Harvard Monetary Historian: “BITCOIN IS A BUBBLE & WILL HAVE ANOTHER MASSIVE BULL RUN”. Rip-off Assist

►In ANOTHER improbable interview over @Unchained Podcast , Laura interviews Monetary Historian Dr. Niall Ferguson who talks about how his SON transformed him right into a Bitcoin Believer in addition to the prospect of one other MASSIVE Bull Run (and bubble) arising. Additionally, Paypal (apparently) is teaming up with Paxos and I NEED HELP WITH THESE SCAMS so I am calling out the massive weapons – @Coin Bureau @Loopy 4 Cryptos @Crypto Nobes @Jungle Inc @Digital Asset Investor @Altcoin Day by day @BitBoy Crypto @Chico Crypto @Ivan on Tech @The Fashionable Investor @davincij15 @Crypto Day by day – let’s be AS AGGRESSIVE with these scammers as they’re with US! (watch the primary 8 minutes of the video.)

0:00 Intro
0:32 Rip-off Assist
10:06 Monetary Historian: BTC MASSIVE BULL RUN
24:59 Paypal & PAXOS

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  1. You ragged about scams for 10 min…. A mention is good but come on who is falling for these? They are not watching any decent channel

  2. eToro – Ugh! Tried to move a small amount of BTC from their exchange to their wallet, in order to transfer to cold wallet. The transfer has to be approved, presumably by some human reviewer. A couple of days later, I’m still waiting. I closed trade at a profit and transferred the cash to my bank.

  3. Tired of YouTube freely promoting these scams, doesn’t seem like they are doing anything at all. I see them before and after all crypto youtube videos its ridiculous. Can’t any legal action be taken against YouTube somehow for promoting them for so long?

  4. What makes you a crypto newbie or fool, is thefact that you actually think that Ripple is not a shat coin and that you are actually investing in it.

  5. litecoin and bitcoin cash being added to greyscale. do you know if those investors will impact the overall marketcap?

  6. Dan! Hasn’t it dawned on you that YT are involved in the scams which is why they are not taken down?

  7. this guys see bobles everywhere,its like the scam for this guy everything its scam,they dont know nothing and wath they know its wrong,its stupid videos make to stupid people for stupid people,this type of videos its like scams they are everywhere

  8. Gold,silver and bitcoin fluctuate against usd because fiat is constantly depreciating and creates speculative bubbles.

  9. Use Brave Browser an NO ADS just view Braves ad and GET PAID FOR IT. simple. No scam ads.

  10. i purchase Bitcoin and Etherium and hold onto them. i have yet to spend any cryptocurrency. To be honest, i’m not entirely sure what i’m waiting for.

  11. The Lightning network “IS” Bitcoin. Bitcoin “may” be used as a currency via these protocols built on top (or alongside) the chain. IMHO the base protocol has no future as a currency.

  12. Its refreshing to hear you content creators call out these scams. A lot of people new to the space will fall for these and then quickly back out of the market which stunts growth.

  13. Wow that story about turning down a hard drive with 500 BTC I’ve heard so many times !!!! I was told about bitcoin in 2012 by my friend / cyber guru and MAN the mistake we made by not Hodling !

  14. jYouTube is still running the Twicker scam ads. Careful of what you tell people on your channel. jYouTube hates us. They are on the side of world banks, the IRS and federal reserves. They are one big family, literally. Ancient family names, mostly from Europe but not European, own most world banks and federal reserves. It’s public info. for the federal reserve. I don’t know why. It’s a private bank and has nothing to do with our government. I don’t even know why we have a federal reserve. Employment taxation is theft and that IS a fact. Every president thus far has been culpable for doing nothing. A few talked about removing the federal reserve, but it was just talk, then they were killed. Every one of them starting with Lincoln. He was killed for making the “greenback”, among other things. Kennedy is on film taking about how the federal reserve bank is robbing America. Trump has said squat. He approves fleecing America dry. There’s a few more but can’t remember. This is a years old subject for me.

  15. The ones that scare me more are the pre-roll adverts… The one’s playing before videos because there isn’t an easy way to report them. Also it means youtube is making money by allowing scams to promote themselves… I truly think Youtube is well aware of what’s going on and letting it happen because blockchain as a whole is a direct threat to their business model. They won’t stop until they’re forced to.

