Is It TOO LATE to BUY XRP (RIPPLE)? Macro Time & Worth Prediction Evaluation

Is it TOO LATE to purchase XRP (Ripple)? On this video, we break down the info on XRP vs USD, XRP vs Bitcoin and XRP vs XLM to find out potential turning level dates and HOW LONG the PUMP could final!

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⏰ Timestamps ⏰
00:00 Hopium-Free XRP Evaluation
01:46 DON’T MARRY IT! XRP Commerce Setup
03:24 XRP (Ripple) Macro Evaluation
15:45 XLM (Stellar) Macro Evaluation
17:39 XLM vs XRP
24:42 XRP and XRP vs XLM Abstract

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  1. I think everyone wants to fomo in when their favorite coin pumps regardless of how long they have been trading for lol

  2. There’s no doubt in my mind that we are not only going bull, but BTCis going nuclear. A lot of people are wondering if now is a good time to buy because of where the price is at right now. I’d say it’s outrightly wrong to just sit back hodl and wait maybe incur some losses along the line, that’s a wrong mindset for an investor because as an investor finding ways to always increase and stack up more coins thereby making prof!ts should be the way of life, even experienced traders are in a doubt to take long or short position. I have been more skillful than lucky to be honest also thanks to Mark who trained me as my initial investment was multiplied by 5 In two months. After getting in touch with Mark Murray an exp:ert in the cryptospace, who showed me how to use his program to make transactions and got 9 B TC with 2.1 B T C in 2 mon.ths with him. if you are looking for a way to increase your portfolio or investment. You can easily get to him ͲҽӀҽցɾąʍ @markmurray or 𝚠нαтαѕαρρ(( + 1 8 32 4 13 23 74

  3. I’m interested to see how you guys go when your buying and selling coins over a few week to few month time frame. Your going to get smashed by tax surely? crypto tax laws seem to be far more beneficial for the long hold

  4. OLYMPUS (OHM) pays the best APY in crypto market! You can find it in sushi swap and coinmarket! 👍👍👍

  5. your’e perspective and narrative is a lone position reg xrp. NO ANALYST ive come across yet is suggesting this in this bull run. would u say this bull run is different to previous years based on the amount of people coming into crypto every month ?

    also the fundamentals and use case are missing, narrative is missing and the looming sec case resolution is missing alongside the re listing of various exchanges.

    if youv’e eliminated all of this alongside the technical’s surrounding xrp i’m not sure where you are heading

  6. Mathematically: Total XRP supply 100 billion coins. To move the $300 Trillion plus global money at $300 Trillion XRP would have to be $3,000 each min.

  7. Weird how you don’t show the XRP/USD chart. You say you like data but really only look at one model. I’ll be back when we hit 10$ lol

  8. Thank you Jason. I already took some profit from xrp a few days ago and have just swapped a bit over to xlm. like the others say level headed advice thanks mate.

  9. Heard you talking about ZIL. Could you give us your take on EGLD? My portfolio has done a sweet 5x in my first few months of trading thanks to your guidance, thanks a lot!

  10. N•i•c•e
    P•r•o•f•e••s•s•i•o•n•a•l• ……. …. .

    I•n•v•e•s•t•<>in<>C•r•y•p••t•o<>A•N•D<>E•T•H….. .. …. .

    T•o•<>G•e•t<>M•o•r•e••<>T•i•p•s<>&< >E•n•l•i•g•h••t•e•n•m•e•n•t<☝️☝️ on<>D•i•g••i•t•a•l<>a•s•s•e•t•s.. …
    T•r•a•d•e<>G•u•i•d•a•n•c•e<>… . … . .
    [4/6, 11:32 AM] Louis: N•i•c•e
    P•r•o•f•e••s•s•i•o•n•a•l• ……. …. .

    I•n•v•e•s•t•<>in<>C•r•y•p••t•o<>A•N•D<>E•T•H….. .. …. .

    T•o•<>G•e•t<>M•o•r•e••<>T•i•p•s<>&< >E•n•l•i•g•h••t•e•n•m•e•n•t<☝️☝️ on<>D•i•g••i•t•a•l<>a•s•s•e•t•s.. …
    T•r•a•d•e<>G•u•i•d•a•n•c•e<>… . … .
    [4/6, 11:32 AM] Louis: N•i•c•e
    P•r•o•f•e••s•s•i•o•n•a•l• ……. …. .

    I•n•v•e•s•t•<>in<>C•r•y•p••t•o<>A•N•D<>E•T•H….. .. …. .

    T•o•<>G•e•t<>M•o•r•e••<>T•i•p•s<> on<>D•i•g••i•t•a•l<>a•s•s•e•t•s.. …

  11. Well I live in USA so until the lawsuit is over I guess I’m hodling what I have lol. Can’t buy or sell. So HODL it is 🙃

  12. Xrp is different it will drop again. I’ve had Xrp for a long time. It’s a long term hold. It will retract towards .70

  13. Some factors that may give XRP a little bit longer upswing include:
    1) Relisting days on US exchanges
    2) Ripple settles/wins the lawsuit over XRP
    3) In addition to the regular XRP influencers on YouTube, including Bearable Bull and DustyBC, there is a strong wave of fresh XRP pump videos on YouTube.

