How To Purchase Bitcoin | For Inexperienced persons

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  1. Awesome Vid! Been binge watching all weekend. The Cash app was a nice piece of information. Keep the vids coming.

  2. My last hope wasn’t lost all thanks to Hackerhanold for the great work he did to my life by funding my account with $69,640 he’s a blessing to my family

  3. I’ll buy one of the wallets and the other usb thingy when you show links to other Amazon countries. Deal? Take my money already!

  4. Hi Son of a Tech, I’ve tried out your method on using lolMiner for ETH and you said you’ll go over the way in which we can use 4G, I tried the same way you did for the normal Mine_Eth_bat file to the 4G version, and when I ran it, it says I have insufficient memory and will go into “Zombie Mode” could you try and make a video addressing this or did I do something wrong?

  5. Can I mine it with gtx 1060 6gb, and is it worth more than mining ether, and how? Sorry for so many questions im new xD

  6. Really appreciate the video man. Exactly what I was looking for. Ordering my wallet now. I’m really upset that I can’t transfer out of Robinhood at my low price but atleast I know better now

  7. I live in Brazil. Can i use any of those services that you recommended? If not, any options for me? I use a local exchange to buy but fees are very high, especially for sending coins out.

  8. Great info. Been seeing people talk about cashapp to buy crypto but I assumed it was another Paypal/Robinhood wallet. Bye bye coinbase.

  9. Great video. I have friends who need this in their life before making the leap, so it’s appreciated.

    Also, I posted on another video, but, love the run through and simplicity of the ETH mining video. I’ve got that going on my gaming desktop & it’s paying for itself and then some, so, thanks. I’ve recommended to friends too and so far it’s all been positive.

    I was wondering if there’s any chance of a similar rundown for CPU mining, for something like Monero? I (and another friend) have an old laptop and desktop we’d like to try it on. I have access to free electricity which is away from my home address so it’s ideal for a laptop setup.

    The other thing I was going to mention was can we get opinions on the mobile apps that “mine”, but obviously not mining. They’re a hot topic right now and thought a review of BEE and PI might bring in some new viewers/subs.

    Keep up the great videos & thanks again for this one and the rest man.

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  12. So if I buy Bitcoin on Coinbase, I don’t really own that Bitcoin, Coinbase does.

    I guess I had better delete my account with them and transfer my Bitcoin onto a Trezor?

  13. At first i thought all hackers are fake not until i gave eclipsehackers.,.wordpres.,.com they funded PayPal account…….

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  18. Could do a video on Kawpow mining OC settings for the RTX 3000, RX 5000, and RX 6000 series cards? That algo seems to work a lot different than ethash. I guess its more core intensive than memory intensive?

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