THe Reserve Financial institution Of India desires to maneuver to a FULL BAN on Non-Sovereign cryptocurrency. Why This would possibly not work and why nothing basically has modified.

0:00 – Market Recap | Subjects Overview
3:26 – INDIA Reserve Financial institution Desires Bitcoin BANNED (once more)
10:41 – I made an NFT and obtained a suggestion (BUBBLE ALERT!)

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  1. Excellent point on china .. common china banned btc and kinda still does, yet the biggest mineshops are in china .. hows that ? bitmain never stopped during the ban .. so its a PR stunt, bet its same here

  2. The Indian govt seems to be behind the curve on this. Most other developed countries classify Bitcoin as property, not currency. I do understand them wanting full control over their fiat, but if they push ahead with this a lot of capital will simply flow out of India…that’s the entire model of capitalism, that is, if India is still functioning as a capitalist democracy! From memory, they also have a history of messing around with regulations on gold lol

  3. All these fools making NFTs about collectibles, digital “art”, etc – they dont understand what NFTs are or why they are valuable tech.
    Just like everything else in crypto, if it has utility and solves a problem it will boom – EVERYTHING else is a bubble and will disappear.
    NFTs are very very useful. Think about all the massive industries that can implement them. Energy, legal, enterprise, trade, taxes/accounting…….. All these industries are ready to be completely disrupted and evolved via NFTs. The only sector that is really developing it already is esports/gaming.
    Everything else is worthless and will go to $0 after all the fools who dont understand what NFTs are, finally realize nobody else is falling for their bags of dog poop.

  4. Huge step backward for India if this news turns out to be true, won’t make any difference in the crypto space.

  5. India has said numerous times they were going to ban crypto for the past 4 years. It’s a bunch of hogwash. They are not going to ban it. I do believe they are trying to scare people out of their positions though

  6. NFTs need functionality to move forward. imo Ecomi and dr who worlds apart. Popular characters and stories. The NFTs with no functionality with disappear like the ICOs that did nothing.

  7. Remember when India banned large value paper money because people were keeping it out of the banking system making it very hard for the government to track and tax… I see no reason to think that this same government isn’t going to ban crypto, which also keeps money out of the banking system and hard for the government to keep track of.

  8. People will be kicking themselves in few weeks if they miss the opportunity to buy and invest in bitcoin

  9. My uncle was a director of Lloyds bank….he told me very clearly that banks are not your friend and he was part of the largest criminal,organisation in the world….only twenty years after his death do I now understand what he said….banks are lawbreakers for elites who get away with it like governments…crypto is far more secure and trusted….as ever great video content Rob! 🙏thank you.

  10. Yeah India is only for the elite aryan descendants now, no body should be happy, free and earning free /easy money, unless they make a new digital coin, the finance minister is a puppet on the string, she just spouts whatever she is told to, and knows nothing about finance or anything related to it.
    The worst govt ever.

  11. Investing in crypto NOW should be in every wise individuals list, in some months time you’ll be ecstatic with the decision you made today

  12. Sorry Rob I don’t think your advice on NFTs is sound. The question I was asking myself when you were saying, “Don’t buy an NFT for $100000” or your decision not to sell the NFT after you put it up for auction is, “who are you to tell me what an NFT is worth?” – (I’m saying this respectfully). That is the beauty of art whether physical or digital – it’s objective.

    The whole point of an auction and open sea is that the market decides on its value; and that’s the beauty of decentralization, no? It’s no different than any other digital asset (such as BTC for example).

    I think you should sell the NFT to the person that bid on it because they find it valuable.

  13. RBI wants to keep all Indian citizens in a lower caste compared to the rest of the world? 🤷

  14. No matter the stock market crash one needs to have different portfolio, I already invested in Cryptocurrency trading which is really profitable🤔

  15. I liked what one YTer said about NFTs, few will hold value, most will be worth less than a handful of beach sand.

  16. Rob, would you leave some of your bitcoin in voyager to get the 6.25% interest? What do you recommend? Leaving it in my cold wallet or profit by lending it?

  17. I’m a creator, like a real one, art is my life, made my first NFT, cost me like 70 bucks to make and no offer…
    it’s going to be really hard…
    Rob, for artists it is quite something. For example all digital art had no real value (out of intellectual and esthetic one) but now it’s as uniq as a painting. Same for like performance art video and so on

  18. Coindesk put this fud article out. Coindesk is owned by DCG. Greyscale has been buying these dips and needs to accumulate more. Who owns grayscale? DCG. Connect the dots.

  19. A true friend of your  caliber is as difficult to come  by like a priceless diamond. I an blessed to have you around  helping  when things get tough. Drayfasthack on !nsta thanks for the help  sir

  20. I mean honestly if your only goal “become a millionaire” ur just begging to make a foolish decision and be disappointed…
    I think many will become millionaires in this current bull market but it’s not the right mentality as hodlin can be very dangerous.
    As hard as it is trad!ng Crypto is way more lucrative and is quite logical if you just study the charts and the support resistance and pay attention to what’s going on you will be in shock how life changing it could be,
    I’m not a pro tradr but I was lucky enough to make 25BTC since late last year following the instructions and s!gnals from Mrs Naomi Connor. she runs program for investors/newbies who lack understanding on how trad!ng Bitcoin works,
    to help them utilize the volatility of the crypto market and also stack up more bitcoin.

  21. It would be better if the bureaucrats in India focused more on ending their corruption and taking care of the masses vs trying to find ways to ban crypto.

  22. It’s simple we millennials just took all the baby boomer ideas and products and digitalizing them. It’s all no more physical crap deteriorating!

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