Is Mining a Nice Crypto Funding?

Certain you may double and even tripple your fiat in a 12 months or so (after that your tools is nugatory) for those who mine a coin that pumps, however investing within the coin itself would have given you 10x plus. Throughout bear market mining is healthier than investing within the coin the place you’ll lose simply -50%, however the mining operation could have a lot decrease returns as effectively however certainly should still be worthwhile. If the forex fails quick nonetheless, so will your operation. Ofcourse, for those who find it irresistible, and are good at it, your returns shall be higher than common. For me, I desire to put money into the cash itself or if I want diversification non-crypto investments.

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  1. same not a big fan of mining but there are cloud mining out there but even so may be risky to be profitable would have to sign a 2-year contract. genesis-mining is a big one I hear people talk about

  2. I think having a mining gear is great thing! You can always switch to mining another coins that only started like Musicoin or that already exising like Zcash, Zclassic and getting profit every month.

  3. I would be very hesitant to trust a cloud mining service. I think the profit/security would be better if you hosted the mining hardware yourself.

    However I totally agree with you Marc, Much profit if you assessing coins first, & see there potential growth/value, & also by analyzing there development teams, you can sometimes see the diamonds in the rough and avoid the snake oil salesmen, hehe.

    I think Mining would pay off only if you read there whitepaper before they launched, and had your system ready to mine the day they launch. And be really lucky

    Love the videos man

  4. The thing I don’t like about large scale mining is that you’d have to start selling off your earned cryptos just to pay for maintenance and the use of electricity. Then you get more tax work coming in and have to protect the gear from frying and aahhh, none of it is for investing in development directly.

    Also even Eth plans to go proof of stake so I think the days of mining are numbered as a significant market influence.

  5. Mining works if you have access to cheap/ free electricity + equipment + competency with computers + the time to tinker setups and switch coins if necessary.

    Else I find it far more profitable (and low maintenance) to buy low and hold or trade coins. If you find a good PoS coin, you can get the same benefits of mining without the hassle.

    In a decade or two people will look back at the ‘mining era’ of crypto and think people ‘back then’ were crazy to think it would catch on or scale.

  6. Another great Video Marc – I like the way you share your thoughts in such an open way and at the moment I would say you are my 2nd favourite alt coin youtuber 🙂

  7. @Marc i can tell you Mining is bad investment if you go for ASIC mining. usually ASIC companies like Bitmain ship asics(special miners) that won’t have ROI. They mine till end of ROI and send products to customers – this is sad but true. In Bitcoin Bitmain miners have AsicBoost tech that allows them mine -30% power cost but they ship their devices without that option (they screw miners hard). Bitmain monopolized BTC/LTC mining and produce 80% of ASICs on market. If someone is trying mining BTC/LTC he is retarded or have free energy source.

    When is profitable ? When you have a free energy source !!!! like “miner at work office” that wasn’t noticed by boss or in flat base statement that noone can see;) .

    In bear market you will mostly fail into profits because of people have FREE energy source.
    And bear market is very looong…

    My best shot was when you mine in lucky “time frame” like year ago you start and today you sell your miner at same price + that what you have mined i have made 2x on that …
    week after price of BTC crashed 😀 I was so lucky My Asic was sold higher that i have bought it …

    In mining you can mine some shitcoins that at beginning have ridiculously low diff and after party price can rocket my best shot was BLK that moved 300x in value – but then i was to stupid to sell it :D… I have mined in early days 500 DASH … and i have sold them for few BTC 🙁 only. But today is much more ICOs so no one gives a shit to copy coins.
    (i have 30+ crap coins too but XMR+Dash+BLK made me comeback via mining). I gave up mining and later all earning was from trading hedging coins that was best tactic i have had. You find similar coins and you hedge them antagonist each other. You keep like 90% of love valued vs 10% higher value when price rocked you balance portfolio a bit.

  8. I find mining stupid, I came to the assumption that coins that are mine-able due proof of work won’t win the endgame, there are better solutions already just look at PIVX, masternodes + staking with a solid governance system and transactions fast like a puma .. I mean look at all the SegWit drama on Bitcoin how these greedy miners holding back the innovation of the coin … it’s something really to take note off and maybe start moving over to coins that have better governance systems, because that seems to be a fundamental basement for innovation being made and actually applied, oh and also mining doesn’t give any favor to the environment it’s just waste of energy at the end of the day

  9. anybody interested in a neptune knc miner? 3.3 terrahash for anyone in Venezuela with cheap electricity

  10. interesting situation with poloniex and other exchanges now guys. delisting of quite a few alts. BBR, BITS, C2, CURE, HZ, IOC, MYR, NOBL, NSR, QBK, QORA, QTL, RBY, SDC, UNITY, VOX, XMG (from poloniex at least). No doubt others are going to follow, considering these alts are already down upto 75% at the time of me writing.

    liquidity crisis? finally getting tired of pump and dump shitcoins?

    I think if this uncertainty continues, combined with whatever happened/is happening with bitfinex, we may see a lot of low quality alts dry up and die (a good thing, in my opinion).

    also..people slowly realizing that USDT isnt to be trusted blindly…

  11. @Marc 🙂 shitcoin will have 2nd life i see rising alcoin market again while BTC stagnated 😀 looks like fun is comming into alts. Its time to buy Ador.

  12. While I’ve been a fan for a long time… I’d have to say, this time, I’m leaning away from your views. GPU mining of cryptos is an unthinkable value right now – in a three to five year pay-back perspective.

  13. Mining Bitcoin, shitcoin, gold, coal, excavating for ancient artifacts, combing Venice beach with a metal detector,… it will all outperform the Euro.

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