Macro components can propel Bitcoin to $1 trillion market cap | Strategic investor explains

Strategic investor Lyn Alden explains why her skeptical view on Bitcoin turned bullish in 2020 and the macro components that will convey Bitcoin’s market cap to $1 trillion.

00:00 Intro
1:15 Why did your beforehand bearish view of Bitcoin now flip bullish?
3:49 How considerably will Paypal’s crypto integration affect Bitcoin’s community impact?
5:51 If Bitcoin’s community will increase threefold, how a lot will BTC be value?
7:18 How seemingly is a 1% spillover from international belongings into Bitcoin?
8:51 Is authorities money-printing accelerating the transition of worldwide capital to Bitcoin?
10:14 What would be the final consequence of foreign money debasement?
13:00 Will fiat foreign money finally disappear?
15:21 Is there any purpose for not being bullish on Bitcoin?
16:27 Outro

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  1. 00:00 Intro
    1:15 Why did your previously bearish view of Bitcoin now turn bullish?
    3:49 How significantly will Paypal’s crypto integration impact Bitcoin’s network effect?
    5:51 If Bitcoin’s network increases threefold, how much will BTC be worth?
    7:18 How likely is a 1% spillover from global assets into Bitcoin?
    8:51 Is government money-printing accelerating the transition of global capital to Bitcoin?
    10:14 What will be the ultimate consequence of currency debasement?
    13:00 Will fiat currency eventually disappear?
    15:21 Is there any reason for not being bullish on Bitcoin?
    16:27 Outro

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  3. fiat is not backed by gold accountability is backed by central ledger the central ledger is backed by central government plans and economy. where is the gold? the gold anunaky tooked out :D..!! “equilibrium center to hold de economies with alien help” usually is hard as circumstance are changing al the time. que need some of good central gov strategy also need dc dao estrategy. lets going straight to the point if the central plan of the government is shit like world population reduction genocide by corona-virus first the old men as the ones behind the imf plan and hunger etc then the central plan of the government the dollar is based on that plan and bitcoin is based on China’s economic plan of the government belt of the ceda free market decentralization of power. existe el riesgo de 51% por eso están los atlcoins.

  4. Great video,y’all know that bitcoin is the future ,investing in it now is the wisest thing to do especially with the current rise 💹

  5. Largest % Bitcoin users in Nigeria, the biggest con-artists in the world. Think it might be manipulated? Totally unregulated, SO MANY problems with Bitcoin, only thieves make money. Only useful to VERY RICH for moving large amounts $ out of reach. Anything touted by BIG TECH is transfer of your money to them, nothing else.

  6. Countries have already banned Bitcoin
    The rest will follow or create their own crypto
    no country has banned gold
    Bitcoin = 21 century tulip

  7. Always nice to see someone’s assessment that’s involved in traditional investments.
    I’m signed up to her monthly newsletter, I highly recommend it.

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  9. Every bitcoin investor right now is smiling at the price of bitcoin. More persons are sure to become millionaires and we have bitcoin to thank for that.

  10. Beware Bitcoin. Most of these commentators have no actual experience with the crooked Exchanges. Let me educate you especially if you’re new to Bitcoin…. Only the Exchanges make money. They pump and dump and steal your money. They block you selling when the price of Bitcoin is dropping. Good luck trying to sell a Bitcoin worth 100k !!!

  11. Lyn knows what she’s talking about. However there will be a time she may become bearish on bit coin just not now, all bulls ahead for a small percentage of portfolio. She approached it with a bit of doubt, first then she looked around for all signs and read into it, and made a decision. nice job lyn.

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