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  1. if you go to check countdowns to next halving, 800 days from the next Halving assuming it's March 16 2024 is Around December 2021, 1000 days is around August 2021, so realistically your golden zone to sell BTC this market cycle is between August- December 2021, some people claim the exact peak is 28 September, so one way or another it's definately not Mayy 2021, everything else is FUD

  2. I sure hope you don't talk about cardano any more. It's worse than a stable coin nowadays!!! What a total POS!!!

  3. I will be moving 75% to 80% of my alt holdings into bitcoin and stable coins before the market tops out around end of July / August. Could go slightly longer but I will largely be out of my alt positions by then.

    Most say I am wrong but I am aiming for a $115,000 bitcoin in August as the top. I will still have about 25% exposure to my alt positions and will retain around 50% of my ETH for the long term. Mainly my money will be back in Bitcoin or stable coins by that time to err on the side of caution.

  4. Cosmos DeX is also crazy awesome, you previously shrugged off interoperability but its the salvation to ETH high fee and Cosmos is the king of cross chain transactions.

  5. Correction Zero Exchange (ZERO) is at rank 2614.
    ZeroSwap (ZEE) is at rank 607.

    Which one are we talking about here?

  6. I love the media new spin. Oh ETH is sooo hot, oh BTC is old and being replaced, Oh the 'flippening' is going to happen. New take on FUD for BTC. At least they are trying a new tactic. Not to say ETH isn't doing great and I do own some, but ETH is no where near as secure as BTC. Remember that.

  7. Zero seems similar to Orion, which also include the cardano blockchain in its exchange. Any thoughts on Orion ORN?

  8. When thinking about crypto bull runs….. ICO's are to NFT's as 2017 is to 2021. thoughts?

  9. Some guy who bought .0001 bitcoin in the past year now doing charts out of his bedroom is suddenly a crypto expert. This sums up most crypto channels.

  10. You were one of the first ppl i started tp watch 1,5 year ago.
    At the moment i am still watching but ONLY you.
    Thank you for everything.

  11. @3:00 The stock-to-flow chart clearly shows we're close to the plateau.
    Yet CJ says we're not even close to the end of the bull cycle?


    then a video full of "maybe this maybe that" – drop the sensational headlines – or be man enough to support your headline with some concomitant boldness instead of the lukewarm "eeehhhh hmmmmm maybe it could go to XYZ"

    Stop playing it safe, or drop the click bait titles..

  13. Rob, would you ever consider doing more real estate videos? You have a knack for teaching and would love to hear what you have to say about buy and hold rentals as well as AirBnB rentals.

  14. It amazes me that with all these experience crypto investor, everyone time for bear market time frame is off by months

  15. The crypto market can be so annoying and Frustrating if many are not properly tutored about how market works in relation to its constant fluctuations in price. Everybody right now once to be a partaker of the market and it volatile complexity. I was really really fed up about it all, in fact Frustration was the order of the day for me, I keep trying my best every morning to make good money for myself. seems really impossible for me at all point, i felt maybe some are destined to be rich an others to be poor. Almost committed suicide at some point. But was later recommend to Stephens Elton who took me through an online tutorial knowledge of bitcoin and made everything so simple and understanding to me. A lot of persons like my self might be going through something similar to what I went through in the crypto market. But don't give up, because the true nature of every successful champion is NEVER THROW IN THE TOWEL. Stephen helped me, an can also help many others. Investing in cryptocurrency is one way people are using to get rich; become a millionaire. But it doesn't mean you become a millionaire instantly. You have to research and analysis properly before diving into this pool

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