Lacking Halloween

GENRE: Cute/Macabre

An animation about two children trick-or-treating.


Directed/Story/Design/Animation/Background/Sound Design/Music:
Mike Inel

Procrastacat ( )
VenBright ()
Mike Inel

Animation Assistant:
Negyek ()

Further Background:

Audio Libraries:
“MotionPulse”, “Designer Sound FX”, “Professional Scores” ()
“Common Sound FX”
“Movement Sounds Pack”
“Walkie Talkie Radio Chatter Noise Sound Impact” ()
“Epic Nature Loops”
“Ambient Pattern Pack”

“Your character in Lacking Halloween!” Contest Winners:

Further Character Designs: (Contest High 5 Winners)
Andrea S.
Katie “Kat” Ok
Daria Viktorova (NaughtyKittyDV-1992)

Crowd Design Contribution: (Contest Winners)
seventh Palette
Karen O.
Cassie S.
A. Estis
Emma B.
Malia Balancia
Jonathan Larsson
Maiah L.
Ashley T.
Jessica Ellis
Mclelun Lee
Amber Testut-Morelli
Dot Knives (Andrea Wilhelmsson)
Omega Mad
Thamires F.
Leslie Santana (rezuri-dono)
Shay (Xaae)
Solo Azume
Denise Ku.

With the help of Patreon and 761 Patrons!
Thanks everybody!

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  1. if you look at the girl’s leg, you can see that she has a bear trap mark on her leg, she prob got hurt by it and found the tree and decided to rest, she was also prob too hurt to move, so she just sat there and starved, so since she died (from starvation) she met the boy, and so he was the only one that could see her, she was trying to lead him to her dead body, in every candy that she ate, she had the note “you found me”, and when they were sitting on the hill after the boy got sad after hearing she was an “imaginary” friend, so she thought that was her chance to go over the fence and lead him to her dead body. when he finally caught up with her, they both ate candy and his note was “I found you” and hers was “you found me” and that meant he found her dead body, and she smiled for the first time throughout the whole film because the police could finally find her dead body and bury her and so she could rest. please leave a like if it was sad, or scary, or both!

  2. coming back to this short film years later, works cannot explain how much this film meant to me, thank you for sharing your art with the world

  3. This is actually pretty deep.

    I mean, ghosts usually have evil intentsions. That girl probably has two, to kill the little boy and to make sure someone finds her body. I mean, imagine dying because of a bear trap, being about 4 to 10 when that happened, your body not being found for about a year or more. Wouldn’t you want someone else to feel your pain too? Especially if you were a child, you wouldn’t have the right brain to process this and you’d probably be full of hatred and anger.

    Another thing is, she was last seen at home. Could her parents have something to do with this? Did she have a sibling that hated her? Did her WHOLE FAMILY plot this? We’ll never know for sure.

    But other than that, did the boy not smell her dead body?-

    I’ve watched this yesterday night and these are the thoughts and questions that stuck to my head :’)

  4. He had something special, but in its own kind of thing, it seems like a curse, that is to those who have played it out in movies. You gotta wonder, is it a gift or is it a curse?

  5. This is made by a filipino artist and the mom was saying something in Filipino if you listen closely

    Or it’s gibberish idk

  6. The artwork is so cute but the story is Sad ;-;
    I have an imaginary friend and i also have ADHD 🙂

  7. Why was the girl before the black haired missing one in the book last seen behind a glass wall 💀

  8. I dont know why but i wheezed when the officer tried to comfort the mom with an awkward thumbs up🤣

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