Ought to You Mine Crypto in 2021?

Thanks for the cryptocurrency associated questions on twitter. Right this moment I reply crypto mining vs shopping for. These are simply my ideas and what I’ve discovered.

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  2. Gone are the days where any amateur could earn easy income mining. Increasing hardware costs combined with the scarcity of decent mining hardware, ever-increasing network difficulty, market volatility, and the cost of electricity make mining more difficult for the average hobbyist. It takes a real enthusiast to overcome these difficulties and return consistent profits.

  3. Son of a Tech……I just tried several times to post a comment to you here, and for some reason it failed to post. It was a fairly lengthy message, which I suspect is why it’s not posting. So, I’m going to go over to Facebook & message you there. Hope to talk soon.

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  5. I wasn’t into computers and their components unlike my dad. But this fun project make me very interesting in hardware and electronics.

  6. If someone doesn’t have a GPU for mining, or say are REALLY just beginning to get their project together, would a cloud server like Shadow even work for using their computers? (And remain profitable?)

  7. Love your videos. Very balanced discussions on a complicated topic. Thank you for sharing your knowledge. I just wanted to comment that I don’t know if I would consider your equipment and asset anymore than a plumber would consider his pipe wrench an asset. You equipment is depreciating in value as soon as you open the box. If it breaks it is no longer helping do the work that generates you income and you would incur costs to repair or replace the equipment.

    I think the real asset is your mining operation as a whole. The equipment is one component of the asset are the people involved in running the operation and the vendors, venues and markets the operation uses to generate revenue.

    Instead I think the equipment would be considered a capital expenditure. Basically, just a cost of doing business just like your payroll and other expenses. One practical difference is that a capital expenditure can be depreciated as a deduction on your taxes.

    I’m sure there are other differences to consider and none of this changes the point of your video, but I just wanted to bring up the point.

  8. Thank you for great videos, You helped me “dabble”, I bought my gaming system already for that purpose but now Im mining on off times with my 5950X/3090 🙂

  9. What this video really taught me was how much there is availabile to learn.
    Crypto is than mining, holding and transactions. I had such a narrow scope. This is going to be so much more fun than I expected!
    For the love of tech. For the pride of data analysis. For the need to grow my wealth. All with the joy of learning.
    I’m glad to be a subscriber.

  10. Staking generates revenue… The interest from holding USDC can alone be 8%, yield farming is its own game. Investing in a cryptocurrency is not like buying a liability.

  11. I want to start mining with 6 rx 570 8gb cards. But people are saying dont get into mining its gonna be dead in 2 years because of eth 2.0. But even if i will make 50% less profit its is still profit. Is it smart to mine ethereum till 2.0 comes and then switch to ravencoin. Or is it better to not start with mining and is it not worth it? Can u help me i want to start but dont want to waste money if its not gonna work

  12. It is important to try and learn from bitcoin, don’t mine btc and hodl in your wallet alone, waiting for the time to sell high. It isn’t really much impressive I tried it and there was nothing much. I just did the other way, there are several Crypto mining strategies to profit from

  13. the videos would be much easier to watch if you did these videos as a practice to “think through” all of the stuff and write the script. Then you can go back and record a fast paced, entertaining, script-driven content. It would blow you up 100x my guy

  14. Obviously. That’s like asking “Should I invest in Google stocks in 2005”? Guess the answer is pretty clear.

  15. Over spent on a 5700xt Red demon at microcenter for 580 last weekend. Just curious to see what it is about. Seems to make about 4 bucks a day. Thanks for the info and knowledge.

  16. 7:00 id say a gpu is more like a car than a house since houses always go up in value over time cars go down
    techically in 2021 gpu’s are going up in value with age but that is not the normal way it works lol

  17. Just hooked myself up with 2 rtx3090’S along with a a rtx2080 super. Making crazy profits let’s hope it stays that way xd

  18. So if you mine Eth, and it is going proof of stake, then wouldn’t the Eth you mined become an asset when that happens? Why are you selling it then?

  19. Very interesting video and channel! Got A question for you: I’ve a 5600xt and i decided to make it sweat, so i tried twaking a few settings without changing the bios, reaching 0.46 mh/s/w, which to me looks a decent efficiency. 39.5mh/s at 85.5W of consumption at 46°C mining eth on lolMiner. Do you think it is worth to keep efficiency maximized or is better to push it to the extreme to get a few mh/s more?

  20. I really do believe crypto is garbage and I compare it to the tulip bubble of the 1600s. But if you’re telling me all I have to do is buy a computer with some video cards to make money I’ll do it!

  21. So the best time to buy is pretty much right in the bear market. After the halving? Im in no hurry….Ill catch the next bull run

  22. Heyy no one does it better than THESPACEHACKERS,COM when it comes to bitcoin service. They are simply the best.

  23. Hey, Son of a Tech, I do have a passion for computers and tech but as a former welder, I am not super tech-savvy. Where would you recommend a guy to begin on obtaining knowledge in this space? Are there any courses a guy could take? Thanks

  24. Could someone please explain me why(how) is that miners make more money when the crypto markets go down??

  25. I make huge profits on my investment since i started trading with mrs Reina Ben, her trading strategies are top notch coupled with the little commission she charges on her trade.

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