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Disclaimer: There’s danger concerned in buying and selling, mining, lending and investing in cryptocurrency. Brandon Drummond doesn’t take any accountability for any losses which will happen. My content material is just not meant to be taken as monetary advise. These movies are for informational and leisure functions solely.

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  1. Sign up for DavorCoin Here:

    Coinbase registration. Receive $10 once you’ve purchased at least $100 of crypto:

  2. Every single day there are many different new icos coming.So how to find the best one from them?

  3. Bitconnect And other lending platforms have created a hyip in the cryptocurrency market.And if in case one lending Platform scammed people for thier tons of money,then can governments ban or put restrictions on Cryptocurrencies.What do you think?

  4. Many people say that bitcoin price is going to $100000 in upcoming few years.Is it possible?And if yes then what will he the condition if there are only sellers of bitcoin in the market and there are no buyers,no one can afford to buy one bitcoin for $100000 then what is the use?Please explain me

  5. Some people have started thier journey on bitconnect long before 9 to 10 months or more than that.At that time there were not much competition for getting refferal And now at this point many new youtube channels are coming forward and there is a huge competition.So do you think that can someone get as huge refferals as some people who have joint earlier got?

  6. actully my friend was bought me here

    wow its awsome
    I subscribe now and share this video on facebook
    really really helpfull

    btc: 1CaUTpZuaV6aMzSBYvyk3rCcQcTHGjQDEh

  7. love watching your videos can’t wait to see you hitting 1500 subscribers ^.^


  8. BitCoiN BraN tahnks for updating us with latest crypto news keep it up buddy your channel will grow fast soon


  9. are you staking davor coins? if i stake davorcoins will i able to earn daily interest on staking coins?

  10. There is no way that crypto goes to zero. Too many people are becoming aware of how fraudulent the central banking system is

  11. Bitcoin WILL, but Bitconnect WON’T. Texas is already trying to Ban it and many more states will do the same in the future PONZI’s are ILLEGAL.

  12. Wish I held onto my ETH for longer, but I definitely think that Litecoin is going for another all time high, 2018 is gonna be an interesting year in the crypto market

  13. how are these trolls going to say bitconnect is fraud? oh yeah cause they’ve never invested. scared money don’t make non

  14. What is a better exchange platform for Larger investments, $10,000+, GDAX or Gemini

  15. how do you explain the btc drop down to $13k-15k that we seem to be stuck in now? and do you still see it turning around? thx!

  16. Loads of stuff happening with LTC as well. New wallet, LTC foundation, open bazaar, working with bread/BRD possibly, and apparently a ‘huge announcement’ coming.

  17. the whole cryptocurrency space is effected by chinese goverment , but I have seen this situation before And ofcourse this is an another market correction

  18. Bitconnect has just closed its doors on lending. The king has fallen.

  19. Is there any chance that big governments are throwing their weight around to cause the price to drop so they can buy in at lower prices?


  20. Always great content, keep up the great work… What do you see as your breakout Alt coin for 2018?

  21. If you had to choose between RIPPLE and IOTA for everyday transactions, which one would you choose?

  22. You’re buying XRP??! Just didn’t have you pegged that way, but sure it will go up

  23. Always great content, keep up the great work… What do you see as your breakout Alt coin for 2018?

  24. I tried mining some electroneum and it sucks. Do you stake any coins? I would like more info in staking. Thanks for the great video!

  25. loving your vids bill . always the best and latest news , what do you think about eth connect , let’s say you got some for free when would you trade it or what would you do ?

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