NEW BitCoin Barter Nerf in Escape From Tarkov + BitCoin Scarcity (EFT Information 2021)

The Bitcoin barter from Mechanic in Escape from Tarkov is or for instance was a really stable and straightforward revenue for lots EFT gamers. BattleState Video games made one other change and nerf simply after a pair days of the primary BitCoin Barter nerf. Proper now you want for this commerce in Escape from tarkov 2 Tetriz and a couple of Inexperienced Batteries to get a Bitcoin in EFT. However the issue just isn’t the barter from Mechanic it is extra the scarcity. In Escape from Tarkov we had some scarcity like gasoline from Jaeger and proper now we’ve a Bitcoin scarcity and which means solely 100 are in inventory each reset from Mechanic in Escape from Tarkov. The possibility to get one Bitcoin from a dealer in EFT is true now very very low. So we’ll see how lengthy factor scarcity goes to take and what the ultimate outcomes are for the financial system

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Escape from Tarkov is a multiplayer first-person shooter online game in growth by Battlestate Video games for Home windows.
The builders of Escape from Tarkov consult with the sport as a sensible and hardcore first-person shooter role-playing online game that borrows parts from massively multiplayer on-line video games

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00:15 The Bitcoin Nerf
00:50 Extra scarcity in Tarkov?

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  1. EDIT: ~250 pcs. are available from Mechanic
    Guys you are awesome that you wrote a comment that BSG nerf the barter again! Thanks for the help
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  2. Huge nerf to those who sit on the items.
    Instead they should have simply reduced drop rates. But then again, what did I expect from BSG^^
    hope they soon find a solid way to figure this mess out in a fair way that is sustainable for the long run.

  3. Its legit impossible to get a bit coin from tetriz trade its legit more easy to get the black barter lol

  4. Maybe nikita have a huge amount of alcohol in his sistem to kill a bear, i dont see the point of doing this, really, i’m a cool person, but this triggers me off because i stacked like 20 Tetrizes, it was my bad but again, i feel angry, gonna avoid Tarkov for a 2 weeks, thanks mate for the news, love ya content <3

  5. i wish they would communicate these shortages instead of letting the community guess. I also hope this one is shorter than the fuel shortage.

  6. If we are doing shortages make it a fucking publicly known thing. That’s why people were pissed about fuel because one morning we got on and fuel was non existent instead of making it a actual part of lore

  7. im actually fine with the update to make bitcoin more expensive to trade, but if its only 100 available to trade globally
    it is actually almost impposible to trade one, thus make tetriz utterly useless for someone who cant trade it nor sell it on flea market.

    at least make it 500 available or 250 available but only 1 trade per 12 or 6 hours per player

  8. One day before they nerfed it for the first time, I bought 2 tetriz for 750k each and than that happened -.- rip

  9. I think if they want to help with economy make it so it has to be FIR. This way (like most other high-end items) it has a great value unless it looses its FIR. Thoughts anyone? Yes, im aware im comparing dealer to market but it makes since imo.

  10. What the hell is wrong with BSG? It‘s like they want us the hate them. Only Nerfs, no Buffs. F them.

  11. Me and my Team invade interchange days by days and week by week.
    I really cant Country how many hatchers and Pistol Players we Kill, Who rush the tech stores and loot the tetrizes and grafikcards.
    In my oppinion its great that they nerf the tetriz Trade.
    Bec now interchange become more grilled with fighters, mit with looters.

  12. Fuckin impossible. Tried it ~10 times now. Camped the menue and still didn’t get to buy any BTC. I don’t know whether it’s the chinese or some stupid Bots that purchase them so quickly. It just sucks.

  13. Battle state needs to do better w either bots buying items, or having the global amount you can buy to change… maybe have it where you can buy it once a week if you aren’t able to purchase it with how it is set up now? Idk this really made me upset.

  14. I don’t like this change. Before Tetriz were a really highly sought after item, something that would make anyone happy if they found one and made the whole raid worth it because you could just shove it in your case and profit.
    One of the things I like the most about Tarkov is that chance at find a rare but super expensive item, Tetriz was one of those items, but now it’s trash.

    I think they should have just put the 100 limit on the barter and that’s it.

  15. I love seeing kids crying for that change.
    How about instead of focusing on Bitcoins they actually.. Enjoyed and played the game ?
    Bitcoins are a tiny part of the game. It won’t make you better or feel better

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