the “Red Bull” driven Content out there. Great Job 👍
    P.S I always make it to the end 😊

  12. I know several people who cashed out at the last all time high 🙄 in businesses now because of that so any one who left there money in after knowing that bitcoin’s 4 year cycle ends is some who doesn’t need the money

  13. BTC is still going up, I am still holding lol I want to get into real estate but BTC returns are the highest year by year, no reason for me to sell right now. I might cash some out eventually to put into real estate but I don’t think I will ever pull out all my money.

  14. Some of the most valuable information I have seen on YouTube, thank you for the time you put into those videos

  15. Thank you for not being one of those crypto “hype-man”… Please continue passing on what wisdom to aggregating over the years… These Hype-wo/man are really good at painting a. perception of objectivity. I know because I was fooled

  16. Can you use bigger fonts on your videos. To see your xml sheets on a 6 inch smartphone display is very difficult. Thanks, great vids by the way!

  17. february 9th, tesla got into it BTC with 1.5B, Michael Saylor is guiding traditional corporations into it… Do you still think the same way?

  18. Im already a bagHODL … i was goxxed …. best thing ever if i ger a payout. Idk if its 5 $ since that means i doubled my money bought at 3 $ and Look at btc now 😉

  19. Lol, boy are you eating major crow. LMAO. What an idiot. Bro, Tesla, MasterCard, and now Apple are adopting cryptocurrency. Set a stop loss you num nut, otherwise ride this thing to $1 million. Jesus.

  20. What do you think about selling into USDC stable coins ? I don’t want to “cash out” any of my profits because I want to delay paying taxes for as long as possible ! Plus, I may want to buy back some Bitcoin when the price has hit rock bottom

  21. I’m curious what you’d do if you only had a small amount, like less than 2 ether and 1/30th of a bitcoin

  22. Hello, I’m new to forex trade and I have been making huge losses but I recently see a lot of people earning from it. Can someone please tell me what i’m doing wrong

  23. Excellent breakdown, this kind of transparency and detailed content is really valuable. Great to see a channel that isn’t all shouting and hype and rocket ships! Suuuubscribed!

  24. Sorry, Please I need someone to explain better about this bitcoin and forex trade and I have been making too many losses but I recently see a lot of people making profit from it. Can someone please enlighten me?

  25. 11:21 there’s a mistake in the numbers in parentheses, three of them are $1000 too high but I get the point. Thanks for the video, great info on making a plan

  26. If you want to sell your bitcoin for a worthless depreciating asset like the US dollar then you really don’t understand what is going on or what is about to occur. Fiat dollars are dying and Bitcoin is the safest, purest form of money on the planet. Hyper inflation will start showing up by summer 2021 and you will get a dose of how worthless dollars are soon. $20 loaf of bread isn’t far off.

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