Pierre Rochard Vs. Jorge Stolfi: Is Bitcoin a Ponzi? | Cointelegraph Crypto Duel

On this episode of Cointelegraph’s Crypto Duel, professor of laptop science on the College of Campinas Jorge Stolfi debates Bitcoin strategist at Kraken Pierre Rochard on whether or not Bitcoin will be thought of a Ponzi scheme.

00:00 Intro
1:29 Can Bitcoin be outlined as a Ponzi scheme?
10:39 Why Bitcoin must be thought of a Ponzi when fiat cash just isn’t?
14:10 How does Bitcoin differ from nice artwork?
19:33 Can Bitcoin be outlined as a Ponzi scheme regardless of the dearth of a centralized organizer?
21.37 Is the Bitcoin system leaking worth?
28:44 Do Bitcoin earlier comebacks assist its legitimacy?
33:20 What might change your place on Bitcoin?
35:06 Outro

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  1. Point 3 wrong: the source of money is transaction fees and inflation – it is paid by people who use bitcoin as a way to preserve or transfer money. They for the privilege. Who do they pay to? They pay to miners and traders/speculators.

  2. Lol, dude is clueless. His preexisting assumptions about finance and bias against cryptocurrency is obviously clouding his understanding

  3. I keep seeing comments about him everywhere but I did not believe until I get credited am very grateful sir you are the best- *worldhack12* my family are happy 🌐🌐

  4. Can we just stop asking old, outdated, frustrated and arrogant economists about Bitcoin?

  5. It always baffles me how people are willing to give such definite opinions on Things that they clearly don’t understand even the basics. I am afraid to give my opinion on things that I understand well! Lol

  6. I never heard of either of these guys before. But I already knew that the old dude would be the one arguing that its a ponzi.

  7. People don’t invest in currency?!? What they hell is he talking about? What is Forex and why is Soros’s bet against the £ in 1991 considered once of the greatest/most profitable investments of all time? If you don’t like BTC you don’t like it, that’s fine, plenty of valid reasons but almost everything he presented is rediculous.

  8. I’m soo glad that guys like this will either never buy bitcoin or will be the last to adopt it… People like this chode don’t deserve the greatness of bitcoin.

  9. Madoff promised a lot of things in his Ponzi scheme contrary to this gentleman’s completely incorrect beliefs. Google is your friend.

  10. Jorge is completely ignoring the cost of maintaining the us dollar in the form of government and banks. They are much more expensive than miner fees

  11. Old guy failed to update his mental models. Like some dude’s grandpa saying George Mikan was the best basketball player ever.

  12. Stolfi is so blind, bitcoin has utility – censorship resistance. It is non-seizeable money. That has huge utility.

  13. its incredible how all people against crypto are above 45/50 age… and they are allllllll mr..scr,,dr,.,,.. only defending their title…. just be more open about changes guys….move on!

  14. what a waste of time. dinos cant even use a computer. do u really expect to understand future money?

  15. its embarrassing how much of a simpleton Jorge Stolfi is lol like he has the mind of a child. i could play “devils advocate” an come up with better arguments. the things he says are just axiomatically and empirical wrong. LOL Rochard took him to school 🙂

  16. Mr Stolfi : Currency is something that people trade with and by that definition Bitcoin is not a currency.
    You lost me sir.

  17. I make huge profits on my investment since i started trading with Mrs Angela Regina Mende, her trading strategies are top notch

  18. But I can buy a gift card for 1000s of retailers and use those cards in 5 minutes. Also the lightening network is up and running and getting more acceptance every day. So the arguments of it being a currency or not is mute. It is just not widely acceptable yet. In the early days of Visa acceptance was an issue. The problem with bit coin is that there is not profit driving the use and adaption like per se a visa card. The worry of bit coin is network maintenance.

  19. Bitcoin is not a ponzi, but a big house of cards build with Tether. Doomed to implode one day… Until then, ride the waves 🌊

  20. Bitcoin is as ponzi as dollar is.
    They are units of trust and nothing more.
    I put my trust on something with limited supply, transparency and mathematicl regour rather than something that is inflated by a stroke of a pen by a fishy politician.
    That’s as simple as that.
    Also I don’t want to study shit in a university where this stupid is a professor of.

  21. If BTC is a Ponzi, gold , silver, platinum, etc… Are Ponzi schemes.

    Whether or not you like BTC, Stop saying shit like that.
    You can lose everything investing in cryptos, doesn’t mean it’s a Ponzi…
    This guy doesn’t know what he’s talking about 🙄

  22. Well, you guys better to not miss this DeFi gem, eXRD. This one has potency to be massive later

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