Neuroscientist David Eagleman with Sadhguru – In Dialog with the Mystic

Watch neuroscientist and writer, David Eagleman, in dialog with Sadhguru as they talk about quite a lot of topics, starting from totally different components of the thoughts, the idea of time, quantum mechanics, faith, and meditation. The dialog is laced with humor and incisive logic, and strikes in the direction of an attention-grabbing climax the place David Eagleman acknowledges that science and mysticism meet at a sure level.

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Yogi, mystic and visionary, Sadhguru is a non secular grasp with a distinction. An arresting mix of profundity and pragmatism, his life and work serves as a reminder that yoga is a recent science, vitally related to our occasions.

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  1. “If body doesn’t keep TIME, we can sit here for 3000 years, what’s the problem!”

    — TIME doesn’t seem real. I feel this stmt can be changed into :
    “If body doesn’t spend ENERGY, we can sit here for 3000 years, what’s the problem”

    Spiritual practices seem to help to PRESERVE energy + GENERATE more energy, which gradually makes the body n mind more VIBRANT. COMMENTS❓

  2. Loved the discussion with Sadhguru and the Neuroscientist. Amazing to hear the different perspectives on life from a mysticism and scientific point of view.

  3. I am a health scientist who constantly craves knowledge. I would rather sit there for 24 hrs to listen and analyze the wisdom of Sadhguru over doing the same for 2 hour with any academic alive today.

  4. It’s interesting to point out that when Sadhguru talks about our reality and how we can only perceive it through our senses, he mentions Ether as the medium that light waves travel through, a concept that Einstein got rid of more than a 100 years ago, how David has the gracefulness not to correct him and doesn’t succumb to the temptation of taking the opportunity to display his vast knowledge of physics

  5. So more we lessen to one and others experiment, dosnt help us to find the mining of life,lessen more to the 5 element!

  6. Let me give an example David is colorblind and Guru is deaf but how can i understand them if i lack of intelegent.

  7. another way to look at the 5 elements are the states of matter

    solid, liquid, gas, plasma, and spacetime

  8. But f = mxa and all of those equations are actually not true. It’s only true to you because of your sense organs. There is so much possibility negated because of erroneous points of view due to using only those perceptions. If you sit in curiosity and go within MUCH more is answered. Looking outward you just get more and more questions. It’s like the real question is – do you want to continually figure out only to find out you need to keep figuring out or do you want to KNOW?

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