  16. So you’re saying that you don’t see it actin as a currency but you think it’s a store of value? Why would anyone want to store their worth in this useless coin? Don’t get me wrong, I am holding bitcoin too

  17. Funny… I have the reverse story, but pre-bitcoin. I told my mom to buy Intel in 1992 and she ignored me.. I told her to buy heavy into Apple in 1998… She ignored me. Now she kicks herself all the time about it. Both times she simply asked her financial adviser and they told her they were bad investments. That was actually my encouragement to get into the Crypto space… I saw the same game changing potential in those but was too young to invest… I see the game changing potential of Crypto and luckily I am now in a position to invest. It’s redemption in a way.

  18. This is possibly your best scam awareness video you presented. There are a lot of beefy content here. I was of the mind that being aware of the scam, how to avoid it, telling others to be aware of the scam is what we can do without going overboard with it; however, taking steps in reporting the video doesn’t take a lot of our time either. Definitely more effective action than just being aware/avoiding alone. It takes like 20 seconds or less to report a scam ad video.

    I liked the idea that you will ask other popular crypto YouTubers to do the same. It doesn’t takes a lot of effort for them to send a small message to their viewers and subscribers in one video about reporting scam ads. If dedicated followers follow through, that would be massive. You can only do so much on your channel alone.

    Great content DAN.

  19. I know it all and I am never wrong.
    But that is a lot of knowledge and I am lazy so I just let things go.

  20. Yes I too am sick of these scam vids every five mins, help me to report them as I’ve no idea how to 👍

  21. Theta is trying to develop a decentralized video sharing app like utube. We the users would decide a video is a scam and omit or forbid it from the blockchain. Problem solved

  22. Thanks for the scam reporting info as I too want to do my bit to help protect naive people which in turn will strengthen our community and the crypto crusade 👍

  23. YouTube is more interested in taking down conservative channels. Gun channels. Centralized power is always dangerous.

  24. Have you researched Ampleforth Protocol? Very interesting. Niall Ferguson is on the advisory board. Would love to hear your thoughts about it.

  25. Hey dude… If I tell you the apartment building is unstable explain the way and you agree then decide to live in the penthouse because 40 years past and it still has not collapsed. You are only there to enjoy it while it lasts because other people are doing the same. Now when the building does collapse you die and take everyone you told well he did not say when!

    I know I know you think “I wouldn’t do that!” You are doing it now with dollars. It’s different its money? Well, why do you think people who knew Madoff was running a ponzi kept their money there? He ran it for 30 years and they did not want to miss out.

    So in effect, you are supporting the currency Ponzi by saying when when when… Who cares WHEN! It’s going to happen because it’s not sustainable! Don’t invest in a Ponzi period end of story!

  26. Please think before you give someone credit, the Professor is a historian not an investment analyst, therefore all he does is regurgitate information, that to me is not intelligence, intelligence is creating Bitcoin in the first place if these revered places of “higher learning” are that good the world would be in much better shape than it is! The education and financial systems are rigged to keep the average person enslaved.

  27. The way I see BTC is that its in its infancy. I send BTC overseas to people in need but as yet I dont use it as money or as an everyday currency.
    I wait for the time when BTC is accepted widely and its worth is 100k plus. I will start using it like cash at that point. But for now you are correct I HODL it as a store of value. Cheers.

  28. US banks can now hold crypto on behalf of their clients after the government gave them the green light , crypto is here to stay

  29. Bitcoin is happily decentralized in China, cause they have cheapest electricity and video cards. Bitcoin became Chinese coin. USA just uses the hype to create deflationary bitcoin derivatives to backup USD printing press. Uhaha. Inflate bitcoin and Nasdaq

  30. You should look into zilliqa a youtuber called CM topdog can explain you wont regret it its a super great crypto coin

  31. If you want a project that’s progressing along at a great pace, has huge corporate partnerships and has had constant $ gains over the last year with huge growth potential have a look at Plair (PLA) Going to be big gains once its launched on larger market exchange shortly, E∴

  32. 1:25 buenas muy bueno video me gusto ansioso de el proximo éxito los dejo les mando cariños gracias

  33. 1:23 hola!!! imprecionante video lo disfrute bastante espero el nuevo grabación los dejo les dejo kisses agradecido

  34. What will be the role of the IRS in the months ahead in identifying if Bitcoin holders are reporting capital gains?

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