Nvidia RTX 3080 MINING Hashrate Test RESULTS! – ON A SECOND ALGORITHM! – BUT IS IT S***????

Nvidia RTX 3080 MINING Hashrate Test RESULTS! – ON A SECOND ALGORITHM! – BUT IS IT S***????



We’ve had the Nvidia RTX 3080 graphics card for a week now and we promised you all another full hashrate test and as promised here it is!!

The 3000 series nvidia cards are the new series to be released by nvidia and we have the 3080!

Last week we gave you hashrates for Ethereum mining and this week we’ve got something new! As it’s a brand new card for gpu mining and gpu miners not a lot of mining algorithms are compatible yet as it usually takes a while for them to catch up.

Here’s that video

But we found another one!

This time we’re using the MTP which is good for coins like Zcoin!

So this video gives you WAAAYYYY more than the first one, way more than just hashrates, we go through all kinds of details about the new cards, loads of tests and results and we give our thoughts on whether we think this is a great card for mining, a great card for gaming, or both!

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00:00 – Intro
00:53 – Ethereum Hashrate Re-cap
02:07 – 3080 Sold Out
04:09 – 3080 Features
04:42 – How a Graphics Card Works
07:39 – Hashrate Results
12:10 – So Why The Results?
16:27 – Gamers vs Miners
18:02 – Conclusion

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