How To Justify a Giant Publicity to Bitcoin? Entrepreneurship vs Investing

Correct threat administration leads you to diversify your bitcoin funding as quickly because the place turns into too massive in your portfolio. This manner nevertheless, if bitcoin succeeds, you should have offered most of your bitcoins at a really early stage. Approaching your portfolio as an entrepreneur as a substitute of investor means that you can construct up a big concentrated portfolio in bitcoin and solely begin diversifying as soon as the mainstream market begins to correctly worth your bitcoins. Like several entrepreneur you take a excessive threat however in return for a excessive potential reward.

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  1. This could be said about a large number of things. I know someone who compulsively bought original Star Trek toys. Forty years on, they sell for 50-250 times the inflation-adjusted purchase price.

    Bitcoin has huge potentials for volatility. You cannot possibly make such projections. Many governments and economic entities are hard at work thinking of ways to destroy such currencies.

  2. it’s great that you’ve done so well with your bitcoin investment! you should buy some megacoin now. it’s new, and very cheap to buy it right now. megacoin will eventually be competitive with bitcoin because megacoin will be the first crypto-currency to actually provide true anonymity. check it out

  3. Yeah, I agree. It’s best to wait until everything evens out, and wait until it either tanks or becomes a reputable currency accepted everywhere. I was gonna say it might be a good idea to take your bitcoins and invest in mining hardware, but the difficulty of mining is still increasing, so it’d be best to wait until that evens out as well, as the difficulty is increasing exponentially.

    Regardless, good luck on your ventures, and it seems there is still quite alot to be made with bitcoins.

  4. Hi glaatraa, in that case I would sell some now at $130 and make your wife happy, but indeed I would also hold onto most of them. By selling some today, and locking in some profit, you will not have to sell them at bargain prices around $10 to assure yourself of profit. I would make a deal with your wife so that she is not putting extra pressure on you to sell if prices would drop. Congratulations with your investment whatever you decide to do. 🙂

  5. E Currency is going to happen that’s undeniable. However bit coin is the Napster or friendster of E currency. At this point they’re collectibles much like a Cabbage Patch doll. Their main utility is in money transfers. Their volatility makes them unsuitable for anything but speculation. for E currency to have longevity it must be based on a tangible asset.

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