The Bitcoin Normal | Saifedean Ammous

Introduced on the Mises Institute’s Libertarian Students Convention on 28 September 2019, at The King’s School in New York Metropolis. Consists of an introduction by Jeff Deist.

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  1. this guy has no clue what he’s talking about: btc (bitcoin core) is completely unusable (unlike gold) and will implode to zero. there are promising cryptocurrencies out there, though.

  2. The cryptocurrencies used in the future will be FED, BIS, US, Russia, China, IMF or World Bank coins. Anyone who thinks Bitcoin is going to be the crypto of the future is an idiot

  3. Usually every comment section on a video about Bitcoin is FULL of 100% pro Bitcoin echoes. It’s good to see some dissenting voices for once.

  4. That was about time, to have a room full of Mises people listen to Bitcoin stuff. Love can not always come from one side 🙂

  5. Excellent presentation, Bitcoin is our best chance for realizing financial and economic freedom. Bitcoin is an open and permisionless network. We have participate and make the network stronger. It is our best defence to maintain our wealth, free speech money and an open society against alle the totalitarian tendencies, institutions and enemies who prefer debt slaves in stead of wealthy and critical thinking citizens. The central bank policies of negatieve interest rates and money printing will only create more debt slaves.

  6. Why not get the most prominent Austrian in Crypto to give a speech? Roger Ver would be a fantastic guest

  7. Awesome video, BTC is gonna be the digital gold. Gold will still be there, but Bitcoin is gonna complement it 🙂

  8. I hope this guy isn’t gonna completely fail to understand bitcoin and promote it as sort of digital gold. Fingers crossed.

  9. Bitcoin is far too volatile to be a standard of value for extending credit, and as currently constituted, it always will be. Another cryptocurrency, or a Bitcoin 2.0, might become a standard, but Bitcoin never will. It could remain a vehicle for speculation indefinitely.

  10. Saifedean’s book is one of the greatest pieces of economic literature ever written. It will be remembered in history

  11. I think that for crypto and blockchain guys exploiting the market via manipulated marketing and funding is one of the steps making them so outdated, biologically not very innovative indeed. A better world needs to build up new antifragile behaviors and without it they are just useless. #maltaway
    For A fully private distributed but centralized Blockchain … tic tac … for a fully antifragile solution a lot of room instead

  12. This is a great talk if it is about the original Bitcoin (now known as BCH (Bitcoin Cash)). Sadly, BTC-Bitcoin development was captured by it’s enemies a few years ago. They intentionally disabled it’s use as peer-to-peer electronic cash for the world’s people. It can still be used, but, it can’t scale for massive use and due to the new owners control of it’s code, it can’t be trusted. The new owners could change the coin supply, for instance, at a whim. If there goal is to destroy the public’s faith in cryptocurrencies, they might do that. I do think they are opposed to the successful creation of any peer-to-peer electronic cash for the world’s people.

    I believe the speaker is too smart not to see this. I guess the financial incentives from the darkside are too great to allow for opened eyes and speaking the truth.

  13. Bitcoin standard > gold standard. DON’T TRUST, VERIFY. I doubt the whole world can do that with gold. The only problem with Bitcoin is that it needs worldwide communication like the internet, satellite, radio communication etc. If the internet goes off now around the globe and there’s no way to communicate worldwide, I believe the whole world would be in chaos and gold won’t even matter.

  14. When you buy and sell bitcoin, don’t forget to find some dollars to pay the taxman. It’s not possible to be totally free of government regulation, 100% capital gains tax on bitcoin would ruin all the fun. The lasting contribution of bitcoin will be the creation of government crypto and fables of bitcoin billionaires

  15. When it comes to bitcoin mining Mr Clinton Woods mining is the best so far, can’t stop mining with him

  16. This is actually false liberty reserve allowed u to send money across the world from 2006. I dont understand how he is a expert and im not and I even know that. Liberty reserbe was considered pre bitcoin.

  17. “People will think more of the future if they can save” — Yes. I had never thought how our currency also reflects our immediate gratification society. Our state money is cheap, just like our morals.

  18. what are we planning to do when UN, WHO, IMF, WEF, BIS, ECB.. etc and all other institutions of global corporate communisn ban Bitcoin alleging climate change, money laundy , anti-state terrorism, conspiracy theory, covid negacionism.. etc etc and all these videos and info banned from the globalist’s media like youtube, twiter, google, facebook ?? Because the fiat junky oligarchs in power will not give up without fightin

  19. Great lecture, very inspiring. “A fixed protocol for exchanging value … without politics”… almost but not quite!

  20. Mentioning Austrian school in one sentence with Bitcoin is arrogant and misplaced and an offsnse to the Austrian school of ecomics

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  22. In strict bitcoin standard and bitcoin-backed monetary-expansion is in equilibrium, money and everything is denominated in satoshis that have fixed supply. In this case, total amount of capital will be fixed and capital return will be limited, to zero. Lending will stop, because people expect that they will get back no more than the amount bitcoin they lend. Capital lending and investment enable resource allocation across time preferences. This is why gold standard collapsed. If we had maintained gold standard today, i.e., 1 oz of gold and 35 USD are freely exchangeable, are we going to have the entrepreneurial innovation and prosperity that we have today? Why would people deposit gold and loan gold if they knew they are not getting any more back later? Anyone please illuminate this to me.

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