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0:00 Bitcoin Information Intro
0:31 Bitcoin Worth Evaluation
4:48 Altcoin Evaluation
5:18 Aave
7:28 Don’t Miss The Bus

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  1. Well, i have some lines and it says that btc has until 29 jully to make his decision.The other days to be aware are 24 and 26 jul. Still, even breaking upwards, btc can keep locked on a ascending triangle till 01 set, but lets face it, btc will break upwards to 9400 at any time right now.
    If btc breaks 9800, to the moon it goes.

  2. Isn’t a break in EITHER direction most likely to be a head fake? so the big gamble is this: do we play the break OR ITS OPPOSITE?!!

  3. There is a huge difference between “Will” happen today and “Could” happen today. You…Sir…are a Clown. You are a detriment to the space. You’re all over the place. It amazes me that people actually pay attention to you. It amazes me that I am wasting my time with you right now. Just go away.

  4. This is a good way to test if you are full of shit or not. If it goes up or down today, you are correct. Keeps going sideways and you were wrong.

  5. Looking at the stock to flow… it needs to move up. STF show today a 11.5k BTC So we gotta move up.. If we dump its gonna be a fast one with the recovery even faster..

  6. Carl! Thank you for the awesome videos again. Do not forget the former support line from Jan 2019 through Mar 2019. Was supported again in Nov 2019 through Jan 2020. Then smashed through it, recovered but now failing to stay above it. Seems it may act as resistance for quite some time if we break down now

  7. Azt rajzolsz amit csak szeretnél, de a BTC-t soha nem tudod megjósolni! Senki nem tudja jósolni a BTC jövőjét. Egy biztos, hogy folyamatosan emelkedik, de hogy mikor és meddig azt nem lehet jósolni!
    You draw whatever you want, but you can never predict BTC! No one can predict the future of BTC. One is sure to keep growing, but that’s when and for how long it can’t be predicted!

  8. Will you give a analysis on the AE Aeternity?
    Greetings from the Netherlands

    Btw, follow you for a while now, and thanks I’m learning a lot from you.

  9. BTC is about to breaks out that resistance if it does we will have bullish scenario in next days, honestly I think the whales and sharks are on vacation I would expect a real bullish season by end of year but it’s just a simple point of view, for our good it should happen asap

  10. I dont think Bitcoin is going to dump anytime in the near future short of Government bans on Crypto. Just my gut feeling. I think they got tougher since the crash and since the government is over-inflating the dollar , if everyone would stop being so trigger happy and paranoid we could make some real progress in the space. If it does flash crash it will be back up next month so it doesent really matter . Hold your positions and never panic sell. This thing always comes back around. Theres more to crypto then just making quick cash, we need to defeat the federal reserve at their game , a common purpose

  11. the fed buying everything with phoney paper will contribute indirectly to a dump before a pump.

  12. So tired from this CHEAP videos name! “HUGE MOVE”, “INSANE” and etc…. Waste of time channel ….

  13. I was ignorant and didn’t trade bitcoin but choose to watch it rise and fall and that lead to me losing almost 30% my portfolio. Right now I know better and trade with Josephine Raymond and my crypto has been on a rise.

  14. Unless everyone sells off, I don’t see it going down under the 9K. Looking at that pendant. It’s going to the moon. I got my sats in for my circle. 10.5 k Is the next norm. Get in now

  15. Pi Network is a new crypto coin in development! It could be a great opportunity and you can mine from your mobile. check it out on Apple Store or Play Store!!

    Code to be part of the beta phase —> josechia

  16. All I can say is buy if BTC goes up buy & if BTC goes down buy 🙂 it’s the ”’accumulation phase”’ regardless of price direction 🙂

  17. Lines are the ghey. When the end of the month comes and everyone crying because their TRUMP money stopped .. people will again need money and pull it from everywhere..

  18. Thanks for the daily uploads. You always have fresh content for my rides into work in the morning and I start my day listening to your rather up to date TA, normally just a couple hours old. Appreciate it.

  19. Stop with the madness and fake prediction, in 4 days time bitcoin will be hovering around $8,900 – $9,600. You are making a big statement by 24th of July 2020? It’s not going to happen!

  20. The best strategy is to buy and buy more bitcoin. Just keep buying. And you will get the reward. But some alts as well like SharderSS.

  21. Wouldn’t be suprised if the big move is today instead of yesterday or Tomorrow.. just jks carl, ty for the vids 👍

  22. “I have only 600 bitcoins, I missed the bus” LMAO! I hope we can say the same about 0.6 bitcoin someday.

  23. You’re pumping BTC when it is going to crash… people will get out and try to get silver and gold, they’re just breaking out and looking GRRRrrRRRRrate!

  24. YouTube recommending this video to me after I watch a video from ”money charts” a Canadian guy that has gone the hard yards and gets bugger all views..
    BTC will crash. people will loose.
    gold and silver and the boom atm..
    Get physical coins. not bit coins.

  25. I just got 20BTC with the help of *mashhacker* on Instagram 😍 he is 100 percent Legit

  26. I was Ignorant and didn’t trade Bitcoin but choose to watch it rise And fall and that led me into loosing 30% from my portfolio.
    Right now I know better and trade with an expert broker Ken Beckley and my crypto has been on a rise

  27. 00:59 buenas increible video me gusto aguardo por el nuevo video me despido les dejo cariños gracias

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