Ought to You Mine Crypto on a Laptop computer?

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  1. I have a laptop with a 3gb gtx 1060 kinda wanted to mine BEAM lol even if it’s just a few bucks a month I think BEAM has long term potential

  2. I mine on a laptop and it doesn’t get hotter than 65 celsius I have been mining for a day now. I have a gtx 1660 ti

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  4. Here is a question which may or may not of been asked. Im using a laptop with a egpu(5700xt) i started mining when I’m not gaming. Laptop has an onboard 1060. Should I keep the 1060 mining at all times? As long as temps stay ok that is.

  5. Wouldn’t miners on HiveOS have even more access to the main hard drive that contains the Windows installation? Unless you unplug the main hard drive, I don’t think there’s more protection by using a separate OS.

  6. 2008: Who can build the best gaming rig
    2021: Who can build the best mining rig
    Looks like custom building PC’s will be making a comeback now.

  7. Bro how to mining on mi phone cose i wanth to start hum after the video i think its not good at all

  8. I have a MSI GE66 Raider RTX 3070, I get 64 MH/s GPU temp 70C, 130W, core clock -500, Memory clock +1400, all Fan in auto because I don’t know my VRAM temperature HWinfo don’t show it, so I let the system decide to control fans if it get hot, my fans are always like 50-65 % never get to loud, I have a cooler pad too, I don mine 24/7 tho, only 12hr. Any extra recommendation ?

  9. Why not stick your home PC inside a deepfreezer without the sides off and everything exposed?

  10. Would it be safe to mine on a laptop that has a GPU running consistently at 55c?
    The hotspot part made me worry a little.

  11. I’m about to buy a new 2070S laptop for $300 (I have some ins with people in high places) and I play on mining with that. ROI will probably only be 3 months or so

  12. Hey! Just commenting to point out that there is a fake account named Son of a Tech that is trying to scam everyone :(. If you could ban him from the channel it would be great.
    And for everyone, doble check if the Son of a Tech that is replying to you is the real one.
    Keep up the amazing content!! Love your channel 🤩.

  13. Hi SonofaTech, i have an alienware 51m R2 laptop – RTX2070 Super – i7 10700K – 32Gb 2933Mhz – Win 10 Pro, i tryed to mine cortex but i got a “deselected or failed compatibility check”and the window closed down. ETH is no problem after your explanation in your video “How to mine Etherium on win 10″…Thanks for this easy to follow instruction video btw 🙂

  14. I was scrubbing through trying to find out WHAT if anything you can mine on a 3080 gaming laptop as aparently you cant mine bitcoin on any 20 series GPU.

  15. Agreed on all of it yet…IF lap go dead, you have warranty.
    Nobody from the repair shop cannot say it was nuked during mining

  16. Can you tell us if it has also some impact on the battery (assuming the laptop is connected to a power socket)?

  17. I have a dell xps 1647 i5 Intel. And a dell xps 1737 and free power. Any suggestions on what I should mine?

  18. If i have a Lot of Laptopssss for mining,, i will disassemble each of those laptop to maintain the cooling and to lessen the chances of chips to be toast like barbeque.

  19. I have a 3080 on my raider laptop and that shit got so hot mining at above 55 msh lol so I just decided not to fry my laptop.

  20. Have 10 rtx 3060 Laptops in my 2nd bedroom with Chinese subsidized Electricity at 2.8 Cents/h lol. Gitta Love China

  21. watching now im looking to see if i can put my 2080s to work. I only use coinbase atm so its a new start i never had an issue with heat as well but i do have an Alienware so its a big risk. but i never ever get warm and its faster than my better desktop idk how it get 300fps fortnite max settings but i want to see it on mining but worried hmmmmmmmm. i can get a new graphics card in my laptop
    i can put a 3080 in mine

  22. Watching this while mining on my laptop. I have an RTX 2060 and have mined about $12 worth of btc. My GPU always stays at around 64⁰C to 68⁰C. Could this damage my laptop if I left it running for 12 hrs?

  23. Should i be worry abaout something when my laptop’s GPU have 50 C max and the mh/s is stable ?

  24. My laptop is so bad could power it off a solar panel prob but good luck mining anything on it I guess

  25. Great video, son! For those people, who are interested in mining on laptops, there’s subbredit called r/laptopmining on reddit, made for people who got questions/answers/experience to share about mining on laptops. Sorry for promoting, but maybe it could help someone.

  26. You can totally mine ETH while using your PC…I’ve been using it as i always do for months now… Chrome works fine, youtube, movies etc.. I can’t play games anymore but i wasn’t really into gaming that much anymore anyway so whatev 😀

  27. I stumbled over my winbook xp, (475) owner’s manual in the doge cave. It will take half a day to move stuff to see if the laptop is still there…..I might even find my and Novell 3.1 stuff ….and the MajorBBS stuff.

  28. Hi guys, I have an alienware laptop from a couple years ago just sitting around doing nothing. Now I’ve tried to set it up for ethereum mining the same way as you would with a PC, ethermine, and lolMiner. Unfortunately when I run the miner, it says I’m getting 0 MH/S. Is there any particular reason for this?

  29. Don’t change a thing dude you’re the first channel that I’ve come across in crypto that is so easy to understand I’m a mechanical guy not a tech guy and I can completely understand what you’re saying keep it up bro

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