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BITCOIN TODAY: On this video, I am going to undergo the Bitcoin information in the present day & I am going to make a Bitcoin value evaluation. The BTC information & evaluation will be inspiration on your personal Bitcoin buying and selling or investing, however is NOT monetary recommendation. On this channel, The Moon, I make 1 video each single day about crypto information & Bitcoin. I am going to at all times embrace skilled Bitcoin technical evaluation, to make a Bitcoin value prediction, and I am going to additionally present you probably the most related information for Bitcoin investing & buying and selling. Please subscribe in case you are a Bitcoin hodler, and depart a thumbs as much as help my free movies!

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DISCLAIMER: Buying and selling Bitcoin is VERY dangerous, and 80% of merchants do not generate profits. Just be sure you perceive these dangers in case you are a newbie. I solely advocate crypto buying and selling to already skilled merchants!



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Carl Eric Martin (The Moon)

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  1. I held stock for Long term and I invested in Bitcoin I’ve been earning much from it 🤑🤑 🤑

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  4. I think it is very possible to hit $288…the world is changing between media, investors, huge companies, hedge funds and billionaires — they all amp the % increase. Seems very possible.

  5. Another guy who doesn’t know what is happening. Waste of time. Start reporting these people.

  6. hey the moon, i love your videos and that you help other people with questions. i have a question myself right now… if all the coins are mined up in the future (21M) and then the price goes up, wont that mean the people with 1 bitcoin will have 1.1 or more. that means there will be much more than 21M bitcoin. but if that wont happen, then how would you get any profits from BTC? thanks

  7. 12:10 – It’s extremly hard to buy 1% of Bitcoin supply? *What a nonsense!* Grayscale has bought up 1.7% of the entire Bitcoin stock in a very short time! Carl, you should do your homework before you spread such nonsense and continue to question your credibility and competence!

  8. Hey Carl, is it possible for 4 of the largest pool owners to combine their miners and do a 51% attack on the network? Does that mean that whole BTC network is in hands of 4 companies that run mining pools?

  9. Bitcoin[a] (₿) is a cryptocurrency. It is a decentralized digital currency without a central bank or single administrator that can be sent from user to user on the peer-to-peer bitcoin network without the need

    Think about it

  10. First video – schematic bitcoin is Bearish. Second video – this bitcoin go to 200,000 usd, Bullish. So 3rd Video will be Bearish and 4th Video Bullish

  11. Splendid.. this really nice..Love your channel..I’ve learnt a lot from your live videos. but Max is the man who assists me with my tradings and I’ve earned(over 25000usd) a lot from him..

  12. I apologize for being this picky, if it is picky. You always call an Inverse Head and Shoulders simply a head and shoulders. They are inverse patterns so it just tilts my trading OCD for the past year or two when I hear you say H&S when it is inverse H&S. Amazing videos, great analysis, and overall awesome content though.

  13. Cointegration doesn’t apply to S2FX. The cointegration model (S2F) predicted $55-100k by the end of 2021. The Cross Asset Model (S2FX) predicts $288k BEFORE the 2024 halving, not by the end of 2021.

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  15. I was blessed to come across @pedro_alejandro30 on instagram , to test the waters I deposited 1 BTC and after 7 days I got 3.5 BTC profit. His precision and trustworthiness can’t be compromised.

  16. What about the quantum computers you don’t no about, the FED Reserve coming after Bitcoin. Information technology being shut down. Gold and silver will never be obselite unlike the dollar which is soon to crash. Meaning great depression 2 👍🏻

  17. 1:29 hola imprecionante video me encanto necesito el siguiente material me despido les envio cariños agradecido

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