Investing & Private Finance: Actual Property/Inflation/Greenback/M1/Bitcoin/Crypto/NFTs/Unions… [ASMR]

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SOME OF THE TIMESTAMPS (Most of those can be uploaded as stand alone segments):
– Investing in Actual Property and Different Asset: Costs Rising, It is an Indication of Inflation, Have a look at M1 (14:24-21:22)
– Will the Greenback Collapse? It is all Relative, It is Inflation, It is About Differential Accumulation (25:38-32:25)
– We Should Act as One, It is About Self Preservation: We Need to Assist Every Different, We Are Stronger Collectively (33:41-34:20)
– When will the Bubbles Pop? The Center Class is getting decimated, the Sport Has Turn into Extra Sophisticated (48:46-50:14)
– Sharing Is Caring: Ideas Relating to Pirating, Data within the Public Area Advantages all of Humanity (57:03-1:00:02)
– The place Do You Start If You Need to Begin Buying and selling Shares: Buying and selling on Wall Avenue, How To (1:07:20-1:09:09)
– What Are Places on the Inventory Market? Introduction to Shopping for Places & Calls, a Quick Easy Clarification, Buying and selling Derivatives (1:09:38-1:12:13)
– Getting Sued My Metallica, the Napster Days (1:13:13-1:15:35)
– Accepting Dogecoin, It is About Blockchain, Decentralizing Foreign money (1:17:40-1:19:19)
– Why Microsoft Needs to Purchase Discord. It is about Eliminating Competitors, Mergers and Acquisition, Monopoly Management (1:29:25-1:30:48)
– The Unfavorable Results of Worldwide Cash Laundering By means of Actual Property in Canada’s Housing Market (1:36:52-1:41:04)

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VIDEO: Understanding Wall Avenue, the Inventory Market & the Motion on GameStop: WallStreetBets, What it Means

VIDEO: Watch This Video to Perceive Present Occasions, Geopolitics, the Markets, Investing & extra [ASMR, M1]

VIDEO: ASMR Math: Differential Accumulation, Capital as Energy, Resistance, Asymptotes and Creorder

VIDEO: How you can Play Avenue Cube: A Simplified Craps Sport

VIDEO: Private Finance: Timing Markets, Time Body, Danger Tolerance, Investing, Fractals [ASMR Math]

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  1. My fav type of podcast/stream. Thanks for sharing your time and knowledge, Chycho! 🙏🏼

  2. If Microsoft acquire Discord it wouldn’t surprise me in the slightest if they made you have a Microsoft account to use it and a yearly Xbox subscription on top. Besides that great stream Chycho.

  3. I’m Dewaynejools from the stream, was so great to be involved live after watching for years! (if only for a short bit)

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