ETHEREUM IS THE NEXT BITCOIN IN 2021 | Full Historical past, Value Predictions & Technical Evaluation

Ethereum has had a tumultuous historical past! Nevertheless, in 2021, it’s effectively on monitor to changing into the #1 cryptocurrency! (Look out Bitcoin-Maxi’s!)
ETH is beloved by beginner traders proper by to institutional traders. However what makes Ethereum unstoppable in 2021?

On this video, we’ll cowl every little thing you’ll want to find out about Ethereum’s value historical past as much as the current-day together with detailed value chart evaluation breakdown the earlier ICO-mania bull market of 2017.

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💻 Timestamps 📲
00:00 Ethereum, Congratulations!01:48 Ethereum On-Chain Analytics
03:32 Macro Evaluation, Month-to-month Ranges
05:47 Historic Value Evaluation, 2017 Bull Market
10:55 20 Week Shifting Common & The Magical $400 Vary
12:11 Accumulation Quantity Evaluation (Ought to I Take Income?)
13:34 Historic Value Overview – Is it too late to purchase Ethereum? When Ought to I Purchase?
14:55 What Ought to I Do if the market crashes on me?
16:07 Ought to I Take Income Now? Professional’s and Con’s
17:32 The WORST THING You Can Do as a NEW INVESTOR
19:36 Preserving it Tremendous Easy
22:22 What to do Subsequent?

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I’m not a monetary advisor. The concepts introduced on this video are private opinions and for leisure functions solely. You (and solely you) are answerable for the monetary selections that you simply make.

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    I warned the people for people like you that don’t even knows what the whitepaper means or what Bitcoin is suppose to be.

    The real bitcoin is still there and it’s building it self like Satoshi Nakamoto wants. And everybody is blinded and hated not to see it. For anyone who wants to know wich of the 3 is bitcoin. I can tell you its Bitcoin Satoshi Vision ticker BSV.

    For the people that don’t now wat BTC stands for now. Bitcoin Core group there are not the inventor of bitcoin as you know if you really research things with an openmind. Bitcoin Cash the same story its not Bitcoin either. Bitcoin Core (BTC) and BitcoinCash (BCH) are forks wich dont follow the whitepaper anymore as Satoshi Nakamoto describe.

    Bitcoin SV upgrade Genesis on feb. 4th 2020. This upgrade restored the original Bitcoin protocol, that keep it stable, and allow it to massively scale by removing the limits that can be set in a block. And its going to completely change the way that Bitcoin is used on the blockchain. The Bitcoin Association believes that Bitcoin SV is Bitcoin.

    Bitcoin is made and founded to be used not to be stored only. Bitcoin is digital cash internetmoney. DigitalCash must be easy for people to spend and send fast. The cost must me megalow as you can pay 1 cent and the cost can be like 0.00001 cent or 0.000001 cent. Welcome to the real Bitcoin Bitcoin SV is Bitcoin. Even if the government takes away cash we have digitalcash for it. Because to have cash is always good not bad.

  5. Wish I watched this yesterday… No drama, in it for the long(ish) term..
    Are your alerts on TradeView to take profits, or monitor the charts for patterns?

  6. Awesome content man. Don’t suppose you fancy doing a video about how you keep track of your trading transactions? I.e. other than in your head, how do you keep track of when you bought/sold keeping track of your profit/loss?

  7. What exchange are you using to buy ETH please? so many have bad reviews. I’m keen to buy but sceptical of the exchanges.

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    Have you read about XSN coin? They are hyped now. Stakenet is a platform for decentralized applications. They bridge Bitcoin and Ethereum/ERC20 chains in their DEX. Looks like the new eralevel of DEX’s. What can you say?

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