Is It doable to be NO TAXES for Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency by shifting to Puerto Rico. YES! However there is a CATCH. Shehan Chandrasekera, CPA who focuses on Cryptocurrency taxation explains all.


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  1. The whole point of crypto was anonymity. Who ever let them tax this fkd up bad. A CPA just regurgitates their theft laws. Oh if you do this that and take a shit you gotta pay a tax. Wtf. It has to stop. The government has no business spending our money they just give it away, do backroom deals with our money, fatten their pockets, bobm kids, and euthanize babies.

  2. I love this channel and the great job you’ve done putting together the awesome content! On this one..Aaah!😱 That’s too much nonsense to go through just to pay zero tax!😵 I can see moving to Texas or a state with no state income tax, but as for the rest of it, the way I see it is it’s FREE MONEY! I don’t care if the government wants a 30% cut because I didn’t have to get up and go to work a crap job for 90%of my day soaked in misery to produce that money! No, all I did was spend a few minutes studying some charts, click a few buttons and went about my day doing whatever I felt like. My money has increased in its own due to my waiting for the right buy opportunity. No sweat!
    If I had won the lottery and the government wants 40% of it, that’s cool! I don’t care! What did I have to actually do to get that money?…. Nothing significant. And it’s more money in my pocket than I had before. It’s not ball and chain money like for most people that work an 8-6 job. In their case, having uncle Sam wanting 30% of that HARD EARNED money is a kick in the nuts! But for long term swing traders, a few clicks a day and that’s it! Go enjoy the day! I always just keep a mirrored trading account that pays the taxes and it’s all free money!
    TRADING is free money.
    Happy Trading!😉

  3. It’s a trap. Read USC Title 26. A US resident is defined as a resident of D.C., and US territories, including Puerto Rico. A CPA only knows what he’s been indoctrinated with. The USA, Inc., has defrauded us into consenting to their fraud, which is unlawful, and null prima fascie.

  4. All “Acts” of Congress, are just that: the foreign bankster shills acting like representatives of the true government, we the people, which they are not. All they are, are foreign corporate board members who have been acting corruptly, fraudulently, unlawfully, under color of law (legal fiction). Stop paying them.

  5. Not worth the trouble. If I moved to that less than optimal territory, I’d have to pay 20% capital gains taxes. That’s a tremendous hit. And after that I’d have to live in that place. And I don’t even like tacos.

    Instead I’ll move to montana and live a low cost of living lifestyle. I have this dream of being a wandering mechanic for Permaculture communities and small organic farms. I’ll live in my truck camper. The cost of living is so low that I’ll most likely fall below the minimum level for paying long term capital gains taxes. I think it’s 38k last time I looked. I’ll have to pay capital gains on what I had to cash in for some cancer treatments in 2020 but if I can beat this problem I can live well on practically nothing. I have a remote mailbox with scanning and forwarding features so I can keep the benefit of my state’s zero income tax rate no matter where in the world I happen to be, montana in the warm seasons and Mexico during the winter. That’s the plan. If I do pop over 38k I’ll probably still only be at the 5% rate.

  6. well then you finally produce a video that is worth watching. Stick to that and not crypto advise and you will do a lot better then talking about A dead project like Bitcoin Cash. well done

  7. The calculations for the gains are technically invalid since it ignores the existance of inflation

  8. Another flaw with the tax law, when using a traditional Bitcoin wallet when making a payment or selling you do not choose which Bitcoin to transfer, the wallet chooses depending on inputs/outputs, to be able to choose you must use a wallet that supports coin control, the problem is that most wallets do not have that feature, after all the most critical feature for a wallet is security. could you imagine the mess if the same laws were applied to the dollar, you would need to keep track which dollar lost most value depending when it was purchased or earned.

  9. U don’t have to move anywhere. Just take out a loan and use bitcoin as collateral. That way zero taxes.

  10. Aren’t air drops worth ZERO when they’re dropped? If not, how is that determined, and can it be challenged?

  11. So basically, Puerto Rico is NOT an option AT ALL. Selling everything and buying back creates a taxable event, so this is all pointless except for future gains.

  12. Sheehan mentioned ppl getting Spark tokens in 2020. But isn’t it a fact that no one has actually received any spark tokens yet?

  13. These criminals can’t back date and taxed you when their wasn’t even a “code” written. These criminals will not get one penny. Why? READ The Grace Commission Report.

  14. There’s no capital gains tax in Switzerland 🇨🇭 So, maybe it’s wrong to throw the whole of Europe into one basket!

  15. Ok so that option is a head ache, what about hedging a crypto position near the peak so as it falls you lock in your gains and only pay tax on the gains you made on the downside/shorts?

  16. Another way to potentially pay 0% capital gains tax:

    One really important piece of information that wasn’t mentioned here is that if you make less than $40,000/year, your long term capital gains tax is 0%. (Or so I’ve been told, I’m not a tax expert.)

    If my understanding is correct, the $40,000 is taxable income, so that means $40,000 after deductions. That would mean if you made $50,000, for example, after you take your $12,400 standard deduction (or more if you’re head of household or married), your taxable income is less than $40,000 and your long term capital gains tax is 0%.

  17. There is no law that requires you to file a IRS confession form! the research it does not exist.

  18. Question what if you moved to Puerto Rico , bought property but during the 6 month citizen trial. Your profession requires you to travel outside the country like meetings or touring? Like if you stayed there bought property then left for a month or 2 and came back would that void the whole citizenship?

  19. Thanks bro this is awesome. I just paid the Nomad Capitalist and I will have our plan in two months then we are out of here. I just liquidated everything and we are moving to maybe the republic of Georgia or Montenegro and possible Puerto Rico so this was great. Thanks and hopefully I will see you in one of these places. Lol

  20. This guy is just selling his platform, coin tracker. There’s no tax on trades between coins. Research John J Singleton.

  21. Sooooo you brought on a crypto tax expert and just had to explain everything first and not let him talk very much??

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