With the Biden Aid package deal injecting virtually 2 TRILLION into the market, I mirror on my Bitcoin, ALtcoin and general crypto purchases to see if I made the proper selections as my checking account went within the unfavourable.

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  1. I like your level head. Guys, you don’t need to be all in, or all out. I’ve been averaging out for two months. Getting down to about 60%. Bought a flat with profits. Gonna buy another rental flat. Gotta realize your gains. Trim your positions as we rise. You don’t want to be that guy with regret that “could have sold” when there was a feeding frenzy

    You’re never gonna pick the top to sell. So you basically have two choices. Sell too early, or sell too late. For me, that is no choice
    “That which can’t go on forever, won’t” – Warren Buffet

  2. It’s strange to me when people refer to things in fiat.
    I have not used fiat personally in 8 years.
    I don’t get reimbursed for labour, skill or time in fiat. My day to day life does not use fiat. I have not been required to pay tax in that time. My life style has gotten better and I have seen any noticeable difference in day to day life.

    I get reimbursed in assets or trade skills time directly. I acquire daily living items on account and those accounts are paid by people that owe me for my labour, skill or time, any excess payments are made in the transfer of assets not fiat that are non taxable until exchanged for fiat.
    This does not work everywhere but it does work where I live.

  3. Today I need to take a loan out against some ETH to get the family through the month.
    All I can think of is that it will cost us compound-interest: once for the loan, and once for the interest it won’t be earning on BlockFi.

  4. just about all you talk about anymore is cashing out…..everyone gets your plan by now…..stick to the news…..this video was blah blah blah

  5. CAN YOU LOOK INTO DENT coin, it’s exploding right now, it has a globalist agenda, with an all time high of 10 cents. It sets under a penny, this could be a great investment for 2021

  6. I think that’s a good perspective to have. Money is not bad we need a way to exchange. Money is not meant to be held assets are. No need to start fear mongering about hyper inflation or the end of the dollar.

  7. A society’s main currency should be slightly inflationary, it promotes growth and investment. Deflationary currencies have the opposite effect. Moving to purely fiat currency as society’s main currency was progress. Moving to Bitcoin from gold as a pure asset is progress. Replacing fiat with a fixed money supply would not be progress.

  8. Ahhh love it! I see im not the only one whos using their credit card for overdraft. I’m bank broke but doing good in crypto.

  9. It seems to me that the difference between this year and 2017 is that major adoption across many institutions is occurring this year. This is the time we’ve all been waiting for😎. Thanks again for sharing your extensive knowledge so generously.

  10. Been a subscriber for a while,,, your video leaves me with the impression that we are again going through a purely “speculative” cycle and that you have NO (none, zero) bets on “real world utility” of any digital asset.

    Some are suggesting that certain crypto’s are getting very close to “real world utility” and therefore a speculative investment approach to the 2021 bull run may not end the same way as past cycles for those very few “special” crypto’s

    Is the 2021 crypto bull run really different for a few crypto’s this time around? Enquiring minds want to know…..

  11. Never bet on just one horse. The old fiat world is still here and the new crypto world is not yet here. Keep your head cold and invest smartly.

  12. Every day more and more I Like to watch your videos. You are the ground on youtube. BTW what is the best & cheap option to buy theta & chilliz in usa ? Why usa is no able to have some of those token on the usa exchanges?

  13. Could you give a basic breakdown on what you mean by underperforming over perform and howIn terms of value is it overvalued or undervalued?

  14. Dan, I don’t understand how you are able to purchase Stable Coins (USD Coins) as stated in your videos (part of your exit strategy) if you are from Texas you are not able to add stable coins to Celsius. Any alternative solutions?

  15. I’ve been acquiring BTC since 2018 but my biggest confusion is that, you still need FIAT coming from a bank to purchase, unless you already have crypto and you swap it, but either way you needed to start with FIAT (unless you’re doing shady things).. so I have most of my money in crypto now and I’ve made crazy gains but if I want to use any, I need to sell and I don’t want to lose any BTC. Or I guess I can borrow against it, still not sure how that works… because at the end of the day, I need FIAT to pay bills cause until all these businesses accept crypto, we are stuck using FIAT. Also, if I use BTC to buy something, it could shoot up in a few weeks and then that means I would have paid for something at say $100 USD value and now that BTC that I used is valued at $200 USD. So confusing. It would take the country to declare BTC as currency for it to stabilize

  16. Think about it…. In an financial environment like this, a NEGATIVE CASH position is a POSITIVE ASSET !!!

  17. Great
    Level headed commentary
    I’m more of a crypto gambler like multi X factor
    Maybe we need crypto Anonymous maybe not

  18. Mrs Jane is legit and her method works like magic i keep on earning every single week with her new strategy

  19. “Help! I’m broke. What do I do?”

    “It’s not a big deal, you just pull some from one of your other accounts.”

  20. Is your 25% Stablecoins all at Celsius? How is staking really worth the differential over Celsius?

  21. Thanks for the reassurance. I was thinking about this the other day when I looked at my savings account and then my crypto accounts.

  22. The Voyager chart was so weird in January, I could not bring myself to buy, I thought it was just a pump & dump! Very weird price behaviour. But in the end, price has continued to climb

  23. What if ur new to crypto and you didn’t know of 4 yr cycle or halving,and you buy into it at the end of cycle ? I just bought a few grand worth

  24. The halving in 2016, was in July. The most recent halving was in May 2020. We are currently 10 months out. Looking at the chart, we should be around May 2017

  25. Well if you’re overdrawing your checking account, it sounds like inflation is not anything you really have to concern yourself about. However if your overdraft is coming out of a credit card account, you’re probably paying way more in card fees than what you would be losing in inflation.

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