Max Keiser reaffirms Bitcoin to $400K value prediction

Max Keiser, the host of Keiser Report, discusses Warren Buffet’s newest funding into gold and the way it will have an effect on the worth of Bitcoin.

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  1. 00:38 Warren Buffet turning from banks to gold: bullish for Bitcoin?
    04:18 What is the rationale behind your price predictions?
    06:18 Why do you think “altcoins exist only to steal Bitcoin”?
    10:23 Can trading be profitable in the long term?
    11:49 Tether drives capital flight outside Asia. Why do you celebrate Bitcoin?
    14:13 Why did you support Venezuela’s Petro cryptocurrency in 2017?
    18:10 How can Bitcoin counteract the Cantillon effect?

  2. What’s the difference between max and warren, one hates Bitcoin, other hates alts. I would say they both are same. Can’t comprehend things beyond their understanding. It’s called cognitive dissonance.

  3. Max Keiser doesn’t know the crypto market like many BTC maximalists. I made more money trading alts than BTC.

  4. Ask a Forex trader, it’s almost inevitable that you’re going to experience some ups and downs along the way. Alertness and deciveness are both fundamental ingredients in recipe for a successful Forex trader

  5. 1:25 buenas increible video lo disfrute bastante aguardo por el siguiente éxito me despido les mando besitos agradecido

  6. Max, if Bitcoins hit $400,000 each, then 18 million Bitcoins will have a market cap of about $7.2 TRILLION. Are you sure that is a reasonable prediction? To me it sounds a bit like Greenspan’s “Irrational Exuberance”.

  7. Altcoins are a scam … like MaxCoin ?? 🙂 … Love Max … big fan … Gold is not programmable. Crypto´s are… alt coins that solve other kinds of problems, that are not connected with store of value (bitcoin), will have a market … Max is on point with the importance of bitcoin, but does not have enough imagination to see that among hordes of shitcoin there are actual crypto projects that solves problems people even did not know existed !! Time will tell .-)

  8. “Bitcoin is remarkable cryptographic achievement and the ability to create something that is not duplicable in the digital world has

  9. Got to find a new “asset” to pump and dump…maybe it’s different this time – but no one can see the future….and we’ve heard this all before.

  10. Buffet is an insurance guy. He positions in gold because that’s his competency. His successors will buy crypto-assets.

  11. Max is correct about other coins being a distraction and taking your bitcoin. He’s also correct about Ethereum being unproven. As Ethereum becomes more expensive it discourages people from creating DAPPS on the network. In dollar terms, an NFT creator (just one example) wants a consistent GAS price when minting tokens. Not $20 this month and perhaps $35 next month. A high ETH price discourages people using the network.

  12. Well Buffet admits he’s not a tech guy so it makes sense why he doesn’t believe in digital money created on a tech platform.

  13. Determination is highly needed in trading because only brave heart determined to take the risk involved in making profits

  14. Ray Dalio has averaged 4% since 2000. That’s 80% over 20 years, bitcoin jan 2020 to Jan 2021 was up 380%, Max bough bitcoins at a dollar each. Even if you only started listening to him a year ago you would be performing 4x better than Ray Dalio in 20 years, you had to wait 80+ years to get this kind of returns, Max is the truth!

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