Earning 10.51% Interest on my Money | Celsius Wallet Review | $20 Free!

We’re earning 10.51% interest on our money with the Celsius Wallet app! We are always looking for new ways to have our money work for us and earn passive income, especially with cryptocurrency! Sub to VoskCoin –

Read the written VoskCoin review of the Celsius Network Wallet app by Miss Vosk on our blog!

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We have been focusing a lot this year to get our money working for us as we hope to achieve true financial freedom, and as we staked numerous cryptocurrencies like Ethereum and stablecoins pegged to the US dollar, we were frequently recommended to use Celsius. Thanks to Celsius for sponsoring this video review, but to be honest we really enjoyed testing their app. Their app is so easy to use, your put your coins in and BOOM you start earning interest, and all you need to deposit is $200 to secure the $20 sign-up bonus they offer. Of course Celsius wallet offers a suite of features, acting obviously as a cryptocurrency wallet, a place to lend your coins and earn passive income with cryptocurrency by earning interesting, they have a loan platform for borrowing crypto and cash, and much more! Let’s review the Celsius Wallet by Celsius Network and their CEL token!

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Celsius CEL ICO of $50m turned into 1 billion lending business –

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  1. I'm going to stake ethereum on coinbase once eth 2.0 comes out. The fees are like 25 to 30% if you transfer from coinbase to celsius. No thank you

  2. What's your referral code? You forgot to link it in the description. Do it! and reply me.
    My ref code 12732167e3 <3 Celsius seems awesome, although I would have also liked a desktop wallet.

  3. to all you miners out there…. instead of cashing out with tax penalty to expand your operations … take a crypto loan… expand… pay them back with newly mined crypto. boom no taxes and at some point will be a write-off once they get crypto loans part included

  4. AxisOption wallet and exchange platform should be considered the best amongst these because they have more security and they give more interests for every crypto.

  5. Again as usual, Vosks tells somethin cool, I want o reister with his Pomo link- And BAM!… No service for germany! Same wih robinhood, kinda all those things suck a bit. So for Celsius they block Germans and tell you to use their partner "bitwala"… which hast almost no coins only BTC and Ether, krippling bad interest rates and also transfer fees on everyhing… partner my A…. Please Vosk make a non sponsored Video with goog international Stuff… Wallets. stocks, interest etc… Its really hard to be a all time watcher but still excluded

  6. I totally love Celsius!!!! They also give bonuses to existing members. About a week ago you got $50 BTC for depositing $2K in your acct. That's a no brainer deposit $2K at 10.51% interest and get $50 BTC……Oh hell yeah!!!!!

  7. Thank you for very good and informative video. Celsius is great, and I am using them for more than 6 months. I hold little more than 25k CRO which provides me jade green atm card and i am satisfied. Rest of my portfolio, 50% i keep in my cold storage, mostly btc, 50% I lend to celsius.network and apyharvest.com , and I am close to earning 500$ weekly (150$ from celsius in CEL tokens and 350 USDC from apyharvest for staking USDC, PAX, SNX, ADA, ETH and BTC there). As I own medium mining farm myself, I prefer apyharvest over Celsius little more, because they accept miner rewards on their interest accounts and I get some extra % for forwarding my BTC and ETH there.

  8. ive had celsius since the launch honestly never dove too deep into it(me being usa resident :P), but last couple of months i apparently had literally less then 0.01 usd in their cel. payout with notification weekly every sunday night. i have 2.41 now, $0 + 2 months = $2.41. Damn i just wished i had invested more back then :D. My own exp. also keep it up vosk, love the real ness and honesty you bring.

  9. Great review, but a lot of key things missing 🙂 One important one is that Celsius don't have any FEES, you can withdraw anytime you like and have no FEES paid, also that CEL is now fast approaching 1 Billion Market Cap and is now the Second Biggest compared to Crypto Dot Com and BlockFi, and Nexo, they now Rank 25 on Congecko and keep climbing! Also, do some reading about Alex Mashinsky, he was the inventor of VOIP and this will be his Third Unicorn, he has a lot of trust in the business world once you do some more research about him.

  10. I have been trying to find out about how do I apply for government money from any state for a while now and Hackerraid On telegram has really been help I was able to get mine.

  11. I have been trying to find out about how do I apply for government money from any state for a while now and Hackerraid On telegram has really been help I was able to get mine.

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