  14. TA alone does not tell the full story. I would have been interested to understand the impact of fundamentals, such as the SEC case looking as though it’s crumbling – do you think the current price has already factored in a win/settlement? What if BTC goes to 100k +, what would the market cap and price of XRP be as a function of BTC achieving predictions for this cycle? How relevant is historical data at this juncture? Your analysis is fine if you want to make a small profit, but not sure it hits the mark if, like most of us, you are looking for the 3X+ increases or indeed looking to buy in now at a price that could still be considered cheap if it does go to $3 or $4.

    If someone buys $1,000 of XRP at current prices and puts a stop loss in at say 70c, they stand to lose around $500, but the upside could be 3 or 4 grand even at modest price predictions. That to me is a good bet – assuming you can afford to lose £500. If you are squeamish, take a profit closer to £2 and leave the rest in as speculative, but you may end up kicking yourself if you pull out all at this stage.

  15. Idk if we can look at XRP through a regular lens as the others because it’s been held back for so long with the sec lawsuit ect. I have no idea where is going or how to read it because now that XRP Is winning the lawsuit maybe they are just reaching the position they would have been in if they didn’t get sued?🤷🏽‍♀️… I also feel like a lot of people jumped out when they first were sued.. And more there is alot of FOMO going on. I’m confused BUT I’m holding both XRP and XLM

  16. Thank you, this approach is helpful. I try to replicate the studies in TA that you are doing and is good to see any differences and learn from them. Again, thank you!

  17. these coins will be your paycheck one day. you are marrying these coins dude come on what do you think the govt is doing

  18. I signed up for 3 different crypto wallets that were said to sell XRP and none of them do. WHERE THE HELL CAN I BUY THIS? WTF?!?!?!! 😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤

  19. I love cautious and measured investment videos but if you’re not mentioning that there’s a lawsuit causing these massive drops in price of XRP then it shows your entitlement to bitcoin

  20. Rubbish!!!! XLM clearly follows XRP … it’s so simple!!and obvious !!! This is not emotion, it’s a clear fact. I don’t hold XRP. However on this occasion you are wrong!!!

  21. You are missing most of the important info around xrp, we are not 2017-2018, you are missing the entire picture

  22. Crypto is on quite up run, with little sign of stopping. I know people hate saying “this time is different” but the amount of banks, institutions, and companies who have in vested hundreds of millions of dollas with the intent to hold long term: how can we refute that this may be the “super cycle” everyone is talking about? The conditions of this bull market are unlike anything we have ever seen. βͲ↻ still has a ways to go in terms of gro wth, I have been in the crypt0 world for just over a year now and I have been able to make 30 βͲ↻ foIIowing the reasonable adv!se and tradn sIgnals from Andrew Charles Weber, a pro anaIysis that is always one step ahead of other tradrs, he runs a program for serious minded inve stor who are curious to e arn from bit coin regardless of the current pr!ce chart. You can easily get to Andrew on Եҽl ҽցɾαต [[@ 𝗰𝗵𝗮𝗿𝗹𝗲𝘀𝗮𝗻𝗱𝗿𝗲𝘄𝟬𝟭]]

  23. you’ve obviously not done the behind the scenes in depth research on xrp its very telling by what you speak… the best thing you people can do is your own in depth research trust your judgment and stop listening to others who think of them selves as gurus .. the moment you elevate your selves to that point the more successful you will be the fear sell the hype …over all with regard to charts pan them out to longer time frames …. trading this way is far less stressful ..after initially losing 11k back 10 years ago when Forex trading all i can say is now im retired debt free after never giving up ,,and it all began when i started to trust my self and tune everyone’s else s noise out wary of those promising false gifts there are many fake it until you make it people out there insinuations here or at anyone in particular but that has been my experiences… good luck to all and thank the blue sky’s i held xrp from 11 cents when everyone said its doomed …that’s where the in deep dive research comes in and you know where an asset is going and why…crypto is still in the basement your all in on the ground floor make your choices well and life changing money is there patience is also key

  24. Could U pla make a video on PundiX price prediction, worse and best case posible.

    Keep that channel open 4ever, hope new pp joining ! Cingrats man!

  25. Still no voice from you loser!!! You lost the train, and now you cry! But if you dream and pray, XRP might just give you a last opportunity, if you are lucky, at around $1.20-1.5 bracket to get on board when it hits $2 mark and hopefully retraces for a short time before shooting up to the sky. You won’t make such jealous content then but for now I understand your psychology. Get over it and pray for a retracement, this is your best hope

  26. Jason , still waiting XRP to fall while it’s bull flagging ? As I said, don’t be jealous you couldn’t board on the train earlier and missed it. There are other coins about to go parabolic shortly copying what xrp just did. See HBAR now! So you can relax

  27. It’s easy to say people who say xrp is going to $10 are stupid. You’re the one that also said xrp wasn’t going over .80 so you’re the one looking stupid right now that is at $1.70. And you’ll be the one looking even more stupid when it hits $10 lmao. You poor audience have missed out on this opportunity. Some will end up buying when it’s too late and domo kick in. If the had bought at .17 or .20 or .30 or .40 or .50 or .60 when you were saying xrp is crap they would be up by 10x , 8x, 6x, 4x or 3x by now and closer to 80x-30x when it hits $10. Damn man. So much you say we’re not marrying these coins but with xrp you’re just divorced from it. Blindly and stupidly. But hey. That’s your right. It’s just unfortunate for those who listen to you.btw I must repeat that you said xrp wouldn’t go above .80 hahahahahahaaaaaaa

  28. Thanks Jason. Currently stinging a from XRP sellers regret, and this calm detailed video has managed to bitch slapped me out of my funk! Will be back again to bathe in the deep calming pool of your knowledge.

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