How To Commerce Bitcoin On Phemex | Full Tutorial & Evaluation [Step By Step]

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On this full Phemex tutorial & evaluate, I will undergo step-by-step how one can commerce Bitcoin & altcoins with leverage. You may commerce Bitcoin, altcoins & Gold on Phemex change. I will present you how one can get the welcome bonus, and I may even present you how one can use the sub-accounts function and in addition how one can commerce spot with zero charges on Phemex. As well as, I am additionally together with a fast Phemex evaluate within the video, looking on the staff behind Phemex, the safety, and if it is protected to commerce on the platform. Additionally, you are in luck, I used to be in a position to get my group an unique deposit welcome bonus of $200 if you happen to deposit 0.2 BTC, and on this Phemex tutorial, I will present you step-by-step how one can declare this accretion bonus.

⭕️ When registering to PHEMEX from the USA, you want a VPN:
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I may even present you my high three Phemex alternate options, Bybit, DueDEX and PrimeXBT, and how one can get a bonus on these platforms. If you happen to’re nonetheless buying and selling on BitMEX, then please STOP. BitMEX is just not change, they aren’t reliable. Select Phemex or Bybit right now, as a result of it is essential which you could depend on your Bitcoin buying and selling platform.

⏰ Time Stamps ⏰
0:00 Phemex Tutorial Intro
0:28 Phemex Evaluation
1:11 Register An Account
2:07 Disclaimer
2:31 Phemex $200 Welcome Bonus
3:18 How To Deposit
3:51 Spot Pockets vs. Contract Buying and selling Account
6:47 Spot Buying and selling
7:42 Contract Buying and selling
8:40 Leverage & Cease Loss
14:32 Commerce Altcoins & Gold
16:17 Sub-Accounts
22:37 Restrict, Market & Conditional Orders
24:54 High 3 Phemex Alternate options
25:55 Phemex Premium & Zero Charges
27:47 Purchase Crypto With FIAT On Phemex
28:14 Phemex Testnet
28:40 Invite Buddies
29:07 Phemex Charges
30:41 Is Phemex Secure?
32:28 Buyer Assist & Assist Middle

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📺 Bybit Tutorial:
📺 BitMEX Tutorial:

High 3 Phemex Alternate options:
🥇Bybit: $200 BONUS
🥈DueDEX: $300 BONUS
🥉Binance Futures: 10% OFF

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Carl Eric Martin (The Moon)

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    ⭕️ To sign up to PHEMEX from the United States, you need a VPN:
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    *_Top 3 Phemex Alternatives:_*
    🥇Bybit: $200 BONUS
    🥈DueDEX: $300 BONUS
    🥉Binance Futures: 10% OFF

    📺 Bybit Tutorial:

    ⏰ Time Stamps ⏰
    0:00 Phemex Tutorial Intro
    0:28 Phemex Review
    1:11 Register An Account
    2:07 Disclaimer
    2:31 Phemex $200 Welcome Bonus
    3:18 How To Deposit
    3:51 Spot Wallet vs. Contract Trading Account
    6:47 Spot Trading
    7:42 Contract Trading
    8:40 Leverage & Stop Loss
    14:32 Trade Altcoins & Gold
    16:17 Sub-Accounts
    22:37 Limit, Market & Conditional Orders
    24:54 Top 3 Phemex Alternatives
    25:55 Phemex Premium & Zero Fees
    27:47 Buy Crypto With FIAT On Phemex
    28:14 Phemex Testnet
    28:40 Invite Friends
    29:07 Phemex Fees
    30:41 Is Phemex Safe?
    32:28 Customer Support & Help Center

  2. hi guys i need help so i want do delete my old phemix account please help me ?! and i wana know i am only registered on Account will it Cause problems ?

  3. I’m beginner on Phemix. I just wanna know is there really possible to earn money?

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  5. what is the difference between conditional limit vs market, I don’t get that. Was using MT4 previously

  6. Dude. I’ve been trying to find my Phemex account for ever and never have had success
    Tried everything

  7. thank you for introducing me to this ! You alone have helped me on the next stage of my crypto journey!

  8. vary good but would like to see more on switching money and bitcoin between accounts still cant work it out

  9. i added ADA to my spot account but i cant trade with it and i don’t find how to exchange my ADA for BTC. it’s not like on bybit. where i can switch a crypto to an other ???

  10. Carl, thanks so much for this help. I was hoping your tutorial would be comprehensive. There’s a lot to talk about.

  11. Man if you guys aren’t signed up already to Carl’s arena group on Phemex go now !! 2 days left to register and the game only needs 500 more people to have a 8 BTC prize pool !!!

  12. I m trying hard to lurn to. But bitcoin this helped me much. Still struggling to complety lurn

  13. Since the ban in nigeria price of btc has been close to 80K making it hard to trade on spot market.
    Can i open a phemex account while in nigeria and transfer some btc to it and trade on spot market to gain more btc??

  14. When it comes to BITCOIN/FOREX TRADING INVESTMENT I always RECC0MMEND newbies to XENDACYBER on lnstagram since I was recommended to him and invested I’ve not had a loss , he’s really a genius💯💯….

  15. Okay. So I try to make a limit order and it says that for some reason it will come out as a market order and it changes my asking price to the current markeet price shen I go to confirm the trade.

  16. Carl I did not see in your tutorial on Phemex how to transfer from my Main Spot trading account Ethererium into Contract Trading I only see the BTC option. Hope someone can respond in the comments on how to do that/ Thanks!

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