Lecture 4 — The way to Retailer and Use Bitcoins

Fourth lecture of the Bitcoin and cryptocurrency applied sciences on-line course.

For the accompanying textbook, together with the free draft model, see:

On this lecture (click on the time to leap to the part):
* Easy Native Storage 0:27
* Scorching and Chilly Storage 6:28
* Splitting and Sharing Keys 19:52
* On-line Wallets and Exchanges 30:54
* Cost Companies 50:17
* Transaction Charges 58:30
* Forex Trade Markets 1:04:09

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  1. Nice lecture! Definitely sharing!

    I sent a tip to your QR code at the 6:20 mark. Cheers!

  2. Does BTC that a person has an investment and placed into Cold Storage factored into this calculation in Supply/Demand? Or to look at it another way, If I have BTC in Cold Storage how is a buyer know to reached me?

  3. Spending Bitcoin and other crypto is also possible via debit cards – that is converting it to fiat at ATMs or POS terminals.Here’s a list of all Bitcoin debit card providers:

  4. LMFAO!!!

    I was very serious in thought. Then, suddenly a Snuggie shows up on the power point @55:44.

     That is a seriously funny easter egg and a notable way to end the section regarding “Merchants and Users” interaction. Never forget 55:44

  5. Regarding the key splitting… though this looks like an increase in security, in fact it actually decreases security because it drastically lowers the number of pk possibilities (from 2^256 to 2^128, many orders of magnitude smaller), meaning brute force attacks become more easily accomplished. In addition, dividing your key into two means that now you have twice the odds that an attacker can obtain one.

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